Lightfrost, warrior of NightClan

Mate to Smalltail and father to Firekit, Wolfkit and Littlekit

In vast comparison to his mate, Lightfrost is one of the largest cats in the clan. His charming, charismatic nature, rivaled with his young, boisterous ego makes him both a popular and irritating clanmate. As a young warrior, he was quick to voice his opinions and ideas, which most of the time were implausible and irrational and were always quickly shot down by the older warriors. Smalltail and him always had a hot-cold relationship, often bickering and trying to one up one another. Through their rivalry they forged a close bond and became best friends and eventually mates. However, they’re still very playfully competitive and are comfortable keeping each other grounded and balanced.

Bytesized Doodles 345 – The Steel Feather – well this one is a bit different, I actually started this one way back in April, got distracted, came back to it a few months later, got distracted, and came back. The way of the artist is truly peculiar…

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The life of a Spiritual Warrior

A spiritual warrior leads a simple life:

Eats when hungry,
Drinks when thirsty,
Sleeps when tired,
Enjoys his/her pleasures,
And labours as required.

A warrior doesn’t regret the past,
Or worry about the future.
A warrior lives in the present,
And enjoys the moment.
A warrior trusts in his/her fate,
Knows his/her true Self,
And is virtuous to all he/she meets.


                                                “Are you ready?”

                                                “Choose well…”