Wardrobe Staples

dra-dog asked:

How would you describe Bahorel's fashion sense?

Bahorel likes tailored clothes, crisp and tidy with every single one pressed and cleaned so it looks like it’s fresh from the shop.

Because his job pays well, he wears quite a lot of designer, and even if it isn’t he knows what shapes suit him so his entire wardrobe looks like it’s catwalk ready.

He mainly wears shirts, suits, trousers and waistcoats. There’s only one pair of jeans in his wardrobe, which he either wears with a plain white tee or cashmere sweaters in neutral colours. He believes a good staple wardrobe is key.

The only real colour he has is his red waistcoat, red ties, red socks, etc. He has been known to wear red florals as well.


model wardrobe staples  l  the motorcycle jacket

today’s popular “lancer fronted” double breasted motorcycle jacket first originated in 1928 and was designed by irving schott.  for over a century the schott family has been manufacturing these iconic pieces, which gained worldwide popularity after marlon brando first donned one of them in his film “the wild one” of 1958.  the ramones, the clash, inxs, u2, michael jackson and many of the world’s most popular musicians have also contributed to the mainstream popularity of “moto style.”

schott, jean paul gaultier, balmain, saint laurent (above), belstaff, gucci, diesel black gold, and ralph lauren have all manufactured some stellar examples of this iconic piece.  rock it!


The striped breton shirt as we know it today came into being shortly following the 27th March, 1858 Act of France which introduced the navy and white striped knitted shirt as the uniform for all French navy seaman. The official striped navy shirt or French sailor shirt soon became more generally a working mariner garment as it was picked up by many nautical men; seafairers and sailors across the region of Northern France. It was said that when a sailor had fallen into the sea, the distinctive block pattern of stripes on the French striped shirt made him easier to spot amidst the many blurred colours of the waves.

[History lesson from Armor-Lux]

Coco Chanel was the first designer to bring the stripes – so similar to the Breton Flag, where I assume the name comes from – to the attention of fashion and contrary to what is considered conventional fashion wisdom, the horizontal stripes can actually make you look thinner.

It’s a classic piece that can lend a certain elegance to your wardrobe.  I don’t generally flirt too strongly with nautical lines but I consider my two striped shirts to be absolute staples.

Photo set features Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Tatou (as Coco Chanel), Gisele Bunchen, Katharine Hepburn, Kirsten Dunst, Marilyn Monroe, Nine D'Urso de la Fressange, Blake Lively (as Serena van der Woodsen) and Sofia Coppola.

My Wardrobe Essentials:

1.  A comfy knit sweater goes that goes with everything AND keeps me warm!

2.  A belt that matches everything and adds a little kick to any outfit.

3.  A pair of earrings that make you feel good (I know that sounds weird, yes, but it is so worth it!  Trust me.)

4.  A pair of oxfords or flat shoes to run around in 

5.  A pair of jeans that make you feel good (comfy + look good = feel good!)

the perfect wardrobe staples for your sign

Aries: Top // Bottoms // Shoes // Accessory 

Taurus: Top // Bottoms // Shoes // Accessory 

Gemini: Top // Bottoms // Shoes // Accessory 

Cancer: Top // Bottoms // Shoes // Accessory 

Leo: Top // Bottoms // Shoes // Accessory 

Virgo: Top // Bottoms // Shoes // Accessory 

Libra: Top // Bottoms // Shoes // Accessory 

Scorpio: Top // Bottoms // Shoes // Accessory 

Sagittarius: Top // Bottoms // Shoes // Accessory 

Capricorn: Top // Bottoms // Shoes // Accessory 

Aquarius: Top // Bottoms // Shoes // Accessory 

Pisces: Top // Bottoms // Shoes // Accessory 



Wardrobe rebuild is still going on. I am working on it, hard! On one side, my proud to have it walk-in closet is getting lighter and emptier. Funny thing is that, I don’t mind much about it. That’s the point of it anyway, to have only items that I really love and want to wear. And, believe me. They are not all branded items or high fashion.

For example the grey skinny denim from H&M and the All Stars I wore few sunny days ago, those items are my deeply favorite to wear. Of course, I love my Silent by Damir Doma black sweatshirt too. This outfit-of-the-day post is once again a way to show you what items I decided to keep as amy ultimate wardrobe essentials. It’s no way that I will give those items away and just forget it to ask for my Acne Studios matt black sunglasses. Love my Chucks from SoJeans

Black Damir Doma sweatshirt, H&M black shirt, H&M skinny jeans, Converse All Star chucks, Acne Studios sunglasses.

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Location: Garden of Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

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