Did It Hurt? (Warren)

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{prompt: “so your an angel?”
“Now I gotta ask, Did it hurt?”
“When you fell from heaven”
“… I swear to god”

You loved your job, you worked at one of the mutant friendly cafes in a beautiful scenery and got to meet tons of exciting and amazing people every day. Plus it was great when people came and said something annoying like “this freak is bothering me” or “there mutation is making me uncomfortable”  because you were the one that could tell them personally to fuck off and refuse service. And it helped that sometimes you got to meet some… attractive people to say the least.
It was early in the morning and you just got to work, you lazily put up your hair and put your apron on. You turned on your favorite radio station and talked to your coworkers before the morning rush flew by. Mid morning came along and you and your coworkers were just dancing and singing along to the song on the radio before you heard the door bell ring and tall figure step into the cafe, leading you all to assume your positions
“Hello and welcome how may I-” you started
“Coffee, uhhh mocha… thing, largest size possible” he said blatantly shifting his position.
“Well, we got these big cups that I honestly don’t know what they’re used for” you laughed pulling out these giant cups
“Yeah I’ll get two of those cups filled with coffee” he chuckled

“Seriously? Like they might be like 20$ each” He shrugged “why not” with a slight smile

you spun around motioning for you coworkers to start with the coffee
You looked behind him to see if anyone was there, but only seeing a pair of glorious wings folded down.

“So your like… an angel?”

“Mhmm” he nodded

“Oh well now I gotta ask, did it hurt?”

“What?” He was confused, but for only a moment then realized what you were about to ask

“When you fell from heaven?” You held back laughter

“Oh my god that was terrible” he chuckled out

“There’s more where that came from” you laughed “can I get a name?” You grabbed a black sharpie and the empty cup “Warren” he said simply watching you write out his name.

You wrote it nicely and pretty and put little angle wing doodles above it, then set the cup down and the marker next to it.

“Can I… ask you something?” You spoke after a minute or so of silence

“Go for it” he spoke confidently, looking down at you in awe at your spirit.

“Well, I’m not really supposed to ask this, but what’s with all the coffee?”

“I happen to really like coffee” he chuckled

“No shit, I got that part” you laughed You caught yourself staring at him he was odd, intriguing. Interesting and attractive.

“(y/n)?” One of your coworkers giggled “no more staring pour the damn coffee” she laughed You blushed and ran off to pour the coffee You put two lids on the coffee cups and ran back over to warren at the front desk.

“Uh… ahaha, I’ll just say they are each like 10$ and that’ll make your total 20 bucks!” You smiled. Warren handed you a twenty dollar bill and you handed him his coffee.

“Thanks (y/n)” he smiled

“Just uh… doing my job” you giggled “cya warren” you waved as he left the coffee shop.

One of your coworkers came up behind you “you seem to have a crush on that angle boy” she snickered “and I think likes you, cause I see he left a note” You looked down to see a sticky note with a phone number on it.

You loved your job, you worked at one of the mutant friendly cafes in a beautiful scenery and got to meet tons of amazing and exciting people everyday. It also helped when you got to meet people found rather… attractive.

Feathers- Warren Worthington III (Angel) x Reader

Based in X-men Apocalypse (ish)

This was originally a request but I messed up so random angel one shot.

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The tears fell freely from your cheeks as you hid in the back room. Out of their sight, away from their jeers and taunts. Your wings curled around you, feathers gently tickling your bare legs, dressed in the short white dress they’d given you, hair flowing free. After all, you had to “look the part”.

There was a clutter of keys a thud and the one you’d been told was Angel fell into the cell next to yours, the metal bars separating the two of you.

He had a slight smirk, obviously having won a fight, and you scoffed, looking away.

“Hey.” He said, spitting blood out into the corner of the cage.

You ignored him, turning away but he leant against the bars to watch you.

“I’m Warren. Well, Warren Worthington III to be exact.” He said.

“That’s nice.” You said, turning slightly to look up at him. 

“I wouldn’t get too acquainted.” A guard said. “You two are battling tomorrow. Angel against angel.” He laughed walking away.

