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I’ve been talking with some friends around here and I thought about a little thing, but really important. If you started being a fan of the Avengers because of the MCU and wanna start reading the comics, I have the solution:

You can read online here: readcomiconline and readcomics.

Where exactly should you start reading? Well, marvel wikia has an awesome reading order guide, but right now what reaaaally matters it’s the Millenium age*.  Each link has a launch order (so there’ll be comics from the avengers, x-men, ‘solos’…). And in the comic universe, everyone knows everyone and sometimes the story involves a lot of characters from differents groups. So, have fun and I hope that you don’t give up reading if you get a little confused.

Eleventh Year/circa 2000
Marvel Comics 2000 (January-March)
Marvel Comics 2001 (April-June)
Marvel Comics 2002 (July-September)
Marvel Comics 2003 (October-December)
Twelfth Year/circa 2001
Marvel Comics 2004 (January-March)
Marvel Comics 2005 (April-June)
Marvel Comics 2006 (July-September)
Marvel Comics 2007 (October-December)
Thirteenth Year/circa 2002
Marvel Comics 2008 (January-March)
Marvel Comics 2009 (April-June)
Marvel Comics 2010 (July-September)
Marvel Comics 2011 (October-December)
Fourteenth Year/circa 2003
Marvel Comics 2012 (January-March)
Marvel Comics 2013 (April-June)
Marvel Comics 2014 (July-September)
Marvel Comics 2015 (October-December)
Fifteenth Year/circa 2004
Marvel Comics 2016 (January-March)

* As the site says: historical events in the Marvel Universe aren’t quite the same as they are in our real universe from about 1962 onwards. Therefore from 1990 onwards topical references need to be ignored because stories were written on a sliding timescale known as Marvel Time.

I thought on writing here just the order of the avengers comics, but damn, why not try to read everything and go crazy? 

It Comes Back to You [Bucky Barnes x Reader] One-Shot.

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Title: It Comes Back to You

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request: Could you please do a Bucky X reader where it’s set after Civil War (let’s pretend Bucky doesn’t go in Cryo because that is too painful) and the reader doesn’t have a right arm and she says to Bucky something along the lines of “I’ll be your left arm if you’ll be my right” and it’s a fluffy/angsty mixture.


You didn’t remember much about the actual accident. You couldn’t recall if the beam of light that had split a building in two had belonged to Tony or Vision. In the end, it didn’t really matter. It wouldn’t change the facts.

The fight in the airport had been chaotic. In an attempt to stop Steve and Bucky from escaping, someone blew apart the control tower. You were left pinned beneath debris.

Knocked unconscious, you couldn’t call for help. From what you were told after, Bucky and Steve managed to rush onto a jet and head for Siberia. Rhodey had been hit by a stray beam and had plummeted to the ground. It was Sam who managed to find you amidst all the confusion.

Fragments of that day still haunted you. Seeing your right arm pinned under steel. When they were able to move the girder, blood began to flow everywhere. You started to lose consciousness again. Sam told you that Nat really saved you. She was able to tie off what was left of your arm near your shoulder to staunch the bleeding.

You and Rhodey left the scene via helicopter, while the rest of your team was led away in handcuffs. Your arm had been unsalvageable. Doctors amputated it at the shoulder. Rhodey had no feeling in his legs, and you had too much feeling in an arm that was no longer there.

Once you were stable, General Ross decided you were to be shipped off to the Raft to join the rest of your team.

Tony had objected at first. But he was tired and broken and gave up the fight soon enough. You weren’t surprised. There had been a time when you would have confidently said that Tony would do anything for the people he loved. But this Tony had already pushed Pepper out of his life. If he wasn’t willing to fight for her, you didn’t stand a chance. You were sent away two days later.

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Superhero Asks

Iron Man: What’s the first thing you would you do if you were suddenly a billionaire?

Captain America: What time period besides right now would you want to live in?

Thor: Who’s your favorite god from mythology?

Black Panther: You can live in any foreign country. Which is it?

Wolverine: Would you want to live forever?

Batman: Are you a night or day person?

