Wanted Man


my headcanon is genos gets nightmares about his encounter with the cyborg and saitama gives him his childhood teddy to feel better

Hey look at this totally random drawing I did not at all drawn because I happened to remember that Pirates of the Caribbean was on Netflix and I decided to watch it haha nooooooooooo not at alllllll……….

here’s a post of the few solomon starbuck headcanons i have

-he’s the guy who’s in his 30s and has no kids but he has a minivan anyways because he works at the cosmos space center so he Might As Well because it’s good for lugging stuff around but also look at his coworkers

-took piano lessons as a kid but then never carried it into adulthood so he Could play something if you put him in front of a piano but he can’t sightread sheet music (but like every single person at the csc looks like that kind of person dont they)

-used to Try His Best to talk athena and clay out of putting funny signs on yuri cosmos but failed every time and also didnt try very hard to not laugh when he saw cosmos rolling around on his segway with a hastily scribbled-on sheet of printer paper taped to his back that said “kick my butt” fluttering in the wind

-probably goes out for aura with coffee all the time but he gets hot chocolate because he doesn’t even like coffee but aura Lives On It and they discuss whatever went on that week. he says she should be nicer to ponco and clonco. she tells him to Fuck Off. (it happens every time they hang out)

-on that subject, he went to high school with aura. he was a nice kid and he had a good sense of humor but he wasnt really a conversation-starter and aura was a senior at the time he was a freshman. they met in physics class and she showed him the ropes and everything and helped him get accustomed to stuff before she graduated at the end of his freshman year. she went to his graduation 3 years later but they didn’t see much of each other in college because they were both really busy with studying and training

-he went to clay’s high school graduation too and probably had a bouquet of flowers and took a million pictures and cried and everything

-he’s good at braiding hair and he does it for athena all the time. everyone calls him the Dad Friend.

this post is done because i think every single thing i just typed summed up to He’s The Dad Friend but god i fucking love sol starbuck

the south is supposed to be warm not cold geez

i like how its febuary and mother nature decided to be a bitch and make it snow flurries for like an hour

im going to get sick i just know it

also, does anyone want me to do that valentimes letter thing? im kinda eeehh on the whole thing bc this is a nsfgw blog and i dont want a lot of sgw on it but if yall want me to i could

Studying Math + Notes: My method

So, I was kicking some math’s ass the other day. And I looked at my notes and realized that I had developed a pretty good colour system with page flags to colour code the things that I didn’t know how to do.

So here goes!!

This is how my notes look like before I highlight them.

I usually make these cheat sheets 2 times. First into a notebook (as you see) a few days after learning things in class, so I can do practice questions with some help. Second, I copy/make a new one into a binder, a few weeks later. Where all my cheat sheets will be when I’ll need them (e.g.: when I can’t remember something).

I also make some practice exercises to make sure the contents stick to my head (some = like a lot)

This is how it looks after I highlight them, 3 or 4 days after I’m done with the exercises and then more exercises yay.

There’s no other way. You can’t figure out everything by knowing every single formula in the book. You gotta practice.


  • Orange – Headings
  • Green – in orange
  • Yellow – in green
  • Blue – exceptions
  • Weird yellow colour – don’t forget that this obvious thing happens

Regarding what is happening in my pages of exercises

Since my notebook is green, I use colours to match it.

I write the page in orange (and, as I have several exercise books, I write the book’s name/editor next to the first written page number from that book. Then again, when I change exercise books)

Below, I write the number of the exercise in dark green, to match the notebook.


Here is a full page of exercises.

In what concerns the page flag colour coding, this is how I work it:

  • Pink – I have zero idea how to work this through (I have tried and failed miserably – couldn’t even get to an answer)
  • Orange – Failed exercise (done with confidence and wrong answer at the end)
  • Green – I don’t know why this is wrong, the answer is pretty close, I didn’t miss any calculations/calculus/calculous (which one is it? Help please), so maybe the book solution has a typo (this is common stuff here in Portugal with high school math textbooks/exercise books)
  • Yellow - I don’t understand the contents of the exercise.

When I’m done with the exercises, I go back and see what the flags have in common.

E.g.: All of my green flags after exercise seven where about lateral limits. I knew I had to calculate the lateral limits, but I don’t really understand the process.

Once I know what I don’t understand, I’ll send an e-mail to my teacher. Either to ask for help if it’s simple and short, or to request to be at her office hours that week or when she has the time.



So hey I’m done here. Hope this helps someone. 

Also I LOVE MATHS so if you need any help, just send me a message or to my ask box or to my email. Whatever floats you boat. 

Stay awesome,


my roommates always tease me for eating pickles straight from the jar when I’m hungry but like

real question is there anything to be done with pickles besides like… putting them into your mouth and chewing

I’m not talking like fried pickles I know those exist just 

is there any normal way to have pickles aside from just. eating them

okay now all i want is pasta

“You need a teacher.”

I feel like I need to calm down I pump out too much Reylo fanart in short periods of time