Hiatus or dead

My parents: anything new to tell us?


(No opm s2 til 2019)

(Gumball might be ending soon)

(Mlp season 9 unknown date)

(Mystery skulls in 2020??)

(No pkmn let’s go til Dec"when I get my switch")

(Brooklyn 99 season 6 hopefully)

(Disgaea 6????maybe??)

(Su on hiatus AGAIN)

(Rc9gn painfully dead,)

(ygo5ds? Dead,)

(metal saga dead,)

(woy friggin dead,)

(gf dead?,)

(undertale so dead,)


Me:*screams internally* what lovely weather were having


and now for a truly terrifying scene from one of the happiest shows there was…this was a good halloween episode

I wonder how smear frames were invented.

Not just the “movement faster than the framerate” kind, though that’s obviously what I’m looking at right here.  When did that first animator go “Huh, you know, people don’t really see this stuff frame by frame.  I can do better and faster motion by making the in-between frames Real Fuckin’ Weird”?

me: i hate when actors are typecasted as the same character in every show they are in, its Boring and Predictable

me, watching a cartoon with a Weird Al cameo where he voices a goofy character that plays an accordion: fucking genius


Steven universe: Let’s sing a song on the ukelele about getting traumatized!

Adventure Time: The vampire is gay for the sugar princess and that little elephant is way more powerful than you think.

Regular show: New Drug with angst attached.

Over the garden wall: Way better version of Alice in wonderland.

Ok ko: Everyone’s OC from middle school having a big party and… it’s done well.


Gravity Falls: A boy tries to find all the cryptids and his sister wants to date them. Their uncle is a conman, and there is a LOT of crying.


We bare bears: OH MY GOD DON’T DO THAT- holy shit is that big foot?

Amazing world of gumball: this show will open your third eye.

Betty sacrificed herself to protect Simon and save everyone 

Pops sacrificed himself to save the universe 

Steven had sacrificed himself to protect his loved ones 

Twilight had sacrificed her powers to save her friends from Tirek

Lana had sacrificed her chance to meet her race car hero to save her family 

Rick had sacrificed himself and went to jail for his family

Wander sacrificed his chance to be the greatest tourist in the galaxy for Sylvia 

Star sacrificed her wand for Marco 

And Stan had sacrificed his memories for his family 

And what do these sacrifices in modern cartoons have in common?

They were for the love of others 

It’s so sweet <3 

Be more like the original powerpuff girls and be real heroes 

Be more like the Teen Titans and never give up 

Be more like My Little Pony and be there for your friends 

Be like SpongeBob and be more confident 

Be more like Courage and be brave even if you are scared 

Be more like Steven Universe and don’t let where you come from define you 

Be like Phineas and Ferb and do something interesting everyday 

Be like Wander Over Yonder and try to see the good in people 

Be like Adventure Time and stay true to yourself 

Be like Star vs the Forces of Evil and be rebellious and do what you think is right

Be like Dexter’s Lab and don’t let others push you around 

Be like Gravity Falls and go out and explore 

Basically, be more like cartoons, people 

They can really help you in life <3