why has no one talked about the importance of the word “hello” in twenty one pilots and its evolving meaning

tyler wrote trees at the age of 17. trees first appeared in no phun intended. the song appears again in regional at best and vessel, redone, revamped, remastered. three versions of the same song - the number three being a recurring motif in their songs. “hello” being a scream into the void, in desperation and loneliness. ending every single concert with a unique rendition of trees, an ever-increasing number of people screaming “hello” back at him.

then there’s self titled, the only album before vessel that didn’t have trees in it. instead, “hello” appears in another form, in addict with a pen. this “hello” is hesitant, a wary greeting, insecure but still trying to reach out.

and finally, there is the “hello” in blurryface - in korean (annyeonghaeseyo) at the beginning of tear in my heart, but a “hello” nonetheless. this newest “hello” precedes the only love song tyler has ever released, dedicated to his wife, shouted in enthusiasm and love and hope.

voltron american dragon jake long au

i told myself i’d draw it out before i posted this but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • lance is the american dragon who juggles school and magical defender duties
    • quite insecure about his role and how he’s not as brilliant as his little sister
    • legendary protector of mythical beings
    • wants to knit sweaters for tiny creatures
    • has the biggest crush on keith and his stupid hair
  • allura is lance’s dragon mentor who has a strict training regime
    • physical labor and exercises, such as cleaning and combat
  • coran is allura’s assistant (aka fu dog) in mentoring lance!!! he’s over 10,000 years old so very wise
    • he notices when allura pushes lance too hard or when lance is rly stressed and sits him quietly somewhere and talks to him until he feels better
    • isn’t afraid to call lance out when he’s slacking off from cleaning
  • hunk and pidge are lance’s two best friends who help keep his dragon duties a secret
    • (i imagine hunk to be a lot like trixie bc trixie was v wary of rose and constantly warned jake that she didn’t trust her and that rose is no good)
    • (also i imagine pidge as spud bc hello master hacker and great with technology)
  • shiro is lance’s little sister’s dragon mentor
    • has drastically different teaching style from allura; preaches patience and kindness
    • “patience yield focus”
  • keith is an orphan taken in by the huntsmen
    • was the top of his huntsmen class
    • taught all his life that mythical beings were evil and his endgame is to slay the american dragon
    • wears fingerless gloves all the time to cover his huntsmen birthmark on his hand
    • finds out that the cute boy from his school is the american dragon and then angsts

There’s this stupidly common thing and you see it basically everywhere with self-serving “allies” who position themselves as allies to a group solely so they can attack people they don’t like.

And probably the grossest thing about it is that they’ll push the people they’re supposedly advocating for out of the way, speak on behalf of a group they’re not a part of, and when someone in that group tries to call them out on it they just respond with, “You should be grateful I’m standing up for you.”

All it does is remove yet another space for the minority in question so people not in that group can pat each-other on the back for being Good People as they dogpile whatever designated enemy they’ve targeted.

We don’t need that.  Nobody needs that.

Using a minority, especially one you’re not a part of, as a weapon against people you don’t like is absolutely disgusting and, if just in my opinion, sort of aligns you with the supposed bigots you’re claiming to oppose because that’s not you being an imperfect ally, it’s you adding to the abuse and maligning of underprivileged people.

me: wants The Ship to cuddle and kiss and hold hands and be gross

also me: wants The Ship to be locked in an intense battle w/ guns or motorcycles or giant swords or some shit, like full-on fight where they’re evenly matched and in The Zone and there’s a strangely sexual atmosphere about the whole thing but also someone might die

myself: wants The Ship to have a completely trusting relationship where they would easily risk their lives for one another and they both consider the other the top priority no matter what

also myself: wants The Ship to be wary of each other, accepting but not trusting, the participants of a new partnership or smth that’s on the brink of collapsing but is also steadily gaining more ground as they learn more about each other….still wouldnt trust the other to not shoot them tho

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how are you guys approaching that whole bdsm thing with nate and penny? i've read a few fics that deal with that in great ways (like Lenghts by rosietwiggs), but others that are absolutely terrible, and a lot of times i find that the relationship cross a line to very abusive territory (like fifty shades), and that makes me very wary of reading fics like that

