Warfield Theater

I've Been All Around This World
Grateful Dead
I've Been All Around This World

Today’s Daily Dose of the Dead is I’ve Been All Around This World from the September 25 acoustic set at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco, Ca. This song was only played 18 times. Twice in 1969, twice in 1970 and 14 times in 1980. I count myself lucky to have seen one of those performances on 10/27 at Radio City.

The song has no known author and is a traditional american folk song. Jerry does this song right and both his vocals and guitar pickin’ are dead on magnificent. It is a wonderful listen and a great mix.

A song about the blue ridge mountain area which I once drove through going from a dead show at the Hampton Coliseum to Morgantown West Virginia. Some good post song tuning/banter on this one. Especially when someone screams out Dark Hollow! They do play his request :-)

Enjoy this folksy dose of dead.

“Hang me, oh hang me, so I’ll be dead and gone. Hang me, oh hang me, so I’ll be dead and gone. I wouldn’t mind your hanging boys, but you wait in jail so long. Lord, I’ve been all around this world.”


I went to Porter Robinson’s concert in San Francisco Warfield Theater on Friday. It was so epic. The first time I saw Porter Robinson was last July in Vegas. My favorite is “Language” and I love the music video. I’m so glad I went to his concert in San Francisco… definitely a moment to remember :) The other Djs were awesome too. 

This is for everyone who has been told that the way that they think or the way that they feel is the wrong way to think, or the wrong way to feel.

 It goes out to anybody who’s ever felt betrayed by their family or their friends. Anyone who’s ever been backstabbed; anybody that just, anybody that isn’t quite sure where they belong. This goes out to all of you.

Believe in who you are, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise; you are the most beautiful thing in the world.

This song is called Therapy.

-Alex Gaskarth.

Heaven Help The Fool
Grateful Dead
Heaven Help The Fool

Hey now! It is the Sunday edition of the Daily Dose of the Dead and today we check out Heaven Help the Fool from the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco on September 30, 1980. This was one of the famous acoustic sets from the runs at the Warfield on the west coast and then Radio City on the east coast. The picture in the album artwork of Bob Weir is my pic from the 3rd row at Radio City about a month after this show.

Heaven Help the Fool actually has lyrics and the song was released originally on Weir’s second solo album in 1978. Looking at the ensemble of players Weir assembled for this album it kinda makes me sick that David Foster played keyboards. 

The song was played only 17 times, all in 1980, and all at the warfield/radio city shows. They played it acoustic only and no lyrics. The lyrics were written by John Barlow. These acoustic performances at the warfield of this song really allowed both weir and garcia to show off their musical chops. Jerry in particular gets such a sweet and resonating sound out of his guitar it is almost mesmerizing.

A perfect way to wake up this Sunday morning and of course this dose continues the long standing tradition of some sort of religious or biblical reference,

I was born in Flatland, U.S.A.
And all my dreams lead me to L.A.
Another case of rags to riches
I learned to throw some fancy pitches
And I found out what ain’t, and which is
Just exactly cool


Two Door Fucking Cinema Club.


Hands down. The Lonely Forest was fantastic, Grouplove amazing, and I was so glad i had listening to Tourist History nonstop the week up to the concert. I sang my heart out to every world of their amazing lyrics. I swooned over Alex Trimble’s accent and bought some Lonely Forest merch since the shirts were cute. I dressed cute (striped tank and sheer sweater with green cargo shorts and grey tights, tan oxfords and a tan leather jacket) and I had the time of my life. I don’t care what I have to do, I’m meeting them. It is a mission in my life now <3