Folks, this is our brother, Jay Ralko. He has been missing from the Metro Detroit area since December 10th, 2014. White male, 22 years old, 5ft tall, 120lbs. Also missing is his car, a Charcoal Grey Ford Escape, plate# CJK7951. Chrome pipe running boards, rain deflectors on windows. Please call Warren police at 586-574-4700 with ANY information. He lives in Warren, but also has ties to Dearborn Heights, Midtown Detroit, and Chicago. Please SIGNAL BOOST. I am posting this on December 17th and we haven’t heard anything. His family is desperate for any information.


Senator Warren TPP Senate Floor Speech

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cuddle (From Sarah to Warren vuv)

Warren had barely slept since Sarah moved back into the apartment with Maggie. He spent most of his nights as work now to keep paying the rent, which meant he slept through most of the day, only seeing Sarah in brief meal times. 

So when his day off came, he couldn’t help but keep the normal schedule of being awake in the middle of the night. He had been zoning out on the couch when he felt a new body next to him and blanket thrown over his shoulders. Surprised, Warren gave Sarah a shy smile.

"I thought you’d be trying to get some shut eye with Maggie finally asleep and all…"