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I haven't seen you draw anything related to APH China. I mean he's also the main cast, too.

(adm: I am well aware of that, friend! I may not draw him all the time, but I have  drawn  plenty  of  things related to China, even if they’re not in this blog! Plus, since I mostly answer asks, I just don’t draw him because no one ever asks for him. XD I absolutely adore him though, so here’s a China for ya! :D) 


Hello!!! I’m happily selling my first Summer-themed Hetalia Fanzine!!! GAAHHH I am so happy with the results!!!!


  • 20 cm x 20 cm
  • 20 pages (full colour)
  • $ 20 USD (Paypal only!)
  • Inside: Italy - Germany - Japan - USA - UK - Canada - Russia - Bad Touch Trio (France, Spain, Prussia) - Romano - China - Belarus - Seychelles - Hungary - Belgium - Poland - Lithuania - South Korea - Nyo US - Nyo UK - Nyo JP - Nyo Russ

Please drop me an email if you’re interested! (TYRNBL@gmail.com) or you can just Tumblr-chat me! 

reblogs are appreciated~ THANKYOU!