This is honestly a question better suited for @dust2dust34 than me and I’ll ask her to weigh in for sure, but I’ll start. First off, Lengths is like THE BEST. Rosie’s work is incredible in that. I have zero interest in anything abusive (and I’ve never read 50 Shades and I’m not interested in it). Nate and Penny are a D/s relationship for sure, but we don’t intend - I think… correct me if I’m wrong here, Bre - to go BDSM. If they tread at all along that line it will be done very, very, very carefully. Their connection is more emotional than physical, but the way it’s expressed physically is a reflection of who they are both individually and to each other. Nate likes order. He likes control. He’s protective and - to a lesser extent - possessive. But his caring and concern for Penny is absolutely at the core of everything by the time they’re really exploring this part of their relationship. She likes to follow his orders, likes to be obedient and she gets a thrill out of pleasing him. They’re extremely well-suited to each other and - I think - the most interesting part of their story is going to be watching them figure this out, seeing them navigate who they really are in bed, what they like and what they don’t, what fits them best as a couple and as individuals.

Okay - I called Bre and we are on the phone discussing this - one point we wanted to bring up is that we are suuuuper aware that communication is so key. They know that and I think it’s doubly true given that neither one of them really knows what they’re doing. They’re both learning and they lean on each other in other areas of their lives so it’s natural to keep doing that here. There’s a huge mutual respect, established in large part by their working relationship… in spite of the fact that it’s uneven power-wise. Also, while this is a key defining characteristic - and we hope an interesting one - it’s not the whole of their relationship or personalities. They’re still people. This is still the Nate who clung to his mom and said no to Cami and stood up to his dad (ill-advised or not) on his mom’s behalf. He’s still that guy. He’s just also this guy. And that’s what he’s learning about himself. We aren’t looking at them going to sex club or having a dedicated room with a variety of repurposed medieval torture devices. Will they try spanking and some toys here and there? Yeah, probably (Bre says “of course”). But all of this is done in the context of their relationship, with healthy discussion and open communication, which is really the point. This isn’t just about kinky sex. This is about a relationship that also happens to include kinky sex. And that, I think, is the difference. 

I’ve said before I’ll protect my Queen kids to the end. That’s true for Nate, too. I’m not going to do anything that would sully his character. He’s too important to me for that. 

THANK YOU for the ask. It’s a really great question and one we’ve given a lot of thought to. 

Rereading Vol. 27 & 28, Chap. 264-284, Comic Relief Assassin Style

In true artistic fashion, Aoyama added some comic relief before the Vermouth Arc becomes serious. As such, this post is all about explaining the joke:

Now, this is REALLY messed up. The “doctor friend” is Araide, which whom she later goes on a date (bus hijacking case). At this point, Jodie is DATING Vermouth, and she knows it, because on the last page of the chapter, Jodie tells the FBI that she found “Rotten Apple”.

When you consider this, the exchange up there is especially terrifying. Vermouth told Jodie to be wary of being accidentally poisoned… and Jodie is joking about that, knowing fully well that this had been a THREAT.

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Last night me and my grandfather sat and watched through all 3 chapters of Alex Haley's "Queen". It disturbs and disgusts me so much how even a black woman with only a drop of black blood in her could be treated with such vitriol and grief. Sometimes, looking at things such as that and realizing it's only been but a 150 years ago since all of that's changed, it makes me wonder if white people are as much of an "ally" as they claim to be for black people. We still have to keep a wary eye on them.

The history of the way black women have been treated in America often goes ignored. The way black women are still treated now is a window in how black women have always been treated. Not much has changed at all no matter how many television shows they give black women. That’s not going to fix anything. They rather throw us a bone than do away with their misogynoir, racism and bigotry. I always keep an eye on them. Until I see things change, meaning starting with them, I’ll forever give them a side eye.

ficlet: your whisper stilled my heart

I haven’t written any fae stuff for this fandom and that’s a goddamn atrocity. I intend to fix this and properly live up to my legacy. 

This is just an idea for now but something I’m hoping to expand upon later. 

words: 940

summary: The fey must be careful what– and who– they steal. 

warnings: Kidnapping, hints of child grooming. 

If you believe the tales of changelings, you believe that the fey prey upon golden-haired cherubs, the precious human children coveted for their softness, their innocence, the blind trust they put in whoever holds them to care them, provide what they need to survive and thrive and flourish. 

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Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 68: Who?


Yup, that’s me, squealing loud enough to be heard across the world.

My favorite boys are KILLING it in the chapter. It’s like Terajima-sensei read my mind and grant my wish.

So lemme fangirl first with so many great moments. It’s gonna be image and spoiler heavy. Skip it if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Sawamura-Miyuki battery being completely bold and in sync.

