Let's Make A Mental Illness Inclusive Witchcraft Community

I know I’m not the only one. There are other witches who hide their mental illness on their witchcraft blog. I’ve never personally seen hostility towards the mentally ill in the witchcraft community here, but I still made a whole separate blog for my craft out of fear of judgment.

I have seen other witches vaguely mention their mental health, so I know I am not alone here. I don’t want my personal blog and my witchcraft blog to be separate anymore. My practice IS personal, and keeping them separate takes too much energy. I have already begun posting witchcraft related things on this blog, but I still hesitate reaching out to other witches from this blog.

PLEASE REBLOG if you are a witch who has or is supportive of serious mental illnesses (including but not limited to Dissociative Identity Disorder, Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Disorder, Bi-polar Disorder, etc.) I want to know who I can safely reach out to.


Leafyishere, pyrocynical and cancer crew - Their significant other is shorter than them like 5"2-5"3

Leafyishere, pyrocynical and cancer crew - Their significant other is shorter than them like 5"2-5"3
A/N I left chad out soz

• “You are SO small.” He’d chuckle, patting your head.
• “If you needed to, you could suck my dick stood up. ”
• He teased you none-stop, despite him not being that tall.
• “I cannot believe how small you are. Like you are smaller than me and I’m shortish I don’t understand. ”
• He loves it, he shows this by teasing you.

• “Let me pick you up.”
• “Fuck off you tiny cunt”
• You received relentless bullying for your miniature frame.
• “We’re like big cook little cook.”
• He LOVED to pick you up and carry you around with him.

• “You know, with you being small and all, I think you should buy some stilts so I don’t have to bend down like I’m kissing a five year old.”
• Leaning on your head.
• Lots of forehead kisses because that meant he didn’t need to crouch.
• He secretly loved it.

• He kept giving you eggs with ‘small’ written on them.

• “you are so LITTLE.” “Calvin shut up.” “SMALL.”
• He was (surprisingly) a bully regarding your height.
• Calvin put things on high shelves so you had to ask him to get them, he wanted to be validated.
• “I’ll never stop doing that.”
• He also enjoyed giving you piggy backs to places so you could feel taller.

• “Ha small.”
• He would hold his hands up and urge you into jumping to try and slap them
• “Jump shorty jump.”
• “Can I pick you up please?”
• “Hows the weather down in hell?”
• “fucking MIDGET.”

A/n bad

Beach Day


Word Count: 1420 

A/N: Some Warren x Reader smut for youuuuuuuu. Not my finest work I’ll admit but it’s not absolute trash so I’d say it’s an accomplishment

You leaned back on the bed, glancing around Warren’s room in disdain. It was hot. Too hot. The air around you was thick and muggy, the sweat was sticky on your skin and you tried to ignore the hair plastered against the nape of your neck. The humidity made it difficult to breath and you wondered, impatiently, when Warren would be back.

 You had been asking him for a while now if he would take you to the beach and his answer was always “no, maybe later”. Finally, though, after months of persistent nagging, he had said yes. You had checked the weather multiple times, trying to find the perfect day for a beach trip. After careful consideration you had chosen today. The weather had said clear skies and delightful warmth, you scoffed, this choking heat was anything but delightful. 

You had worn your swimsuit under a thin t-shirt and shorts but after around ten minutes in the blond boy’s boiling room, you had decided to lose the shirt, and after five more you shed the shorts as well. Now you were lying on Warren’s bed in only a swimsuit, silently cursing the gods of air conditioning for the pitiful electric fan he used to cool down his dorm. 

You sighed sitting up again and pulling your hair into a crude updo. This was too much. He’d said that you’d leave around eleven o’clock and it was now, you glanced at the small electrics clock on his nightstand before flopping back down, one sixteen. Maybe you should just leave, it didn’t seem like he’d be showing up any time soon and you weren’t about to waste more time to see if he would. 

“Hey, Y/n. Sorry I’m late.” 

You craned your neck to see Warren slip into the room in only a pair of swim trunks that sat low on his muscular waist and hugged his thighs just tight enough for you to see his muscles flexing. But even his good looks wouldn’t save him from the fact that he was two hours late. Besides, he was your best friend and it was irresponsible to look at him like that, end of story. 


“Yeah?” He looked up at you, his eyes automatically drinking in the way little beads of sweat carved paths down your neck and over your collarbone and into the valley between your- 


“Yes?” He shouted suddenly, checking your face for any signs that you might have seen him checking you out. 

