Things that took me way too long to learn about colour theory

-colours are nothing but RELATIVE
-neutral backgrounds. NEUTRAL BACKGROUNDS. they make your colours pop because COLOUR. RELATIVITY. 
-rim light are a cheat sheet for making awe-worthy art
-light purple + ‘multiply’ = BEAUTIFUL SHADOWS
-hell any light colour + ‘multiply’ = bam you have atmospheric shadows 
-orange/yellow light + blue/purple shadows (because our instinctual reference for light… is the sun. which is yellow/orange. and blah blah blah something light physics blah blah it makes the shadows the opposite colour, so opposite of yellow/orange sunlight is purple/blue shadows). I mean it’s a nice default but it’s not set-in-stone and other colour palettes add mood so GO ON WITH YOUR COOL LIGHTS AND WARM SHADOWS

(cont. if people are interested)


I got asked by people who never made gifs before how I make and color them, and since I already made a tuto how I gif, it’s time I show how I color them

what you’ll need:

  • basic gif making knowledge (I made a tutorial here)
  • photoshops cs5/cs6/cc (I’m using cs6)
  • a pen so you can sign a contract with the devil

I’m going to try to explain how I usually color my gifs with some extra explanation and comments on how and why. I go like this on almost everything and it works like a charm.

so, from this:

to this:

tutorial under the cut!

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The war may have been avoided, Valentine may be dead, but no one could afford more than a day or two to bask in any of that before the real world caught up, along with all its problems. For Alec, that meant running the Institute, holding the cabinet meetings, going on mission, and having almost daily calls with the Inquisitor since the Clave is in shambles, even more so than usual. But one thing that had returned to normal, one thing Alec was unsure ever would, was his relationship with Magnus.

Things between them were good, not perfect, not yet, but Alec has woken up to the sight of Magnus’ smile for the past five mornings, and really, that’s all he needs. He almost forgets that he’d spent over a week sleeping alone, over a week with his heart weighed and broken, over a week with his mind in a storm. He almost forgets he nearly lost the love of his life, multiple times in multiple ways, but there are moments when it hits him how close he was to never kissing Magnus again, to never making him laugh again, to never hearing him say Alexander again.

The first of those moments had been the first morning after the party, when Alec couldn’t find Magnus in the loft after his shower. He had begun to panic, but then Magnus came inside from the balcony, and it took a little time and a lot of words of comfort, but Alec had calmed down, thankful they had the rest of the day to spend together. Magnus had made him promise to call him if he felt like that again, even if it was just a five second conversation to make sure things were alright. 

That day, however, it was Alec’s phone that rang, a sharp noise cutting through the silence of his office. He picks up the phone, smiling at the bright expression on Magnus’ face that lights up his screen.

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Hello! This just a small guide for young/beginner artist.

It doesn’t matter what software you use, for me I primarily use Paint tool sai. 

Mario is a good example of a character who has primary colors.

Patrick uses different variants of secondary colors.

Magenta’s color is tertiary because it is between purple and red.

Luigi has a analogous color scheme, color adjacent to each.

Yoshi dominant color is green, red is the direct color opposite from green.

Dipper’s shirt is the red, his hat and jacket serve as (indirect) split complementary colors.

There’s also Traidic color scheme: three colors equally spaces on the color wheel.

 Tetradic color scheme: double complementary. (quite difficult to use)

And Monochromatic: variations of light and saturation of one color,

Value is the lightness and darkness in color.

This shows about 9 values. Value is important because it shows the illusion of light.

This is one of the mistakes a lot of young/beginner artists make. Unless the drawing is in grey-scale, black and white as shadow and light is wrong to use. 

I use Luminosity and multiply, of course their are other modes to use, like shade for shading. screen or overlay for light. (paint tool sai user) light is not always necessary btw.  

Never be afraid of using a warm color as a shadow and a cool color as light etc.

Always experiment with your art, try new things, and figure what’s best for you!

Let me know if any of this helped you, and thanks for reading!

Now go start drawing!  

anonymous asked:

Hey babe!! So I'm really really new to sterek and teen wolf and I was wondering if you could rec me some iconic sterek fics? So fics that everyone just loves. If it's not too much to ask can it also be canon? So it included the supernatural element?? Thank you so so much 💕💕

Hey :) 

Welcome to the fandom!! Here are some classic monster of the week type fics you might like and you can find some great classic fics here and other pack fics here 

Important Things by  suzvoy | 71.4K

Stiles learns that even with werewolves, giant lizards and psychopathic hunters on the loose, life can still find other ways to screw with you. Case in point: everyone keeps assuming he and Derek are a couple. What the hell?