Eijun being awesome (feat. wary and confused Hakuryuu).

Mochi taking names and kicking ass, or borrowing Eijun’s words, cheetahing.

Haruichi being reliable (and being bashful).

Kouhais being adorable and senpais being proud of their kouhais.

Little brother being proud of his older brother (feat. adorably confused first years).

Let’s replay the most precious moment in the entire Daiya.

My god, I’ve got cavities. It feels like ages I’ve seen these two so adorable with each other. I hope it’s not an one off thing. It’s first years again. Eijun-kun and Haruichi. Well, back then it’s Eijun-kun and Harucchi though. Well, one can hope.

Okay, now that’s out of my system. *snaps into analyzing mode*

Hakuryuu is completely thrown off and has no idea how to deal with Eijun. He’s unlike any other pitchers they’ve encountered, and he’s nothing like Furuya, whom they likely have prepared for. I won’t be surprised if Seidou manages to score first by the next chapter and pushes for more. Kataoka would have liked to press the advantage while they have the momentum by their side. Hakuryuu is still a Koshien veteran, they won’t be put off for long.

Eijun is starting to get recognized. The chapter is aptly named. Who? Who is that pitcher? I’m so damned proud when Hakuryuu’s coach acknowledges Eijun’s ability to cleanly pitch cleanly to the corners of the zone and to remain calm in the middle of crisis. He is slowly shedding the title of relief pitcher and stepping into the role of an ace. Urgh, watching Eijun’s growing into the player he has become never feels so satisfying. I’ve got the feeling that he’s gonna make us proud for the entire match, come whatever challenges they throw at him.

Mochi. Oh Mochi. It’s not only Eijun who has grown as a player, Kuramochi too. I don’t remember Kuramochi being so calculating during his at bat. But I do remember Kuramochi rarely hits the first pitch and gets to the second base without stealing. But damn, even Hakuryuu is impressed by his speed, how fast is he compared to Hakuryuu’s best? And Eijun’s pride in his senpai is so obvious. Eijun really adores Mochi whether he admits it or not. I don’t think he’ll go as far as to appeal for the others like he does with Mochi. Now I can imagine Eijun’s crying messy tears first when Kuramochi moves out from Room 5, then lastly when he graduates, crashing his senpai’s dorm room in-between (especially if Mochi ends up rooming with Miyuki). Okay, that’s too far off, let’s think far more happy thoughts.

Haruichi! Bashful Haruichi’s back! He’s blushing as he high-fives Eijun and still blushing as Kuramochi (likely) praises him on the way to the dug out. He’s really becoming a reliable second baseman like his brother, probably more. He keeps covering for the pitchers’ back consistently, before it was Furuya, now it’s Eijun. I’m pretty sure he’s still the front runner as the future captain between his yearmates.

Kataoka’s reasoning for the batting lineup is explained better here. I’ve initially thought it was similar with the old lineup with the former third years as Ryousuke has been second batter. However, back then Ryousuke was positioned more to move Kuramochi forward and connect to the cleanup. It was still an offensive strategy, but not aiming to get a run before the fourth batter, which now is made possible with the combination of Kuramochi’s better batting skills and high speed; and Haruichi’s excellent batting. Being young and unafraid to try new things are what sets Kataoka apart from other coaches, who are mostly older and more experienced. It is very much like something he’ll pull off.

I’m so looking forward to the next chapter :D

I have to say I’m a little wary of the mbmbam show because like… it feels like it’s in this awkward conceptual space between say Nathan For You and Portlandia, like “oh cool that’s the real actual mayor they’re talking to, oh but he’s completely in on the joke and the one line he has where he turns down their idea for the parade was obviously made up” like it just feels kind of cheap. 

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For anyone who worries about that blind--go look up the blind gossips over the last year or even years and keep track of how many come true or fit. None of them do.

i definitely agree with what you’re saying but i think the context is different in this situation and people are concerned that this is a planted blind (meaning it’s not actually true but it’s the perception 1dhq is trying to get across). 

so none of us think eleanor is actually going to come back because louis wants her to/is desperate to be closeted but this blind does tell us what 1dhq wants us to think. 

people are wary that this means another longterm stunt not that the actual details in the blind are accurate (which is where this blind potentially differs from the other blinds about other celebrities on the site)

“You knew the Champion, didn’t you?”