Wonder Woman: Do you consider yourself a feminist?

Quicksilver: Is there someone you would die for?

Scarlet Witch: Have you ever lost someone you’re close too?

Superman: Are you a person who would usually do the right thing?

Ms. Marvel: Who is someone you look up to?

The Flash: If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?

Hawkeye: Have you ever felt like the odd-one-out in a group of friends?

Black Widow: If you could step into anyone’s life, whose would it be?

The Winter Soldier: Who’s a friend you regret growing apart from?

Green Arrow: You get back to society after being stranded on an island. What’s the first thing you do?

Robin: If you could be anyone’s sidekick (real or fictional), who would you choose?

Falcon: Do you wish you could fly?

Supergirl: Have you ever felt like you’re in the shadow of someone else?

Operation Lovebirds

A/N: Thanks so much @sergeantjamesbarnes107th for helping me with this!! 

Avengers x Reader, Pietro x Reader

Clint has added Pietro, Sam, Tony, Steve, Natasha, Wanda, Peter and Bucky

Sam: Operation Lovebirds?? Why is everything bird related with you?

Clint: I don’t know FALCON, why don’t you ask redWING?

Bucky: Shots fired. 

Sam: Shut up Barnes

Clint: Anyway I have gathered you all here today to discuss this awkwardness between Pietro and Y/n

Pietro: What awkwardness?

Tony: Kid, the sexual tension between you two even makes me uncomfortable

Peter: …I’m gonna go back to doing my homework

Natasha: Why don’t you do more than flirt? It’s obvious that Y/n doesn’t pick up on subtlety. 

Pietro: What else can I do?


: I don’t know. Ask her out since she doesn’t seem to get the hint?

Steve: I’d listen to him. He was the ladies man. He knows how to get a girl.

Sam: Yeah… 70 years ago. Women are much different now.

Bucky: Not that much different! You make it sound like they’re aliens

Sam: That’s because compared to men they are? Like you never know exactly how their mind works.

Peter: Guys it doesn’t matter! Y/n likes him anyway! Just talk to her.

Peter: Oh shit

Steve: Watch your language kid

Clint: Peter you weren’t supposed to tell! 

Peter leaves the group chat

Pietro: So you knew she liked me all along?

Steve: Why do I get the feeling that  "Clint" isn’t Clint now…

Natasha:  Clint is asking if anyone has seen his phone… Y/n is that you?

Clint: Didn’t see that coming?

Pietro: Hey that’s my phrase

Pietro: Y/n is that you? Did you know this whole time?

Tony: Plot twist!

Clint: Yeah. And no I didn’t know. You literally flirt with everyone…

Pietro: I don’t try to. But it was partially to make you jealous. I just really like you…

Tony: AWWW

Sam: Can we kick him out of this group chat?

Pietro: I’m all for it. I think Y/n has to though

Tony has been deleted from this conversation

Clint: Done. But you do know that I don’t get jealous right?

Pietro: I didn’t know that. Wouldn’t have bothered trying if I knew. Now this is just awkward…

Clint: Yes, yes it is. This is the real Clint by the way. Y/n is a little tied up at the moment hehe

Steve: What?!

Clint: What? I had to put her in timeout. She stole my phone! 

Pietro: Let her go so we can talk!

Steve: Wait, so you discipline children by tying them up?

Natasha: He actually does…

Clint: Relax it was just with one of my arrows. 

Pietro: That’s not frightening at all. Please just let Y/n go!

Clint: You can talk to her in fifteen minutes once her timeout is finished. In the meantime, why don’t you get cleaned up kid so you can take her out?

Pietro: Wait she’s letting me take her out?

Clint: Yeah you can thank me later.

Clint: Shit! She just bit me!

Pietro: Haha well she is a fighter, what did you expect? Thanks old man!

Clint: Yeah whatever kid.

Soldatin Pt. 13

Summary: A lovely evening with the team in the Austrian Alps before your mission ends with a tender moment between you and Bucky.