You frowned, shivering slightly.

Warren leaned against the bars, his bar chest shimmering with sweat in the dim blue light.

“It will be okay. I’ll go easy on you. Try to convince them to make us a team, we can work together.” He said.

“Why do you care?”

“What’s your name?”


“Well (Y/n), I care a great deal because you have wings like mine, and I want to teach you how to use them. It also helps that you’re hot.”

You leant back against the wall, regarding him curiously, “Okay Warren. When your caring gets me out of here maybe you can teach me, but for now, I’m going to sleep.” 

You curled up on the floor, your wings draped over you, sheltering you from the world.

You’d stayed locked up, being told you’d be on later. They had a nice little mutant for you to fight. Your back ached, the weight of your wings and the uncomfortable cell contributing.

Suddenly there was yelling and screams and the front door of your cell, the one that was charged sparked. You shielded your eyes, stepping back. The sparking stopped and tentatively, you pushed the door open with little resistance. You were free.

Warren suddenly came crashing through the back, his wings charred and falling apart.

“Oh my god.” You gasped. 

“Not quite, just an angel.” He grinned, wincing slightly. “Come on beautiful.”

He offered you a hand, which you took and the two of you ran out into the street.

He led you to a church style building, flying clumsily up into the rafters and grabbing a bottle of vodka.

“Since I’m not going to be teaching you to fly anytime soon, fancy a drink?” He asked, sloped over slightly. 

You touched his shoulder gently, “Can I help you?”

He laughed, “Only alcohol and sex can do that right now.” He stepped away slightly, wincing at the slight movement, “On second thought, maybe not the latter.” 

You laughed, following up in his clumsy way to the rafters. The two of you sat there in silence, taking the occasional sip from the bottle. A gust of wind blew through the windows and you shivered in your frail dress. 

Without saying a word, Warren opened his arms and pulled you into his chest, circling his wings around you. His bare chest radiated heat, his wings helping with insulation. Warrens fingers started to trace through your hair, running down your back gently.

“It’s been a while.” He murmured.


“Just holding someone.”

You nestled closer to him, his arms holding you tighter, feeling safe for once in the last week or so.



Can we please talk about how much this hurt’s me please because *internally screams AHRGH* Look at the way he looks at his wings and realises that he’s no longer able to fight so they’ll most likely kill him because he’s not their star fighter anymore, he’s useless to them// The wings thats kept him alive and is probably the only reason he’s alive right now, that he’s learnt to love so much after his childhood, the thing that probably makes him happy?? The realisation on his face just kills me// It was right on where the wing connects to his back an you know he’s not going do anything about it apart from sit there even though he’s in so much pain mentally and physically. i havE SO MANY EMOTIONS 

Elizabeth Warren's new 1%: the percentage of fraudulent profits companies pay in fines
In Rigged Justice: 2016 How Weak Enforcement Lets Corporate Offenders Off Easy, a 12-page booklet, Senator Elizabeth Warren documents corporations that were caught undertaking grossly fraudulent, h…

Included in the tales of wrongdoing are:

* Education Management Corporation, a private university that defrauded its students about the rate at which its graduates found employment, taking in $11B, mostly in government money, and paying $95m to settle charges of fraud

* Standard & Poors, who fraudulently rated toxic mortgage-backed securities, helping to destroy the planet’s economy, bankrupting, sickening, ruining and even killing people in every corner of the earth. The company received an 83% discount on its fines by agreeing to a settlement, never admitted wrongdoing, and faced no criminal charges.

* Novartis, the pharma company that bribed pharmacists to recommend its products while the company was under sanctions for a previous kickback scandal. The company received a 90% discount on its penalties for settling, admitted no wrongdoing, and has had no limits put on its ability to participate in Medicare and other programs

THIS is why Bernie Sanders MUST Get The Nomination!


Angel x Reader (very very slight Quicksilver X reader) "Against the world"

This is for I think three people who requested Warren being jealous of Peter and the reader being pregnant, plus my poor little Anon, who wasn’t having a good week. Hope this cheers you up, love! This is so long, I’m sorry😂 I spent days on it because I wanted it to be good!

