Headcanon that one day Zuko is confused over this Fire Nation town celebrating a holiday in honor of a brave soldier named “Wang Fire”

Then he asks for a picture of the esteemed man and thinks he looks … odd. And familiar. First of all, he doesn’t look anything like a Fire Nation native. His skin tone, his eyes …

His blue eyes.


Just Lockwood Things:

  • he doesn’t even own a pair of jeans
  • his best friend’s mum calls him ducky
  • there’s a wicker basket of miscellaneous costumes under his desk at all times
  • he has, in fact, seen lucy carlyle’s bra
  • he held her laundry in his arms
  • p oor lucy oh my god someone save her
  • has also, in fact, seen george cubbins doing yoga in the nude
  • he has seen george in the nude on multiple occasions
  • many of these occasions being george just sitting in a chair
  • completely naked
  • jeepers
  • *cough* anyway
  • he scratches his nose and averts his eyes when he’s embarassed
  • he has a mole on his neck (and probably various freckles and moles all over his face but that’s just m e)
  • he reads trashy tabloids in his free time and when there’s downtime on cases
  • he stabbed quill kipps in the butt with his rapier at a tournament once
  • he has an extensive knowledge of other cultures because he read his mum’s writing about it
  • he has a really bad habit of picking up on other people’s accents mid conversation and adopting them for himself
  • and it’s always offensive
  • “suitably rural, lucy?”

when the gems gotta go in the Fire Nation incognito so they can perform a surprise attack on the Day of Black Sun