Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers- You Get Weary (Space Jam Sessions)

Features: Bill of The Early November & Keith of Empire! Empire!


Warren Frankling plays Football, Etc.


Late For School Session: Warren Franklin - “Year of the Rabbit” (Empire! Empire! I Was a Lonely Estate)

New session! More videos from the session up next week!

Sunday October 30th - (Mostly) Bloomington, Illinois.

Day 2: McRibs and Sweet Cribs

Woke up after another awesome night of pre-Halloween partying madness only to realize tour was really starting, we were leaving, and we had so much to do still.

It was a shitty cold rainy Rockford day. It almost seemed like it wanted us to leave. We still had to practice the songs to get comfortable and just more solid with them, which was quite a few hours of the day. Then our beautiful, handsome, and all around adorable buddies in Dowsing asked us all to come by and do whatever we wanted on their new album that they were tracking. So I got to contribute my tambourine playing for a mean Dancing in the Dark cover and I also lent my voice to a few parts (I think). I love those kids endlessly. And they are such a talented group, it’s really amazing.

We immediately and abruptly had to leave for our show we had that night in southern Illinois, in Bloomington that we were definitely going to be late for. It’s always hard leaving Rockford. This time was no exception, but alas we left. It was a pretty easy drive. Magically we got there before the show even started, loaded in, and sat down to some homemade pasta courtesy of our pal Vince from Sweater Weather (Ill). The show was cool, and it was my first one getting to sing my parts an harmonies, so it was pretty memorable for me.

After the show our buddy CJ put us up for the night in his beautiful spot. We chowed down on McDonald’s (I got a McRib, woot) and sat down to a nice relaxing night in front of the tv and in each others company.

You've Never Heard, "My Aim Is True"
  • You've Never Heard, "My Aim Is True"
  • Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers
  • Every Letter and Souvenir

Warren Franklin & The Founding Fathers - You’ve Never Heard “My Aim Is True”

we shared an awkward kiss outside your car
you say you’re mine
i’ll feel lonely every time
feel so lonely every night
goodbye Rosie


Two Knights and Gwarren Franklin covering American Football’s “Honestly?" 

Music to my ear holes