Warren Kole

Ok and also appreciation for the actors/actresses that made Uncharted what it was

Nolan North as Nate “Oh Crap” Drake

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Troy Baker as Sam “AVAST YOU DIRTY DOG” Drake

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Warren Kole as Rafe “Mmmyes my daddy bought me this plane” Adler

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Emily Rose as Elena “NATE, YOU FREAKING LIAR” Fisher

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Richard McGonagle as Victor “I’m gettin’ too old for this, kidSullivan. Or as he’s formally called, SULLY “Touch another cigar, Sam. I double dare ya” 

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Claudia Black as Chloe “I can show ya a good time” Frazer

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Laura Bailey as Nadine “I may be a woman, but I’ll bury you six feet under” Ross

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Steve Valentine as Harry “Love, I’ll stab you in the back qUICKER THAN YOU CAN BLINK” Flynn

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“We don’t need karaoke or to be drunk to- to be silly, trust me. We just did it in the photoshoot, trust me, it goes down between us.”  [x]


WesVis ❤️ ~ Common Law S01E01

Hopping aboard one of my oldest ships. One among the top 5 OTPs of all time. My caramel-vanilla heaven. The saddest part, besides the cancellation of this show, is that only a small crowd of people are aware of how humongous a ship this was, with so much material - ironically the only material - to last a lifetime. I still thank that tumblr-mate who introduced me to this gem. After a long hiatus, I am hopping aboard this ship again, because I can’t be without it. And this, with two other shows (for now), will be tagged under ‘GoneButNotForgotten’. I hope someday I get to share this ship with few more shippers other than the one or two I already know. P.s. To inquisitive eyes looking to explore new territories, the above is the very first scene of the series at Couples Therapy.


I never wanted to give up my given name. I’m proud of it, but the only problem was that no one remembered it. It was just a little too awkward, and they mispronounced it so frequently. The ironic thing is I took Kole from a family name - we had a vote and they had a few names, but Kole won - and getting it spelled with a ‘K’ is a constant correction, too. I’ll never not be Warren Blosjo; it’s just my stage name. - Warren Kole