Warwick Davis

11-year-old Warwick Davis and Carrie Fisher

“George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, gave me the part of Wicket, the Ewok who has a five-minute scene with Carrie Fisher. Wicket finds Carrie, as Princess Leia, unconscious after she crashes her speeder bike.

When she appeared on set, Carrie showed her concern for my wellbeing in the sweltering Ewok costume. ‘Are you OK in there, Warwick?’ she said. 'It must be so hot.’

She reached down behind a log and pulled out a carton of chocolate milk with a long straw and fed me cookies in between takes. She was everything an 11-year-old Ewok could possibly wish for…” [Daily Mail interview covering Davis’ career]


Rest In Peace - Kenny Baker

August 24, 1934 to August 13, 2016


Trailer for Eric Idle’s new scientific musical thingapalooza “The Entire Universe”!


The Entire Universe

Here is it! Enjoy! x

Things I learned from HP Celebration:

- Flitwick and Dumbledore were old boyfriends
- Lucius is actually Hermione’s father
- Draco and Neville were supposed to get together in the 6th book
- Lucius’ patronus is Donald Trump’s hair

it is important to note that the above statements were made up by the actors as jokes and do not necessarily reflect JKRs story, though they’re really quite funny