“Y/N! Go! Get the hell out of here!” Warren yelled as he broke out of the fighting cage, the electricity having been turned off.

The men had you with some of the other mutants in the corner of the massive room, you broke the others free as soon as the spectators started to panic.

“No Warren! Not without you!” You shouted to him as you zapped a guard with your power, leaving him writhing on the ground.

“There’s no point in both of us dying, Y/N. Just go” he muttered as he took a step closer to you
“Please” he begged quietly just before he leant down,and pressed his lips gently to yours.

Tears welled in your eyes as he broke off the kiss.
“Go Y/N! I’ll see you again!” He shouted as he led a bunch of charging guards in the opposite direction of the exit.

You stifled a sob, but ran as fast as your feet would carry you. Not wanting to let your best friends sacrifice go to waste.

You ran, literally, into Raven and Kurt, the mutant whom Warren was fighting in the cage, and then Raven brought two of you to X-Mansion to meet Professor Xavier who enrolled the two of you in the school for gifted youngsters. Mutants. Like you.

It was there that one day an absolutely colossal explosion went off in the mansion. You hadn’t even realised until you were raced outside by the mutant you came to know as Peter.

You had walked over to thank him for what he’d done for everyone and that was when armed men with some kind of knock out guns came and you fell unconscious.

You had woken up in a large, electrified room, much like the cage you once fought in, along with a few other mutants from the school including Raven.

After a few hours you all escaped and went to get Charles back from Apocalypse.

The X-Men asked you to fight with them. Use your power for good, and you agreed. But little did you know that Warren was fighting for the opposing side.

“Y/N come on! What are you doing?” Scott shouted as everyone else clung onto a part of Kurt for dear life.
You were stunned, utterly so as you watched no one other than Warren, climb inside you crashing jet.

“Warren?” You asked, eyes wide
“Y/N” he breathed as he gripped either side of the jet with his new metallic wings, for support.

“Go!” You shouted to the X-Men as you sent and electric blast from your fingertips straight at the back of the ship, breaking off the back of it, sending Psylocke tumbling to the ground.

Kurt teleported out of the ship, seeing as you were going to handle yourself as you ran towards Angel.
He gripped you tightly against him as you sent some electricity beneath your feet, giving Warren the momentum he needed to fly the two of you out of the ship, a mere second before it crashed.

What you didn’t know right then was that Eric, who was currently forming tornados of metal and shrapnel, had sent a fleet of metal shards your way as he was ordered to ensure completely damage to the ship.
Warren flew you right into that shrapnel, not having enough time to react.

You could hear people talking. Three, maybe two people. You weren’t quite sure. They were male, definitely male judging by the octave from whence they spoke.

You had no idea where you were. No idea why.
Your thoughts began to race and you snapped open your eyes, sitting into and upright position but immediately regretting it once the pain hit you.

“Ow” you grunted as you got pushed right back down again.

“I really wouldn’t do that Y/N. The bruising your back bone has sustained will take a bit of time to heel”

“Hank?” You questioned, squinting against the light at the skinny man in a lab coat.

“Yeah it’s Hank. Y/N, I need you to stay still for me okay? Your still healing. Even with your accelerated healing, this will take a while?

“W-Where am I? What happened?”
“You back at the mansion-”
“The mansion blew up, Hank”
“We rebuilt it. You got hurt in the fight with Apocalypse, you got right into the path of Eric’s flying shards of metal, Warren was flying you and he couldn’t fly through the metal so you both fell”

You blinked a few times, contemplating what you were being told.

“Warren! Where’s Warren? Is he okay?” You asked moving to sit up again but Hank pushed you back down.

Hank chuckled “he’s fine, his armour took most of the blow, he’s probably still sitting outside that door despite me telling him to go to class for the past two days”

You breathed a sigh of relief, visibly relaxing.

“Y/N, you should get some sleep. You should be perfectly fine tomorrow”
“I want to see him”

“That’s exactly what he said. No wonder you two are friends. Y/N, you can see him first thing tomorrow I promise. I need to give you a sedative so you’ll sleep better, it should also help you with the pain”

The following morning you awoke to a gentle stream of sunlight pouring through the window.
You were in a different room to yesterday and your back felt perfectly fine.
Thank you healing factor.