Lock All The Doors Behind You by  entanglednow | 25.9K

He has no idea what you’re supposed to say when you find one of your…werewolf acquaintances, completely out of their mind, growling like they’re about to see what your insides taste like. There’s no handbook for this. Stiles is thinking that if he survives he might write one.

Wayward and Down by  affectingly | 32.3K

That time it took not one, but two separate troll attacks and a malevolent coven of witches for Stiles to figure out how he felt about Derek.

We’ve Written Volumes (in Blood and Scars and Ink) by  notthequiettype | 25.9K

Stiles is on his back on hard-packed dirt. He’s cold and there are leaves stuck to his neck and there’s a four inch gash in his side that he thinks he can feel his ribs through. There’s so much blood around him he feels like he’s floating on a pond and everything is so much dimmer above him than it was a minute ago, which is saying something because he’s in the dark center of the forest in the middle of the night. And the worst of it is that he’s alone, totally alone with the smell of his own blood drowning him and the soft side of him run through by a tree.

As his eyes slip shut, the last thing he thinks is, “This is going to kill my dad.”

will to follow through by  owlpostagain | 42.4K

It depends entirely on how you look at it, I guess,” Stiles shrugs. “On the one hand, instant healing and the apparently inherited ability to pull off leather at all times. On the other, serious attitude problems and a suspicious disappearance of eyebrows.”

“Even Derek’s?” Danny snorts, “that’s a lot of eyebrow to lose.”

“I know,” Stiles agrees. “You should see, it’s so weird. Every time I want to ask him where they go, except he’d totally eat my face off.”

“There are worse ways to die.”

A Life Less Ordinary by  Jebiwonkenobi | 19.2K

It takes a few years but eventually they manage to agree on something; Derek Hale is an asshole, and Stiles Stilinski is in love with him.

According to Plans by  eldee | 72.7K

Five times Stiles and Derek pretend to be boyfriends, and the one time they didn’t have to pretend at all. (Or: in which Stiles’ plan for senior year is completely ruined by a supernatural creature stalking him.)

warm shadows by  stilinskisparkles | 22K

“Fine,” Stiles spits back, “We’ll die together, it’ll be dandy.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” Derek snaps, “I’ll get some peace and quiet for once.”

Stiles grins suddenly, blindingly. There’s blood on his teeth, and his eyes are dark and desperate as he looks up at Derek, but he’s never looked more stupidly, infuriatingly beautiful.

between the click of the light and the start of the dream by  thepsychicclam | 105.1K

It’s Stiles’ senior year, and he’s trying to concentrate on normal things - like the lacrosse championship, spring break, prom, graduation (and definitely not Derek) - when he starts having nightmares and waking up in the middle of nowhere. Oh yeah, and he’s being haunted by a hag. Great.

He’s Not Mine  by  Sunnee | 68.5K

Derek comes home to find an abandoned werebaby on his front porch and Stiles volunteers to help him out. Surprisingly, that is just the beginning of his problems.

draganchitsa  asked:

jon/dany - wwi au :3

He was aware of a woman’s hand, soft and warm, on his forehead. A voice in halting English advising him to be still, be quiet, the Germans will hear, do not make a sound please please please. He was aware of the smell of yeast, of the cloying perfume of rich wine, of damp wood, of smoke, and a sweet, flowery scent that could only belong to a woman. To those soft hands.

“What is your name?” the soft, lilting accent of southern France. He’d vacationed there once with his family, with Robb and Father and—they’re both dead now. “Can you speak?”

“Jon Snow,” he managed to rasp over a throat as raw as dried tinder.