“You’re so late!” You marched towards him nudging his shoulder with yours. “You better have been dying.” 

No. You hadn’t seen. 

“What are you waiting for, ya overgrown chicken? Let’s go!” You grinned tugging at one of his wings playfully. 

Your gesture was instantly responded with a low moan from Warren, which he instantly attempted to cover up with a coughing fit. Heat bloomed in your cheeks and your eyes fell to the floor. 

 Did he really just moan? For real? Did you make him moan? You did. You totally did. That was definitely a moan and you definitely caused it. 

You glanced back up again, meeting Warren’s sapphire eyes timidly. Yet they weren’t angry or embarrassed as you thought they might be. His eyes were darker, almost colbalt and his gaze had changed. You’d never seen him like this, he seemed almost… predatory. 

He started towards you, for each of his steps forward, slow and decisive, you stepped backwards. He continued forward until the back of your knees hit the bed and you fell backwards. In an instant he was above you, his feathery wings forming a pearly cage around the both of you. He peered down at you and and with the closeness of your faces you could finally determine what it was in his eyes. Lust. Lust was a fire in his eyes, apparent in the way his tongue traced his lips and how he studied your face and the curve of your neck. His breath was hot as it fanned against your skin. 


He let out a rumbling moan. “You have no idea what you do to me, love.” 

You watched with apprehension. You wanted this, you needed this. Your back was arched toward basically begging for it but still, a part of you knew that this was wrong. 

 “Warren. You’re my best friend. We- we can’t.” He brought his lips down to your ear, lightly sucking on your earlobe. 

“Princess,” His whisper tickled your ear, his breath sending tingles down your spine and to the familiar knot tightening inside. “We can be more than friends. We can be whatever you like.” 

He continued working on your ear, his light, open mouthed kisses trailing along your jaw and down your neck. You clenched your thighs, desperate for some friction. 

“Ok.” You it was a breath, barely a whisper but it was all Warren needed. He began his assault on your neck, almost instantly finding your sweet spot causing you to moan loudly and turn your head to the side, allowing him more access. He supported himself with left hand, his right trailing down your body, pausing at your breasts to play with your nipple, rolling it slightly between forefinger and thumb, before moving on. He found your hips and trailed his hand along your hip bone before moving it downward, skimming over your heat teasingly causing you to whimper out loud. 

His large hand gripped your thigh, shifting his wings slightly and pulling one after the other, over his shoulder allowing him better access to your wetness. He crouched down, his face now in between your legs, his hands running up and down your inner thighs. 

“Warren.” You exhaled sharply as his lips found your folds, his tongue running along your slit. “Please.” 

He smirked up at you, catching his lower lip between his teeth. “Please what, princess?”

“Please!” You were begging now, your hands massaging your breasts, desperate for some relief. “Please. I need you.” 

He dipped his head down again, swirling his tongue around your clit before sucking on it gently. God was he good with his mouth. You clenched the sheets tightly as poked his tongue inside of you, finding your g-spot. 

“Jesus!” You gasped as he continued to eat you out. 

He chuckled lightly. “Not quite, sweetheart.” He kissed your clit once more before moving up towards you again, positioning himself at your entrance.

 “Ready, princess?” 

You managed a quick nod, running your hands down his muscular chest. He pushed in slowly, moaning into your neck as he stretched you. You gasped, squeezing lightly at the bone of his wing. Your movement prompted a loud groan from the blond who, in turn, thrust his hips into you harder. His pace quickening as you continued to massage his wings, your fingers running along the bone and finding the sensitive area where they protruded from his skin. 

“Oh fuck, Y/n.” He slammed into you rougher now, sucking at your neck desperately. “Keep doing that.” 

You let your fingers rub his back, whimpering as his pelvic bone rubbed against your clit, bringing you closer and closer to the brink. 

“Shit.” Warren hissed through his teeth, his lips capturing yours in a heated kiss. “Fuck, you’re so hot, princess. I’m so close.”

“Me too.” He brought a hand down to your pussy, his fingers roughly rubbing your clit, thrusting you into your orgasm. You moaned as the coil inside you exploded, pleasure pounding through your veins.


His hips stuttered as he struggled to pull out, quickly rubbing himself as white spurts of cum coated your stomach. He sighed as he finished, falling onto the bed beside you. He was the first to speak, his voice hoarse and words slurred with post-coital bliss.


