Advice from an hereditary witch’s grandmother: things a crone has to say

My witch of a grandmother gave me her beautiful encyclopedia on healing plants to celebrate Ostara!
I told her about my blog and she asked me to share some of her advice “for those lovely internet disciples of yours”.
No, Yeyé, that’s not how this works…

But hey! When the crone talks, you listen!

“A jar of glass keeps away envious spirits and people who want to hurt you.”

“Everything dead deserves to be honored.”

“Strings of seeds bring prosperity.”

“A stone in the windowsill is a soldier that keeps away thieves, but make sure it’s not a pretty rock cause they might steal it!”

“When you trim a vine, keep some branches by the door so all the hard work you’ve done doesn’t disappear in a single day!”

“When you’re old and can’t move so much anymore, keep a jar of seeds by the Gods so they can pick their offerings as they please.”

“I keep lavender by the computer because it helps me remember how to open Facebook. Lavender is good for memory. Tell your friends of the internet.”

“I keep the obsidian and the agathe geodes in front of the TV so there will be no bad news.”

So there you have it.

Advice from an authentic crone with over 70 years of Craft , Old Yeyé.

She wishes you all many blessings and love and hopes you are all well guided.

Happy new season from lucky Old Yeyé!

-Semiramis the Magpie Witchling

“Insignificant things I’ve accidentally learned as a witch, part II.”

1. Confine your sins to the moon. She won’t tell anyone. Marry her, for she is dressed in wedding-white, and she will wake you when she misses you at night. Do not fear when she runs away for several days, because she loves you and always returns.

2. Old music understands tired souls in a way that many people do not. The classical radio will keep you good company while driving home late at night.

3. The more you love someone, the sharper the knife they wield. They’ll either use it alongside yours in war or they’ll turn it against you while you sleep.

4. Rings of salt on windowsills keeps curious and lost demons from seeping in through the blinds.

5. Look at the mirror if you must, but do not look into it. Mirrors will try to show you everything they’ve seen and felt in a very short moment of time.

6. A simple sleep charm: imagine yourself sitting on the bed of a loved one. You’re their guardian, wielding away the shadows that creep into their dreams at night. As you rest on the edge of the mattress, a rose garden gently flourishes on the bed. You never fail.

7. Everything will always work out in the end. It’s only a matter of waiting through the trials and grief.


A method to Cleanse and Ward after unsavory people visit your house

Personally, I wait 15 minutes to ensure they haven’t forgotten anything (it’s a long, painful wait, I know. Just bear with it!) and then get straight to work!

First off;

If they ate or drank at your house:

  1. DO NOT save any leftovers from that meal, as it is now connected to them. Use it instead in the compost heap to help further along your garden.
  2. Rinse down the dishes they used with vinegar first, spritz with sage-infused water, then proceed to washing the dishes normally.

And now if they did not eat or drink at your house

  1. Open all doors and windows to air out the house.
  2. Light some incense (honestly any will do at this point your just trying to make sure their scent doesn’t linger)
  3. The couch or chair they were sitting on needs to be thoroughly vacuumed.
  4. After vacuuming the couch or chair, cast a consecrated circle around the object and banish their energy from it.
  5. Lightly mist with moonwater and place energized crystals in a spiral in said area.
  6. Dust the House.
  7. Sweep the floors and collect any trash, immediately taking it out.
  8. Wash down all tabletops and counter surfaces with vinegar.
  9. Wash the floors and walls with a mix of lavender/sage/moonwater.
  10. Vacuum the carpets and rugs.
  11. Smudge.
  12. Squeeze out some garlic juice from 3 cloves of garlic and rub into ground outside of door (3 cloves per door).
  13. Mix lemon juice with a drop of peppermint oil and use it to draw a line on the door frame, both sides; make sure you left no line breaks!
  14. Rub a touch of dogwood oil on the outside doorknob.
  15. Recharge your witch balls!
  16. Air out your dreamcatchers if you have any!

If they sat down on your bed

Ohhhhhh boy oh boy oh boy. Guess who’s about to wash their sheets?

Surprise it’s you!

  1. Wash your sheets.
  2. Wash your comforter.
  3. Wash the pillowcases.
  4. Wash the pillows.
  5. Wash the mattress pad.
  6. Vacuum the mattress.
  7. Mist lightly with moonwater.
  8. Place energized crystals where they sat in a spiral.

Optional; write their name on an egg, take it outside, and crush it beneath your heel.

Can be a curse or just an emotional outlet, either way; it feels pretty good.

“But what if I don’t have all those incenses and oils and moonwater???”