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These same tears, they dry up on my skin and continue to come back down again.
Through thick and thin, we’ve seen it all. Though the blood leaving your palms were not mine, I still saved the drowning seas for us.
The tears you gave me are on someone else’s hands and the love I gave you is in her cold heart that you claim to love.
But some nights when it’s just me and no one else, some nights when even the tears run dry, you’re all that I have and it’s just messed up because it’s not the same for you.
And those nights are darker than your words but they kept me alive, except when you would say goodbye.
And when I leave you with hello, hello– I kiss hell onto earth and ask the volcanoes to whisper your name in soot and ash.
If I could have it any other way, I could have loved you, I would have loved you, I should have loved you and if we don’t ever see each other again, at least we left the roses with the best kind of red.
But you were the moon and oh that could not be, I was just a star waiting to be found by you.
If I am the moon, then I am the empty kind. If you are a star, you are sky full. If you are love, then you are all that I’d want to know.
But if you’re the sun then I may think twice about how I will love you–
So I think I will love your edges because the core of you will burn all the love I want to give you.
If I am made from fire and you are made from ice, if our hearts touched, do you think we could fit the ocean into a wine glass? Play bits of me that I can’t forget. Tell me that you love me just to leave, tell me that you want me just to not need me.
I wander the streets looking for nothing, no expectations, no surprises, no friendships, no lovers, no sympathy, no empathy, I look for myself within lostness and some days, I just ache to be with myself for myself.
But I don’t want to be so alone. The streets get so cold and wandering down them gets too old. I’m starting to count the stars one by one but it wouldn’t be that lonely if you were only alive in my mind.
There is a still painting inside of my chest that’s being finished by souls that linger to skin like smoke that wasn’t supposed to be inhaled and oxygen that we refused to exhale, find me where I’m lonely and ask me if I feel loved.
And there is rain inside my heart but I still dont know where the shade stands so I sit in the rain hoping you’ll still see my tears, it’s very cold and I searched for warmness in every person but I still feel as lonely as ever.
There is love to be made, hearts to fix and people to hide behind– if I keep my feelings to myself and never open up, do I die lonely or do I live as a loner?
Instead of showing people the paintings I’ve created, I stored them in a book where I tapped all the rose petals you left behind. Onced they grew out of my book and made thorns outside of it and now I can’t seem to open it even if I have the deepest words to write down.
But I ask death if kisses could revive us, like if I could dig inside of us for a second, I would kill to feel something, I want to feel something other than this sick and twisted version of forever after.
So I drew red paint on my skin and see if my skin would turn color, to see if I could feel a color. They said red represents love but it could mean many things if you’re alone.
Love is red, as red as the sun, loneliness is blue when I’m thinking of you and yes, it’s true, being alone and away from the pack means we’ve placed meaning carried onto our backs with a heart like that, pale purple, black and bruised, if I admittedly hated on you, just know that once upon a time I didn’t want to leave you, you were mine and I was yours.
As much as I made excuses for the way you hurt me I have to say that I never left you, even if you always left with a goodbye under the welcome mat , I’m still waiting for your call. I’m still waiting for your rain to show up in front of my window.
And if all that is left is a tiny flame and ashes, I will dance in obsidian and prepare a warm welcome to the shadows the die within, the light the withers within your grasp, the love that’s undying shall die at last.
So I will plant flowers in our casket and dump all the love poems I wrote that you never got to read, I have so many dreams that you never got to see.
How did we end up back with love? Even loneliness leads back to love, even pain leads back to love, baby, every road leads back to you.
Every storm I went through, the wind directed me down the same road–
Every heartbreak I went though, I always came crying to you.
And if there was a way to fix things, maybe go back to when we didn’t need to fix things, do you that’s why people like to fix things? I’ve been so keen with repeating myself, a fixation. I can’t fix you if you’re the reason as to why I feel broken.
People I say I don’t know you
They say I’ve been loving a person he pretends to be
I think I loved the ghost you left behind, maybe thats why it feels so cold every time you leave.
And shoulders become the Himalayas and hearts become the Gobi desert and lovers become something we’ve said farewell to.
You also left behind your favorite words and the funny thing was, you were every meaning of each word.
You left behind the stories you made and now I’m trying to figure out the ending.
The ending is a page that I’ve rewritten with my tears, the ocean doesn’t drown anyone, it’s just taking us home.
And the beginning was filled with laughs and questions.
Now, the laughs turned into memories and the questions were answered.
And sometimes, the answer is just the right amount of how you left my heart– wanting more.
But I will wonder, I will wonder where you will go
Maybe I’ll find you in the places where you love to hide–
But you pushed me away every time.
But I will wander, I will wander where you’ve left my mind–
Maybe I’ll find you in my heart where I’ve hidden you
But that’s the thing,
I broke my own heart
by openly loving you.
So I’ll search in all the broken pieces that are scattered all over the floor , with the only thing I have left– my tears.
So I’ve searched, I’ve searched, I’ve searched, I’ve searched– A lost, a maze, a field of dead flowers, I have lost my way in this maze next to the bees, I’ve been stung, I’ve been broken– but still I search for you.
—  x.x. & k.c.