Word Count: 1561

Warnings: Fluff, mission talk, meatballs

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8   Part 9   Part 10 Part 11   Part 12

Originally posted by my-avengers-imagines

Bucky explains to the team how your tongue very innocently was frozen to his cybernetic arm while you busy yourself with dinner. Thankfully the pantry and freezer are pretty full with supplies. You immediately get to work preheating the oven and pull out the biggest pot you can find. The team assembles around the large, concrete topped island. Steve pulls out a tablet and everyone discusses the mission you’ll embark on tomorrow.

Having discussed your plan at length, Steve, Bucky and Vision are sitting in the nearby living room while Wanda and Nat sit on the floor by the fire, music plays softly. The tomato sauce bubbles quietly on the back burner while everyone sips on the french hot chocolate you’ve made to hold them over. You take this chance to check on the meatballs baking in one wall oven while a baguette bakes in the other.

You take the meatballs out and plop them into the sauce to continue cooking. Bucky enters the kitchen and sets his cup down in the sink while whiffing in the amazing cooking smells all around him.

“Geeze, it smells incredible in here,” he rubs his taut stomach and smiles while watching you wiz around the kitchen like you’ve done so a million times before.

“Test that spaghetti, would ya?” you ask.

He fiddles with the pasta scoop for a moment, every time he tries to scoop some pasta it slips out and back into the water. Frustrated, he finally reaches straight into the boiling water with his cybernetic hand, you gasp slightly when you see what he’s doing. He pulls out a single strand of pasta, blows on it and eats it.

“Mm, tastes done to me,” Bucky says.

“It doesn’t hurt?” you ask.

“What?” he questions.

“Your hand, you can’t feel anything?” your face shows concern.

He shakes his head, “Just pressure, really. It feels kinda like it’s numb,” he says holding his hand in the air, wiggling his fingers a bit.

“I always forget about it,” you chuckle, “till you stick it in boiling water or I get my face stuck to it from frost.“

He smiles and tucks some stray hair behind his ear.

“Want me to…” he points to the pot of pasta.

“If you’re be so kind,” you answer.

He drains the pasta in the sink.

You hear shuffling coming from the living room. Steve is standing on the couch holding the tablet high in the air.

“I’m picking a song, I don’t care what you say!” Steve laughs as Nat chuckles and jumps up, trying to swat the tablet away from him.

Trumpets blare through the speakers, Wanda and Nat cover their ears and groan.

Steve plops down on the couch, “I’m sick of this electronic dance music craze, I miss hearing real instruments!”

Nat replies, “Your music all sounds the same!”

They continue to argue while you and Bucky laugh to yourselves. You rock your hips a little as you take the baguette out of the oven and kick the door shut. You put the bread on the counter to cool. Bucky finishes draining the pasta then leans back against the counter and crosses his arms across his chest, smiling while he watches you.

You notice him watching and get slightly embarrassed, your jaw tightens up a bit and you straighten your posture.

He approaches you and puts his cybernetic hand out with his palm facing up.

You look at his extended hand, he smirks and quirks his eyebrow at you.

Inhaling sharply, you exhale and put your hand gingerly in his. It’s still pretty warm from grabbing that pasta earlier.

His smile grows, he spins you and then takes your waist. You bob along to the music, doing a little dance around the kitchen.

“So, doll, you come to this place often?” he asks.

You scoff and smile, “First time, probably the last with fellas like yourself bothering’ me.”

He feigns hurt feelings, “Fellas like me bothering you? Show me who, I’ll kick ‘em in the rear.” He looks around the kitchen at the non-existant competition.

“Nah,” you answer, “There are no fellas like you.”

“That so?” he asks surprised.

“That’s so,” you answer with a nod.

He spins you out, you take your time coming back to him, still keeping in step with Bucky.

“Pretty gal like yourself, I’d think you would have a line of guys out the door waiting for ya,” he widens his grip on the small of your back, clutching on to as much real estate as he can.

“Me? Nah,” you answer.

“Why not?” he asks.

You shrug, “Dunno, never got the chance to find anyone worth a damn, I s’pose. Too busy takin’ care of my family, or fending off brash soldiers who only want one thing.”