“Yeah.” You exhaled, looking towards the man beside you. 

He looked amazing, almost godly. His skin shone with a thin layer of sweat, his golden curls swept up and spilled across the pillow. How was this even possible? No one looked that good with sex hair. He reached over on his side, retrieving a box of tissues from his night stand.

“Here.” He glanced down at your abdomen quickly, pink blooming in his cheeks.

You giggled, taking the tissues. “You know, tissues might not cut it.” You peered up at him. “I might need a shower…”

You eased out of bed, making your way to his bathroom. You looked back at him over your shoulder, one hand on the bathroom doorframe.

“You coming?”

Cancer Crew preference - How they act at a concert.

Cancer Crew Preference - How they’d act at a concert.
A/N FUCK btw its my school’s Xmas meal tomorrow so no upload 😎

•It wasn’t your first concert but it was your first standing.
•Joji would be protective, if anyone pushed you too roughly he would turn into the terminator™
•"Can you see?“
• "Is he too close”
•He would turn to face you during his favourite song and sing to you
•f l u f f

•"Can you see? “ ” no “ "get on my shoulders”
•He would hoist you up on his shoulders, you sat above everyone else.
•A few people groaned which resulted in max yelling.
•When you accidently pulled his hair because he nearly dropped you he’d shout ‘Stop it cunt’.
• “That was fucking good.”

• “Ha, look at that faggot, what are you, fucking gay?”
• “Ian, he’s like 4.”
• So angsty all night.
•He liked to watch you get into the music though.
•He paid more attention to you then the actual concert.

• “Standing a little close there, aren’t you?”
• “This song reminds me of you.”
• “This lighting makes you look shocking.” “Thanks chad” “anytime cunt”

• “Sir, you can’t bring these eggs onto the premises.”

Icarus - Warren Worthington III

words - 1,252

pairing - warren worthington iii x fem!reader

warnings - fluff, a smidge of angst

tags: @put-in-writing, @kurtwxgners, @emmcfrxst, @rax-writes, @raypclmer

hope you don’t mind me taggin you! x


Warren always felt like he was always in the dark. No matter how many lights he had on, no matter how many windows were open, he was always in the shadows.

Until he met her.

The girl who cut through the shadows that consumed him and brought light into his cold world.


When she smiled, it was like a lightbulb turned on and when she laughed it was like the shades had been drawn back.

When she blushed, her entire body lit up, literally gracing him with a yellowish glow.

But when she looked at him with that sparkle in her eye, that sparkle she got only when she looked at him, he noticed, he felt the sun beat down on his face even on the darkest nights.

But he never expected it to last. He expected her to leave, to see how damaged he was, to learn of the bad things he’d done in his past and walk away like everyone else. But she didn’t.

She loved and embraced every part of him no matter how horrendous. She looked past his flaws, and he had many.

When they hit two months, he began to brace himself for the imminent departure of the only bright spot in his life because, if he was honest with himself, he didn’t think it would last as long as it did.

But…she stayed.

Five months rolled around and though she was still there, a fact he was still reeling from, he was nevertheless expecting the inevitable blow.

But as her hand grasped his, the other digging into his shoulder as he ground his hips against hers, from between her parted lips she uttered, “I love you.”, causing his hips to stutter against hers and the words to leave his mouth in a succession of grunts and moans, he knew, somehow, despite all his doubts, he knew, that she wouldn’t leave. 

And when their year anniversary rolled around and he expected her smiles and laughs to be more forced, as he took her to the place where they had their first real date, her grin seemed to widen and her laughs seemed as genuine as ever.

He loved her as Icarus loved the sun-

Too close and too much.

Yet when he got too close to her warmth and loved her so much that he had given her his entire heart, he did not burn.

He did not turn to ash

or fall to the earth as Icarus did when he fell in love with the sun.

She was the life that sustained him and without her, he would have crashed to earth much like Icarus did all those millennia ago.

Fairy Tail 508~ Things that surprised me

-I was NOT expecting Larcade’s magic to be…of that nature…
-Rouge had sex? With who?
- Warren’s a virgin?!?!?! …yikes…
-Cana IS a virgin?
-Who did zeref have sex with?
-I was kind of expecting Larcade to be Zeref’s son…BUT I DIDN’T REALIZE AT THE TIME THAT THAT WOULD MAKE NATSU HIS UNCLE?!!!?