Silly, just air out your house and clean it top to bottom using regular cleaning supplies!

If it helps, you can also say the following;

Your body left my house, 
Now, your spirits can too.
And by ‘can’ I mean ‘will’,
It’s time for all of you to leave.

You’ve worn out your welcome,
When you never had any at all,
Out the door with you lot,
Away you go, away!

May you never return here!
May you never come back!
I banish you from this threshold!
Now get the fuck outta my house.”

Top Ward Mistakes I

These are some common reasons why wards, even powerful ones, fail at times. I have noticed these over the years, through my mistakes and others. 

Not enough layers: Wards are made of pure energy, and usually aren’t sentient- meaning they aren’t smart and usually don’t adjust to different attackers. Without the ability to adjust, attackers can get by with ease. Having multiple layers of wards helps prevent this. While layers will vary of course based on your needs, I always recommend three basic layers for a ward, going outwards to the inside: 1) non-detection, 2) offensive ward, 3) defensive ward. The reason for these particular layers being: an attacker can’t attack if it can’t find you. If they do find you, they are then dissuaded by a ward that attacks them. They will have to go through the ward that hurts them to even get to the ward that defends you, thus weakening them and making it harder to get through that final line of defense at the same time.

Too rigid: What shatters more easily when hit- a plastic case, or a rubber ball? The plastic case- why? Because it is super rigid and unable to bend; thus, just one concentrated hit could break through it with ease. This applies to wards as well- you don’t want your wards to be unable to bend- else they shatter under a concentrated hit. Being flexible doesn’t make a ward weaker- you can still have a super tough and thick ward that bends!

Not selective or specific enough: “Keep out malicious entities.” Okay, well what do you mean by malicious? Being as specific as possible is best when it comes to protections. Instead of just saying “malicious” how about- “those that would bring me nightmares”, “those that would harm me”. This also ties into the next point-

…From whose point of view?: Okay, you did it, you made your ward. “Keep out anything with malicious intent.” But the key is…who judges the malicious intent? A nasty entity could easily go, “this is good for me!” and bypass the ward. Additionally, an abusive entity who believes, from their point of view, that what they are doing is “helping” you, and thus not malicious, could easily bypass an unspecific ward. It is best to say something along the lines of, “Things I deem as a malicious intention.” That way, it is based on YOUR judgement alone, what YOU deem as bad, and thus it cannot be interpreted any other way by trickster entities.

A circular wall, or a sphere?: You made your ward- it’s selective, not super rigid, and you made sure the terms were from your point of view. And yet- it’s still easily bypassed! Bad Entities appear in your room, seemingly untouched by the wards. What could’ve happened? Well- this ability called “teleportation” exists. If your innermost ward is a circular wall- not filled in- then an entity could easily bypass your wards just by teleporting directly to you or directly into your space! To protect against this, you want your innermost ward to be like a sphere- filled in on the inside with protective energies as well. Thus, the constraints applying to the outer layers of your wards (no malicious intent from my point of view) are applied to your actual space as well- thus nullifying the teleporting ability, or dealing damage to any entities that manage to teleport inside anyways.  

Quick Protection Ward

This is going to be a quick warding charm to protect your house or your room. I remember someone taught it to me when I was younger but I don’t remember who. Anyway, all you need is:

A small glass jar or vial with a lid Salt, Caraway seeds, or beans (I like rosary beans).  Black ribbon or cord (optional)

Make sure you have enough supplies for both entrances to your house (or just one if you’re protecting your dorm room.) Fill the container with the grain of your choice (you could combine grain types) and repeat this 3 times while focusing on your intent:

“Count the grains, never the same. Count the grains, or leave in shame.”

The idea is that whatever unkindness that is trying to come into your house will first have to successfully count the grains before they can enter. But you’ve also cursed the grains so the number will always be different and thus impossible to count. This was originally a ward against evil spirits. Salt is very protective. This also works against theft, especially if you use caraway seeds. Stay safe everyone!

Negativity Trap ⛓

A method of protection that is meant to trap negative energy and purify it. 

Items & Ingredients: 

  • A sealable jar (a mason jar would be fine)
  • Sea salt (acts as the initial trap)
  • A few drops of lemon or lime essential oil (cleansing & purification)
  • Clean water (cleansing & purification)


  • Fill the bottom of the jar with sea salt, about an inch or two deep
  • Add a few drops of your chosen essential oil
  • Fill the rest of the jar with clean water
  • Seal the jar and shake to activate
  • The idea is that the sea salt traps the negative energy, and the essential oils and water will purify it
  • Leave this jar in places in your home that receive a lot of traffic from guests (front porch, next to the front door, living area, etc.)
🎃 Pumpkin Wards 👻

a seasonal activity to help guard your house from spirits and negative energies this halloween!