You glanced around the room. This was your room. The one that Professor Xavier gave you when you first arrived, still bare from your lack of possessions.

You slowly swung your legs over the side of the creaking bed . You heartbeat still drumming in your ears as a result of the pounding headache that still hadn’t escaped you.

You suddenly remembered that Hank said Warren has been waiting outside your door, so you rushed over to it. Twisting the brown door knob as quickly as you could and flinging open the door.

He wasn’t there.

Your heart sank.
You had been looking forward to seeing him again so much. You had missed him like nothing else before and you yearned to see his face, be enveloped in his wings, breathe in his sent, just one more time.

“Hey Y/N! Your awake! ” Jubilee shouted as she ran up to hug you, nearly knocking you off your feet.
“So it would seem” you laughed quietly as you hugged your new friend back.

“We’ve all been worried sick about you Y/N. Peter especially but Hank made him got to class to keep his mind off it. Although he does sneak in to see you every so often”

“I’m sorry for being blunt. But, where’s Warren?” You asked

“Oh, he’s gone. He left as soon as Hank told him your definitely okay. Said something about going to get his wings fixed. I’m not sure”

“When will he be back?”

Jubilee’s eyes fell a little, like she didn’t want to be the one to break the news.
“I’m really sorry Y/N, but he isn’t coming back. He said so himself”

Your eyes fell to the floor. Your heart sinking like a stone in a pond.

“Okay thanks Jubes” you replied giving her a friendly squeeze before heading back to your room.

You plonked yourself on the messy bed and decided to drown your sorrows in sleep.
Or at least you planned to buy a certain silver speedster prevented you from doing so.

“Hey Y/N! You awake sparkles?” He asked as he sped to the side of your bed.

“Oh hey Peter, yeah I’m awake” you said sitting up in your bed and moving so he could sit on top of the covers beside you.

“You doing okay?” He asked as he chewed on some form of sweet.

“Yeah yeah……no, I’m not really” you sighed.
“I feel better, but you know Warren? The blonde guy with the wings?”

“Yeah, he left last night”

“Yeah, that’s my problem Pete. I’ve known him for years. I was stuck in the same place he was, the fighting ring, and I thought he was dead until I saw him with Apocalypse. I thought I’d have him back, but”

“You love him, don’t ya?”

Your head snapped up to meet Peter’s in surprise.
“ I don’t know that I do Peter. I care about him so much, and I just miss him, you know?”

Peter sighed and scooted closer to you, slinging his arm around your shoulder.

“I know how you feel. Huh, I mean I miss my sister. Wanda. She um, she’s a mutant too. Got shipped of to a mental asylum when we were twelve”

“How old was she?”

“Same as me, we’re twins. Two peas in a pod”

“Peter, I’m so sorry”

“Nah don’t be. That was 15 years ago. I still miss her though. It’s like half my brain is missing. It’s weird”

Peter looked straight ahead. His faced scrunched up into one of complete confusion, he then shrugged his shoulders and his face returned to normal.
You relaxed a little, feeling comfortable in Peter’s presence as you rested your head against his shoulder as a comforting gesture to both you and him.

As the months flew by, you became closer and closer with Peter.
Spending almost every waking moment together.

You would think that it would take your mind off Warren, but it didn’t. There wasn’t an hour went by that he didn’t cross your mind.

You might also think that you may have come to have feeling other than friendship towards Peter, but that didn’t happen either. The bond you had with Warren was too damn strong, you just hoped that he was safe.

One day whilst you were siting out on the grass beside Peter. Both of you his ear plugs in, listening to each others music. You did this quite often as you both enjoyed the songs that other had to offer.
It was your average overcast day at lunch time, nothing out of the ordinary at all, except there was, hi just didn’t know it yet.

Warren fluttered down onto the front door step on the mansion. His metal wings gone. His soft, white fluffy feathers back in their rightful place.
He walked right up to the door, slamming the golden knocker three times, folding his wings behind him and standing back.