“About as well as any templar in Kirkwall did, I think.” Cullen has the wary, guarded air he gets whenever the subject of his templar days comes up, but he answers willingly enough. “Even when I didn’t agree with her, she always commanded respect. She was–and I hope still is–a remarkable woman.”

“I’m getting that impression,” Adalanna says, glancing back down at the book in her hands. “So…you must have known Anders as well, at least somewhat?”

“I’ve known of Anders since my time in Fereldan’s Circle, but I don’t think I can claim to have ever really known the man,” Cullen tells her. “In Kirkwall, before things ended as they did, I mainly just remember seeing him with Hawke. He seemed to always be by her side.” His voice drops a little on the last sentence, his tone solemn.

“I have to admit, I’m very curious about their relationship,” Adalanna tells him, gesturing with the book. “The way Varric writes about them–it’s clear he has his issues with Anders, but he still respects how important he was to Hawke.”

“You couldn’t know Hawke without knowing Anders was important to her,” Cullen says. “Together, they were…'formidable’ is the only word I can use. By the time things came to a head, every templar in the city knew who Anders was, knew that by rights we should have arrested him on sight, but he walked into the Gallows at Hawke’s side more times than I could count. And walked out again every time, because Hawke could make it clear without saying a word that anyone who wanted to lay a hand on him would go have to go through her. Sometimes it almost seemed they were daring us to try it.”

Don’t mind me just having Too Many Feelings about a plethora of things including but not limited to Hawke/Anders, Cullen/Inquisitor, intertwining narratives and the same story being told from different perspectives, and the fact that while Isabela will nope straight out of your party for understandable reasons if you try to take her into the Qunari compound Anders will not do the same if you take him to the Gallows despite having probably just as much reason to.

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This may be a weird one but the 7 react to a werewolf! reader, please?

Sam Chisolm: As much as Sam tries to play it cool, he’s very jittery and wary when he first finds out you’re a werewolf. Sam knows about werewolf lore, but he never thought it would apply to his life and can only ever remember the bad things about werewolves in the beginning. You have to patiently guide him to thinking better of you, patiently show him that you’re not going to kill him or any of the others, and eventually Sam eases up. He might not fully trust you, but that’s just Sam’s way and he doesn’t fully trust just anyone. He does come to care deeply for you, though, and protects you as he would any of the others.

Joshua Faraday: Faraday is instantly intrigued by your status as a werewolf. If he’s ever frightened of you, it’s nearly impossible to tell. He’s almost stupidly confident in your ability to control the wolf in you, and so frequently invades your space in ways others might not. On full moon nights, it takes all of the other six to get Faraday to leave you alone because he’s just so damn interested by and, if he’s being honest, a little bit attracted to the wolf side of you.

Vasquez: Initially, Vasquez is in disbelief because there’s no way you’re really a werewolf. When you prove him wrong, though (either through very meticulously planned out, controlled transformation on the full moon, or through some other way), Vasquez is definitely very wary. He’s very distrustful of things that can hurt him, and very wary as well. It takes a while for him to warm up to you, to learn to trust you and to feel comfortable with the fact that you’re a werewolf. When Vasquez does adjust, though, he becomes fiercely protective over you because you shouldn’t exist but you do and you are precious to him now.

Goodnight Robicheaux: Goodnight is pretty sure you’re his night terrors come to claim him when you and he first meet and he finds out you’re a werewolf. The stuff of his nightmares, monsters with bladed teeth glowing silver in the moonlight, come to drag him screaming into Hell. He drinks a lot more than usual during the beginning of yours and his friendship, and you sometimes catch Goodnight eyeing you warily when you sit near each other. Even as you help him grow past his assumptions, he always holds a healthy respect-slash-fear for you and does his best to keep you content and happy. No matter which way your relationship progresses, Goodnight will always be more than a little wary around you if only because of the terrors that plague him.

Billy Rocks: Despite trying to remain neutral on the subject of your werewolf status, Billy can’t help but be wary of you because Goody is. Billy Rocks trusts Goodnight Robicheaux the most and values his opinion above all others. Billy tries to get to know you and your wolf separate from Goody’s opinions, but he always maintains that wary edge to his interactions with you. Over time, Billy eases up as Goody does and between the two, Billy is the less wary one. He trusts you, but won’t hesitate to put himself between you and Goody if Goody seems uncomfortable around you. It’s nothing personal, Billy just likes Goody far more.

