Why Agents of Shield is brilliant.

I love the agents of shield characters so much. SO MUCH.

Seriously this series in general has been amazing. There’s so much depth to all the characters. It’s the subtle things that really add to it. I just want to talk about why I think the show has gotten so good. This will be very specific to the newest episode so If you’ve not seen it you have been warned. 

Fitz and Simmons have been very distant over their ideals about Skye and have slowly started slipping back into their partnership. But what was great about them being apart was you got to see how they were alone. Fitz’s brain issue hasn’t been ignored and he’s still having issues. Jemma called him Leo and it really stuck out to me. But just now in the middle of being overtaken she grabbed his hand to comfort him and when she was asked to go oversee Mac, she waited for his approving nod. - which speaks volumes about their future.

Bobbi and Mac (going to pair these two because of their relationship)
What gets me about these two is how hard they’ve found being double agents; every other shot in this past episode is them having an internal battle about the two Shields. Bobbi clearly cares about the team and shouts “I DIDN’T WANT THIS” In the May battle and Mac leaps to save Fitz from the explosion. They’ve been around too long to cast them aside and for the two characters I least cared about at the start, I now see them as the ones to watch since they have some very interesting conversations ahead. 

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Because I know we all need this parallel in our lives

That’s the problem with you Erudite! You’re so bloody curious you won’t let a thing like life or morals get in your way! Can’t you see she’s miserable?!
They keep telling us Divergents are a threat! I just wanted to find out for myself!
Well I never seemed to bother you.

Dauntless ~ An AOS Divergent!AU (x)
When it all goes to hell in a hand basket, Fitz(x), Ward(x) and Simmons(x) cross paths with the former-Candor fugitive, Skye(x). When their safe-house is raided, Simmons and Skye are both taken by the Erudite, but when their rescuers arrive, it seems Simmons has put her blue blazer back on.

I refuse to believe next week’s trailer.

Nope. Nope nope nope

Simmons is not teaming up with Morse and Mack and leaving Fitz

I mean no he’s got his back turned to them and walks away from them

it seems like if Simmons was a traitor and he knew then he would be looking at them with “you’re going to shoot me or something; I don’t trust you and I thought all of you were my friends” BECAUSE IT’S THE SAME LOOK HE GAVE WARD and not “screw this I’m leaving” because that’s not happening regardless

It could be Fitz however

Makes sense that Morse and Mack would be there to bodyguard Simmons from punching Fitz’s lights out (if Fitz joined Real SHIELD) and nobody’s there to guard Fitz so maybe that’s it

and Fitz did offer to join Hydra once for whatever reason. Also Mack. 

and she’s looking at him with this “how dare you betray me” because IT’S THE SAME LOOK SHE GAVE WARD

but nope nope nope nope that can’t happen nope nope nope

Both of them need to either say “screw you Real SHIELD my future husband and I are not working for you” or “Okay we’ll work with you but we’re coming up with some weird crap to trick you so we can escape”


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: Ward is Back


Mike Ward
Voice UK 2013 Runner Up
Predicted peak weight: 235lbs
Part 2 of 2 (see blog for earlier post) 

His questionable fashion sense really emphasises Mike’s ever expanding stomach. Check out his belly spilling over his belt in the second picture, and the shirt about 2 sizes too small in the sixth picture. Ps, he’s the second from left in the final picture - notice the stretch marks.