Wanting to actually draw when you don't

I feel really embarrassed about sending this, actually. But I wanted to do something to let you know that you have uplifted me and given me DETERMINATION to continue drawing, among various other things. I hope this little doodle is adequate to help express my appreciation towards you and your beautiful art. (I also hope that even remotely looks like you- I tried to match your drawings)

Submitted by: rexidot

Oh my goodness, you shouldn’t be embarrassed! This looks SO good and it just made my day, I actually saw this before I went to bed last night and I internally screamed because it’s so niice hhhh. 

I’m also glad that you gained the DETERMINATION to continue drawing. No one should be discouraged, like ever. Art is a gift everyone and it should be nurtured and not pushed away, unless it’s the person’s decision to pursue something else (it’s their choice after all). And seeing another person as they pour their devotion into art, such as yourself, just makes me feel good, because not that many people do that nowadays due to stressful events in life, and it’s nice to see something different for a change.

I hope this message makes you feel good as well. This “little doodle” that you gave me is more than enough to express your gratitude. I wish all the best for you, friend.

a-writers-block asked:

Are you doing a Witchsona for Witchsona Week?

Ummm, I did not realize that was a thing, now I definitely want to do one!! Actually, I’ve got this old drawing of my friend and I as witches I made last year when we were playing around with webcomic ideas. In case I don’t get time to do a new one this weekend, here it is.

do u ever post a drawing or a group of drawings and u don’t even like them(either bc they’re bad or bc the actual content is embarrassing), so you keep them out of the main tags because you don’t want a lot of people to see them and on one hand you’re glad when they don’t get a lot of notes, but on the other….ur like “where tf are my notes”

Today’s clever idea was watching Drunk History while drawing because people have been saying it’s a fun thing to watch, and

Is it a fun (youtube) show to watch?

  • Yes.

Is it a fun show to watch when you have emetophobia

  • NO. Not at all. 

And I mean really really really not. They have both sound AND visuals and I’d just like to quote CinemaSins here and say… er, let’s stress the “I’d like to” but I don’t remember the video and can’t remember the words BUT basically for the love of god please consider if there’s EVER a reason to actually show anyone puking on screen it’s just gross and disgusting and I nearly broke my new earphones when I flung them away from myself when I got caught off guard.