Hank opened the heavy door and greets Warren with a knowing smile.

“You couldn’t stay away from her” he said with a chuckle

“No, I could not” he replied, stepping inside the opened door.

Peter handed you a Twinkie and you broke it in half, shoving the empty wrapper in your pocket before offering the other half to Peter.
It was gone in literally a split second and you shook your head while Peter just smiled, continuing to listen to York favourite song.

“I see you got your wings back. Storm said Apocalypse turned them metal. How’d you get them back?”

“Found a mutant in Russia who sorted it out. Only problem is, is that she had to take off his metal wings completely so I had to regrow mine”

Hank visibly winced at the thought.

“That sounds painful”
“Believe me it was”

Hank cleared his throat at the two men continued to walk towards the back door of the magnificent mansion.

“Y/N and Peter usually spend lunch hour out on the grass, I’m sure that’s where we’ll find them. She’ll be delighted to see you, she hasn’t been the same since she left”

Hank opened the door and Warren followed him out and onto the footpath leasing to the large section of grass and trees.

“They usually sit around edge of the path. Saves Peter from scorching the grass when he runs”

They rounded a corner next to a tree and found them siting in the middle of a grassy cleaning, her head stuck in a book, wearing headphones , and his head stuck in a little Pac-Man game boy with headphones on too, their knees mirroring each of other, the tips touching from their close proximity.

Warren’s heart fell a little at seeing her happy and with Peter. But he was glad that she had at least allowed herself to move on from him, even when he hadn’t form her.

Peter looked up at the sound of footsteps, his music not being turned up very loud. He tugged Y/N’s sleeve gently and pointed to Warren.

She turned her hand with a raised eyebrow, dropping her book in surprise and tugging out her headphones as she quickly got up and began running towards him.

She collided with him, nearly knocking him off his feet if his wings hadn’t been able to steady them.
He enveloped her in his arms, lifting her up off the ground and hosting her so tightly she could barely breathe.
She buried her face in the side of his neck and tears began to fall from her tired eyes.

He felt her choking back a sob and carefully encased her in his wings as he buried his face in her hair.

“Shshsh please don’t cry” he whispered as he felt himself begin to tear up. He had missed you so so much.

“I can’t believe your back. Where the hell have you been?”
She questioned, tugging her arms around his neck as hard as she could.

“I’m so sorry I left you. I’m never leaving you again”
“You better not you feathery-assed son of a bitch” she laughed,
swiping tears away from her eyes before hugging him again.

Peter went and stood next to Hank.
“You think they missed each other?” Hank asked him
“I know she missed him….but I didn’t have any idea that he missed
her too. Just thought he left her because he was a dick”

You and Warren spent hours catching up on everything and anything.
Warren told you everything. His wings, his enhanced durability Apocalypse gave him, where he had been, who he’d met, why it took it so long to get back.

“I couldn’t move for 7 days after she took off my metal wings. The pain was too much. Then for thereby few months, I was growing them back, learning how to use them again” He said as she sat in his lap, leaning back against his chest as he leant against her head bored.

“Why didn’t you bring me with you?”
“You were happy, I knew you would be happy here. You’d be safe”
“Without you, Warren”
“Exactly. Bad shit always seems to happen to the people I love. No matter when, or how, if I’m there bad things happen”

Here mouth hung open a little at what he’d just said.
He just said he loved you.

“Warren, did yo-” “Say I love you? Yes” he replied, pressing what had to be the thousandth kiss to your hair that day.
You blinked a few times.
He loved you back.

“I love you too”

-16 Months later-

“Hey Y/N? You doing okay?” Peter asked as he popped his head in your bedroom door.
He frowned when he heard what sounded like vomiting from the bathroom.
He sped over as quickly as he could and knocked on the half open door.

“Y/N, can I come in?” He asked, walking in anyway.

You were bent over the toilet, desperately trying to keep your hair out of the way as you threw up into the toilet bowl.

Peter held you hair back for you until you stood up, cleaning your face with a towel.

“Thanks, Peter”
“You..okay? You want me to get War-”
“No! No, don’t get Warren, he doesn’t know about it, okay?”