🎃 gather: a pumpkin or similar gourd, a carving station, a candle, and a mixture of cloves, nutmeg, coffee grinds, and cinnamon.  

👻 scoop out the pumpkin seeds, save a handful of the seeds

🎃 carve any face or design you like into the pumpkin, but carve with the intent that it will scare spirits away from your house. 

👻 spice the inside of the pumpkin with the herbs.

🎃 before you light the candle, drop a pumpkin seed on each of the corners of the area you wish to protect.

👻 anoint the candle with the spices or a sigil if you like. 

🎃 light the candle, let it burn safely outside in a non-flammable area

👻 if you like, you can even carve sigils into the pumpkin if you like, to modify the spell against anything else you want to protect yourself from this night. 

🌕 Moonbeam Ward 🌕

With the rise of the full moon this evening, I feel as though it’s a perfect time to cleanse and ward your space. 

Originally posted by purrpleaesthetic

Ingredients & items: 

  • Visualization 
  • Basic knowledge of shielding and energy work
  • Lemon essential oil or lemon peels


  1. At sunset, or when the moon is visible in the sky, begin by cleansing your space using either lemon essential oil or lemon peels (lemon corresponds with both cleansing and lunar energy)  - you can use these in whatever manner you choose, but some ideas include steam cleansing, crafting a spray to use in your home, making a floor wash, etc. 
  2. Once you feel as though your space is sufficiently cleansed, it’s time to put up a fresh ward - you may do this next part inside or outside so long as you can see the moon. 
  3. Visualize a moonbeam shining down onto your home, engulfing it in a ball of light, thus providing a shield to repel negative energy (you can use your hands or a wand to physically direct lunar energy down from the moon and onto your home if that helps). 
  4. Meditate on your intent as you do this, which is to prevent the entrance of negative or unwanted energy into your space.
  5. When finished, seal the shield at the top of the ball of moonlight, sending any unused energy back into the cosmos. 
  6. Renew this shield during each full moon.
Creating banishing Stones

Create banishing stones:

Many people and energies pass through your home, create and use these stones to help banish and keep away evils from passing through your doorstep.

Items needed:

Flat stones, enough to place one on each side of your doors where people enter from the outside.

White paint

Black paint (optional to paint warding symbols onto the stones)

Find your stones and wash them off of any dirt.  Now paint them white, be sure to paint it completely.

After the white paint has dried, paint one warding symbol onto each stone.

once finished painting you can walk around your house and place the stones one on each side of the entrance to the doors.

As you place the say:

“Ward away all that can harm

stones by my door protect and ward.

Banish all spirits that come through my yard.”

                                                “Love Grows Here”

A counterpoint to the Fear Cannot Live Here sigil, this one instead encourages all forms of healthy love to grow in homes and hearts. Will not create love where there is not already the beginning of love, and cannot be used to encourage unhealthy relationships to flourish. Love for me is very closely tied to trust, respect, and safety, and so is this sigil. 

The Paladin’s Armor                       (A Protection Spell)

Originally posted by theworldisworthagif

A spell to fight away negativity and darkness. Inspired by the Shield of Faith spell in Dungeons and Dragons.

You will need:

-Paper and pen (or access to a printer)

-A white or black candle (both of them repel negativity, though a white candle also represents peace and a black candle has a stronger ability to repel negativity. If you can, use both a white and black candle. If you have neither type of candle, grey, light blue, and red work to a lesser extent)

-Sun water (to make the ‘armor’ a bit sturdier and more powerful. How to make Sun Water.)


Draw a suit of armor onto the sheet of paper. It doesn’t need to look all that nice. If you can’t or don’t want to draw the armor, a printed image of a suit of armor will work, as well.

Wash your candle in a bit of sun water. Be careful to keep water away from the wick. 

Light your candle and hold the paper above it. Say or think, “Let it be forged.”

Very carefully burn the paper using the candle, visualizing the warm light wrapping around you and forming your armor. When the paper is fully burned, your armor has been formed. 

Blow out the candle and visualize the smoke fleeing from you. Say or think, “I am protected from forces of the dark, and they flee before me.”

Dispose of the burned paper.

The spell should bring a bit of luck and ward off negativity. If you notice the negativity starting to come back, the spell has likely started to wear off and you may need to recast it.