Jack Horne: Jack Horne is a man of God, and takes your existence as a sign. He prays for guidance to try and figure out what sort of sign you are meant to be, and eventually comes to the conclusion that you are a gift, a sign from the Almighty meant to say that He is watching over the Seven. Because of this, Jack takes to you like a fish to water. He is wary of your abilities, worries about your control, but in the end he believes solidly in God’s will and trusts that you are there to do and be only good for them. Jack does his best to be your friend, to be there for you and to support you, and is the most relaxed around you out of the seven.

Red Harvest: Because of the beliefs of his people, Red Harvest is arguably the only one of the Seven who isn’t wary or overly obsessive over you being a werewolf. He accepts it calmly, if not a bit curiously, but doesn’t try and push you to talk about yourself or prove yourself. If you feel the need to prove yourself in any way to him regardless, Red Harvest doesn’t question it. His support of you is subtle, only obvious if Faraday gets a little too out of line. Red Harvest’s trust in you is solely based around what type of personality you have and your beliefs, not whether you’re human or werewolf.

And Turgon appointed three lords of his household to ride with Aredhel, and he bade them lead her to Fingon in Hithlum, if they might prevail upon her. ‘And be wary,’ he said; 'for though Morgoth be yet hemmed in the North there are many perils in Middle-earth of which the Lady knows nothing.’ Then Aredhel departed from Gondolin, and Turgon’s heart was heavy at her going. ~ The Silmarillion, Chapter 16 (Gondolin by digital-fantasy, deviantART) 

Some Thoughts: Storm in the Room

With the reactions post-Storm in the Room, I feel that Steven doesn’t get enough credit. Going to Rose’s Room, searching for answers, and comfort even though he didn’t know that yet, Steven wasn’t setting out to create a perfect mother or project himself the ideal version of Rose. He starts, the moment he enters the room, by saying he knew it wasn’t real.

Everything Steven did with Cloud Rose, everything that happened between them, were reasonable assumptions we could make of Rose. And this is because the Rose we saw was from Steven’s expectations of what she would be like. And Steven was wary about idealising Rose the way the Crystal Gems did. He says this explicitly several times. Also, Steven’s view of Rose was tempered early on by Greg’s stories of her. 

So the Rose we see isn’t a sad Steven’s attempt at finding the perfect mother figure. Steven’s attempt at a reasonable and believable portrayal of Rose deserves to be acknowledged. Had it not been the case, the Rose we saw could not have evoked the feelings she did. It’s because of the depth Steven introduced to her from all his memories of her that it was made possible.

And what I want to talk about in this post, is how the images of Rose reflect which narratives he’s channeling as he tries to piece together, quite literally, the image of Rose.

The first appearance of Cloud Rose shows her with messy hair, parts of it stick up and around her. Her facial expressions are often wiggly, for lack of better word, and she shows her thighs a lot more than in the succeeding scenes, either in cross-sitting or running. 

This Rose is goofy and funny and casual. And it’s the Rose whom Greg’s stories have constructed in Steven’s memories. 

The same scenes we see Rose hitch up her dress in the same way (such as when she’s reading books with Greg on the bed) or similarly goofy, like stopping a ferris wheel with her bare hands, she’s with Greg. 

Even the line Steven takes from her video in Lion 3: Straight to Video, about “every X being unique and beautiful” is shot in Greg’s presence. Without realising it, Steven is remembering this image of Rose.

And she cares about Steven. She engages in his interests. It’s not so far a stretch because some episodes back, Bismuth was willing to do the same thing. Rose was a fun person. There’s a running joke that she would have loved cheesy and corny jokes. She probably told a few in her day. 

She probably wasn’t always as poised as presented in her portrait. Greg remembers the Rose he changed, when she was starting to understand human beings in earnest and come to terms with how they could exist with gems on the same level. 

Rose at that point still didn’t want to talk about her past, and Greg never made her. So Greg and Rose made new memories and didn’t dwell on the old. And those memories were filled with fun and laughter and love.

The moment sobers when it is Rose not Steven, who gestures the latter to sit down and stare at the expanse of clouds.

And we should know that what we’re about to see means something has changed. The first hint is that Rose’s body language changes. She sits perfectly straight, even though she’s cross-sitting the way she was earlier. And we don’t see her legs anymore. Her hair neatens and her expression calms.

What’s more, her hands assume the position Garnet did in Here Comes A Thought in Mindful Education. And that emphasises the kind of role Rose plays in this moment. Steven felt Rose taught Garnet how to manage her feelings, because it was a motherly thing to do. In a very Steven Universe fashion, the music changes from the bright xylophone to a quiet piano music, which is the mark of another Crystal Gem, Pearl. 

