DIY Smartphone Case & Wallet Tutorial

This was something I’ve wanted to tackle since around Christmas. My boyfriend put my present in this super adorable gift bag which I would never throw away, but what the heck am I going to do with a gift bag? That’s when I had the idea for this super cute wallet and smartphone case!!

Keep reading for the tutorial or follow this link for the same tutorial with more pictures! 

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The Signs as Apps

Aries♈️: Instagram
Taurus♉️: Yelp
Gemini♊️: Tumblr
Cancer♋️: Twitter
Leo♌️: Youtube
Virgo♍️: Pinterest
Libra♎️: Wanelo
Scorpio♏️: Tinder
Saggitarius♐️: Buzz Feed App
Capricorn♑️: Wattpad
Aquarius♒️: Brighten
Pisces♓️: Younow