i think we need to work more on classifying the different eras of emo…… u have ur Traditional 90s Emo like taking back sunday, green day, brand new, new found glory, blink 182, jimmy eat world…. then u have the Golden Era of emo!!! panic at the disco, my chemical romance, fall out boy etc. then u move into the Economic Boom of 2000s Emo….. the academy is, mayday parade, paramore, all time low, simple plan, anyone who played warped tour between 2005-2011. then u have ur New Wave Emo which basically consists of halsey and twenty one pilots and post-hiatus fall out boy which is distinctly different from pre-hiatus fall out boy. and THEN u have the 2 divisions of punk fans. either u get people who are into modern pop punk like the wonder years, a day to remember, state champs, the front bottoms etc OR the people who are into that post punk stuff like american football, the world is a beautiful place, fidlar etc. God what a time to be alive. this will be the subject matter for my senior thesis 

3OH!3, Millionaires, Jeffree Star, Hollywood Undead, and Cobra Starship were actually the peak of music. No better music was made before or since 2007-2012. None of us were smart enough to realize what was happening while it still was occurring. Sometimes I still wake up in a cold sweat after a dream where the entire 2011 Warped Tour lineup was stomping me to death. The members of Blood on the Dance Floor and Black Veil Brides were taking turns stabbing me.