And when we go back to the senior Crystal Gems and their image of Rose, it is exactly the way she’s presented.

Cloud Rose is a huge presence, with Steven a small child by her side. She speaks deliberately, every word is one of wisdom. She is magnanimous and comforting at the same time. 

She tells him, “But we’ve been together the entire time.” And it brings back the idea of how our parents are always with us, and a part of us, because one way or another they’ve left a mark on us.

At the same time though, the similarities of the scenes between this moment and the one at Rose’s Fountain in An Indirect Kiss, lead to the same end.

Rose is viewed as a godly icon, very distant from Steven. She’s not sitting beside him, playing with him, kneeling on the ground anymore. He looks up to her, and he can’t reach her.

In both times, he realises she’s not really there. That he talked to the statue of Rose in the fountain, confided his deepest insecurities about how he didn’t know how to feel about her when everyone else did, parallels the empty image on his phone.

And it segues into the next scene perfectly.

Because Steven doesn’t know how to feel about Rose. Now, he’s more certain than ever that he doesn’t even know who she is. The Rose we see at the end has a blank face, because Steven can’t project anything on it. He’s thinking of Pink Diamond’s shattering, Bismuth, and the Rebellion, and all the people hurt by them.

When he sees Rose, he can no longer see himself, which is why her eyes, one of the facial features most like Steven’s, (next to his nose) are nowhere to be seen.

And this Rose is distant, because there’s no mitigating narrative linking him to her. In the other scenes, the room remained the same, because these stories he was told of Rose and who she was firmly rooted the first two Roses as part of the real Rose’s identity.

This Rose is foreign, because nowhere in those narratives did Steven think it possible to for her to do the things he learned she did.

And in that moment he begins to doubt. 

Because he can no longer see the image of his mother, he doesn’t know where he himself stands. A huge part of his identity is being Rose’s son. What happens when the “Rose” part becomes fuzzy, blurry, and unintelligible?

What happens to the Steven?

Notice that this Rose is silent. She offers no response to the accusations Steven hurls at her, about all the people she hurt and her act of leaving them all behind. 

At this point, we see the part of Steven that understands Rose is gone. That he’s never going to get these answers and there won’t be an explanation coming from her.

There are some things he’ll never get to hear about, some memories he’ll never know, some experiences he’ll never share with her.

And it’s sad and disheartening and lonely. In losing his idea of Rose, Steven loses a part of his identity. Such that he felt it would be better if he denounced Rose, cutting off the part of himself he didn’t want to think about: That he was created just to fix her mistakes.

It’s then that we see Rose’s face for the first time since we’ve entered the paradigm of Rose-through-Steven’s eyes. Not Greg’s, not the Crystal Gem’s. Because these new things he’s learned about Rose are things the others would never have known without him. How else would they have heard the Diamond’s song of mourning? How would they have known Bismuth was there all along?

And the things Rose said in the tape were meant for Steven, in a space only Steven could find.

The Rose speaking to Steven at the end is the Rose who’s already spoken to Steven directly before, through the tape.

A lot of negative reaction has been given to this moment, because it feels as though the tape absolves Rose of everything she’s done. It doesn’t and I don’t feel that was the point.

The point of her saying that, was to reaffirm Steven’s belief in Steven. To show that it wasn’t about Rose anymore, that Steven’s birth wasn’t about Rose but about him.

And it’s striking that’s the only time we see her face again. Because immediately after, Steven hugs her, and her face is obscured. 

That’s Steven’s recognition that he’s never going to hear any other words straight from his mother for him. He understands and he realises that nonetheless, Rose is exerting a presence in his life. He really is always with her and never alone. 

The past few episodes and everything leading up to them were about Steven’s realising his mother was still an individual, one who could made mistakes and rash, selfish decisions. 

He was afraid that upon realising his mother could be a selfish individual, could do huge selfish things that affected thousands of lives, he feared the act of his birth, the most personal thing about him, was meant to serve her self-interests alone too. He needed a concrete and tangible answer, which was what prompted him to go to the room. 

At the end of the episode, he didn’t think that anymore. He knows he has a lot of work ahead in figuring out Rose’s place in his life, but the lingering doubt of the very foundation of his existence is gone.

And because of that, he finally feels comfortable letting her go.