Exit Music (For A Film)
  • Exit Music (For A Film)
  • Radiohead
  • Live Warrington, UK, Victoria Lake, 2000

Radiohead - Exit Music (For A Film) Live Warrington, UK, Victoria Park, 2000

@msyorke have you heard this one? wait ‘til he gets to “before your father hears us”

(also what does the man in the crowd shout so that thom starts laughing??)

So I was rereading Harry Potter, when I came across this and thought- what if instead of Cedric Diggory, Cassius Warrington had been chosen to compete in the Triwizard Tournament?

Imagine Dumbledore calling out the name of the Hogwarts champion and it isn’t a Gryffindor, or a Ravenclaw, or even a Hufflepuff, but it’s a Slytherin. A student from a House most people hate.

Imagine Cassius Warrington getting up, and three out of four Houses are booing at him and shouting things like “NO!” or, “We can’t have a Slytherin champion!” or demanding a retry. But he’s a Slytherin- he’s been dealing with this shit since he got sorted, so he keeps his head high and joins the other champions.

Imagine Harry trying to catch Warrington alone because he doesn’t really want to associate with Slytherins (plus Malfoy seems to be around the guy ALL THE TIME now that he’s the Hogwarts champion), but at the same time he’s also fair enough not to want him to walk into the first task unprepared.

Imagine Warrington walking over to Harry a few months later, and Ron and Hermione both jump into a protective stance, wands out, but instead of attacking Harry he just tells him to stick the egg underwater. (Because Slytherins don’t forget those who helped them out).

Imagine Warrington and Harry helping each other out in the labyrinth.

Imagine Harry being devastated when Peter kills Warrington- because Voldemort doesn’t care what house they’re form, a spare is a spare.

Imagine the uproar that causes among the Slytherins, because some of their parents really are Death Eaters and they know what really happened.

Imagine Slytherins fighting in the Battle of Hogwarts and shouting “This is for Cassius!”

Your “Ugh…Really?!” Story Of The Day: Florida resident Roy Middleton is currently recovering in the hospital after several Escambia County sheriff’s deputies opened fire on him in the driveway of his mother Ceola Walker’s home early Saturday morning. Neighbors called 911, after seeing Middleton searching for a loose cigarette inside Walker’s car, because they did not recognize him. Middleton says he complied with all of the deputies’ orders when they arrived; however, that didn’t stop them from firing at least 17 shots at Middleton. Several bullets struck his mother’s car and home, and also shattered Middleton’s thigh. Those responsible are currently on paid leave, pending an investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. (Photo via Pensacola News Journal) source

0141 by John Hopkins
Via Flickr:
Warrington Town Medieval Market. There has been a market in Warrington since the year 1255, when Warrington was granted permission to hold its first market. Loads of interesting characters here.

January 18th - Day 18

So many websites are protesting the American SOPA and PIPA today that the feeling of protest was already in the air by the time I left the house this morning. On the way into work, that feeling was exemplified passing the Unilever plant, with workers picketing the entrance.

With the economy still in trouble and layoffs happening all the time nationwide, I have a feeling I’ll be seeing more strikes like these in the coming months.