Peter frowned again.
“Know about what Y/N?” He asked as you both walked back into the main bedroom you and Warren shared.

“I’m pregnant” you told him, a small smile on your face, and tears in your eyes.

Warren of course chose that exact moment to walk up to the almost closed door on the outside of the bedroom, heading everything now.

“Your pregnant?? How far along?” Peter asked with a brightened smile.

“About 5 weeks”
“So that’s what all that noise was that night”

She slapped his arm
“Peter, someone might hear you” she said with a laugh.

“A-Are you happy?”

“I’m absolutely ecstatic!”
“Can I?” He asked, motioning to her belly.
“Sure. But I doubt you’ll feel him yet”

Peter asked as he leant down to gently touch your slightly swollen belly.

“Just a hunch” you said with a shrug.

Warren peeped in the crack of the door, seeing Peter bent down with his hand on your belly, combined with everything he’d just heard, he jumped straight to the wrong conclusion and stormed off down the hall.

“When you gonna tell him, Warren, I mean”
“I don’t know. I’m so nervous as to what he’ll say”
“Something tells me he’ll be delighted ”
Peter stood up again and sped off to class after a short goodbye.

You decided to go and find Warren, not to tell him, just to talk to him. You found him in the gym, violently punching a bag hanging off an iron chain from the ceiling.

“Hey Warren! You Okay?” You asked happily as you walked into the room.

He slowed his punches, just for a moment.
“No” he replied before hitting the bag again.
“Why, baby?”

“Don’t you baby me, you know why Y/N”

Shit. Did Peter tell him.
He wouldn’t dare.

You gulped.
Better now than never.

“I’m so-”
“Sorry?!? Y/N, sorry doesn’t fix it!”
“I thought you’d be happy”
“How the hell can I be happy when your off screwing Peter!”

You took a step back in complete confusion.

“That’s right Y/N, I saw you with him today, saw you talking about your baby”
“No Y/N. We’re done , okay”
“Warren, it’s yours”

He stopped dead in his tracks and turned to face you.

“Warren, I’m not cheating on you with Peter, I was telling him about being pregnant with your baby. Fuck, I wouldn’t score Peter he’s my best friend”

Warren’s face completely softened.
A smile replaced the anger evident on his face not a minute before.

“Your pregnant?” He asked walking towards you
“It’s mine?”
“Well your the only person I’ve ever been with so I sure as hell hope it’s yours” you squealed happily when he lifted you up off the ground and spun you around.

“I’m gonna be a dad?”
“Yes, you huge dork, your gonna be a dad”

He set you back down on the ground and kissed you slowly and deeply, pulling away after a moment.

“I’m so sorry I thought you were with Peter. I think, I just heard the wrong part of a conversation”

“Yeah,you better be sorry for even thinking that. Yikes,man”

You giggled as he hugged you again.

“It’s gonna be you” he motioned to your belly
“You” he said kissing you on the lips
“And me, against the world”

This Elizabeth Warren Takedown Of Donald Trump Is Going Viral
Senator Warren just declared war on Donald Trump.

Liberal champion Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MASS) took to Facebook today to issue a stark warning to Democrats, Republicans, liberals, progressives, conservatives, and reasonable Americans of all walks of life, forewarning us against “staying quiet” for too long as Donald Trump descends even deeper into the dark wormhole of racial hatred and fascist fury.

Indeed, there is no virtue in silence. As xenophobic attacks against non-white Americans increase in frequency, open racism and violence at Trump rallies is spiking as white supremacists and bigots come out of the woodwork to assert their presence with misguided emotion and shows of strength, rational and reasonable Americans who believe in the values of tolerance and diversity that made our country great must stand up to defend all of our citizens against the threat posed by Trump and his rabid followers. Liberals must mobilize a counter-movement to show that we will not allow ignorant bigots and narcissistic buffoons to bully us into silence. The Sanders supporters who risked themselves and successfully shut down a Trump rally in Chicago made a powerful stand – we must build off of their victory and show Trump and the world that America will not stand for this kind of disgusting rhetoric.