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Nessian Part Fourteen by L.J. LaFleur 


“Nesta,” I choked as I struggled to open my eyelids—to stretch my battered wings. I sucked in a sharp breath, her screams echoing through the hallway.  

I winced from the searing pain that enveloped my entire body. Sweat dripped down my furrowed brows, stinging my eyes—my body was drenched. I stood up too quickly, the room spun briefly before I had my balance under control.

The pads of my bare feet slammed into the cold floor as I rushed to the door. “Shit,” I muttered, collapsing to my knees. Wood and bones, snapping against one another.    

Again, I rose too swiftly, lifting a calloused hand to the doorknob. Bile ascended in my esophagus. I was going to vomit from the unbearable throbs of agony. But she needs me, I can hear her.

Twisting the knob, I flung the door open. Of course, I was at the far end of the hallway. What once was a short walk looked like the entire length of Prythian.

First step, I nearly crumbled to me knees again.


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nintendo e3 presentation leaked

fe warriors characters revealed. all are 3ds era swordfighters disproving the ‘oh we didn’t want to overflow the roster with swords’ claim

anonymous asked:

tbh I wouldn't doubt that they named her twigbranch I remember when alderhearts name was leaked

yeah honestly!!! warrior names get leaked a lot so it probably is true and if it is please…please change it while you can….why not somethng cute like twigtuft or twigheart or twigfur or twiganYTHINGBUTBRANCH

[like its not even that i think -branch is a bad suffix like a name like littlebranch or something could be cute but….twig….branch…]

blademaster-banryu  asked:

Nahh, like apparently there's a race of vampire ppl and all these vampire (+ hunter)-related classes like imp, impaled, holy knight and stuff like that lol. Going all out with that, as it were. Supposedly.

That sounds… Interesting? Lol I was wrong about the warriors leak not being true so maybe this one is

Koei Tecmo Accidentally Leaks Hyrule Warriors 3D: Tetra and King of Red Lions Playable!

On their official YouTube page, Koei Tecmo briefly posted a new trailer before almost immediately unlisting it. Fortunately, some with quick reflexes managed to gather some information on Hyrule Warriors 3D. Joining the playable cast are two characters from The Wind Waker: the pirate Tetra and the King of Hyrule himself. Like a true pirate, Tetra wields a cutlass and blunderbuss, while the King seems to be able to turn into his iconic boat form for special attacks.

It also seems that these characters will somehow be made available on the Wii U version, but for now we’re unsure how they will be acquired.

Another new feature appears to be the ability to switch between characters on the fly, during battle, by tapping their icon on the lower screen. We’ll share more news as soon as we have it; until then, it seems E3 is starting early!


Here is the trailer for Hyrule Warriors 3DS