Wanted Man

One More

“Okay. I should go now.” Bucky looked up from his mug of coffee, observing sleepily as Steve finished putting on his shoes and patted his pockets for what Bucky was sure was the twentieth time, probably checking once again to make sure he had his essentials.

He felt his lips curve into a fond smile as he silently slipped off his stool and padded towards the other man, sliding his arms around Steve’s warm body. He leaned up, pecking Steve’s lips softly and squeezing his tiny waist.

“Have a nice day at work, honey.”

Bucky received a bashful grin at that, unable to help himself from chuckling a little as his eyes roamed the flawless face in front of him.

July 4th, 2015.

His chiseled best friend and lover was officially ninety seven years of age, though he of course was still frozen in a constant youthfulness of mid-twenties that neither of them tried to think about much.

It was Steve’s birthday, but also Independence Day, which meant that Bucky more or less had to share him with the good ol’ US of A. Some things never changed.

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Hannibal Problems:

  • is turned on by strong-willed independent women who resist him and temporarily force him into a submissive position
  • really wants to cuddle and be clingy af as he takes over their entire life to be the only thing that matters to them ever

idk how other people make gifsets but for me it’s just half a day of trying really hard to keep my laptop going and not screw it up and try different psds and prey that at least one will work on all the gifs and it’s very mentally exhausting but at the same time it’s so entertaining and i feel so accomplished after finishing it

[breaks into your house] I CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS [kicks down your door] I CAN WORK A MIRACLE, WORK A MIRACLE OH  OH  OH [rips shirt] I’LL KEEP YOU LIKE AN OATH

[furiously starts playing air guitar] MAY NOTHING BUT DEATH

[breaks down] DO

[collapses on your floor] US

[comes back from the dead] PART

fun no homo story: in seventh grade there was this trend that started in my school called “tea-bagging” where whenever a guy kneeled down to tie his shoe or whatever, another guy would leapfrog over him from the front, making sure to rub their crotch over the persons face, then scream “you just got tea-bagged! my balls where in your face! im straight tho” and thats an actual thing that happened for like a year