Wane COD

NYC Box Truck: Bronx w/ Wane

Mention the Bronx in a few places around the globe and you’re likely to get one of two responses from those that know— intrigue or dismay. Both stem from the same source, the borough’s infamy. Infamy for the sheer poverty that has historically plagued it, and ironically, created the conditions that birthed one of the most revered pockets of early, bourgeoning hip hop culture.

Ask Wane COD and he’ll probably tell you firsthand what his esteemed borough meant to him and his style in the early ‘80s, when he dived headfirst into the language that’s taken him around the world— graffiti. This first-person knowledge of the terrain and legacy is what’s also given Wane the opportunity to participate in a special box truck series— with special thanks to Nike— as the second of several renowned writers and artists to visually represent their boroughs by way of the quintessential four-wheeled canvas.

Check out the video footage here