“Huh,” Bucky thinks about your answer for a moment. “You think if I would have asked you out back then you would have said yes?”

You laugh, “I still haven’t said yes!”

Bucky rolls his eyes and chuckles.

“Besides,” you continue, "you never woulda noticed me back then. I’ve heard aaaall the stories about you, James Buchanan Barnes.” You quirk your eyebrow knowingly at him.

Steve peeks into the kitchen and leans against the wall, quietly smiling to himself as he watches you both dance.

The song ends, Bucky steps back and raises your hand to his lips. He pauses, looking into your eyes for permission. You can feel your cheeks start to flush as you smile, granting him permission. He kisses your hand, a pop comes from the stove as the bubbling sauce splatters all over.

After dinner, Steve wipes the pasta sauce from his lips and tosses his napkin on the table.

“That was incredible, thank you Y/N. Let’s rest up, tomorrow needs to go our way or we’ll be set back months,” Steve says. He points to Bucky and Vision, “We’ll handle dishes so the ladies can get to bed.”

Bucky nods while shoving a piece of bread into his mouth as he stands, grabbing your and his plates.

You putter around your room getting your kit ready for tomorrow. This evening was so lovely, but the reality of tomorrow washes upon you somberly. You hear Steve and Bucky talk while they plod up the stairs.

Steve says to Bucky as he passes by your door, “Don’t be too long, big day tomorrow.”

Bucky replies, “Yeah, yeah.”

You see his shadow pause outside your door, you hold your breath praying silently that he’ll knock.

You hear Steve enter the room next door, then hear two tiny knocks on your door, you open it to see Bucky.

He smiles as he pushes his hair out of his face and glances down the hall toward his room, “Big day tomorrow…” he says.

“Yep,” you nod, “big day.” You bite your lip to keep from smiling too wide. He looks so nervous, it’s incredibly endearing.

“I didn’t thank you for dinner, it was really good,” he shoves one hand in his pocket while the other fiddles with the hem of his shirt.

“No problem, I’m happy you liked it,” you reply in a small voice, beckoning him closer in your mind.

“And thanks for the dance, too,” he adds, “Maybe we can go dancing sometime.”

You smile, “Yeah, maybe.”

He chuckles, “Maybe is better than no, right? Makin’ slow progress here. N-not that I mind…it’s not…I’m not in a rush, I-“

“I know, James,” you smile, looking deeply in his eyes, your gaze darts quickly to his lips and then back up to those amazing eyes.

The air is thick and hangs between you, it feels like each second lasts several moments.

“Well, goodnight James,” you take a small step forward while snaking one arm around his waist and the other over his shoulder embracing him. You have to stand on your tip-toes to reach. He holds on to you lightly at first, then you both deepen the hug by grasping on to each other tighter. Your chest pressed to his, your head tucked in while you relish the pressure of his embrace and try to memorize his scent. You feel his breath expanding and contracting in his chest.

“Big day tomorrow,” Steve shouts from next door.

“GOD DAMMIT STEVE,” Bucky shouts down the hall while holding you. You can feel his voice’s vibration shake through his torso.

You lower down off your tip toes, and press your forehead against his chest, chuckling softly, “Better go before Mother Hen gets upset,” you say with your arms slung around his waist.

His hands gently rub your shoulders, “Yeah. See you tomorrow, get some rest beautiful,” he smiles and backs out of your door.

“You too, handsome,” you smile and notice a blush come across his face as you shut the door.

You hear him open and close his door, then you hear a clang and Steve yell, “OOW!”

Their muffled bickering is heard through the wall and you can’t help but laugh.

You shut your light off and crawl into bed. Big day tomorrow….

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I’ve recently become obsessed with making icons, so viola! here are 99 icons of some beautiful mcu ladies! 

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@ladyjthewriter no but imagine Bucky and the Maximoff twins

-Pietro getting on Buck’s everlasting nerves because he runs circles around him while doing things like grabbing his arm and asking where he got it, why he has it, why is it so heavy, why is the star red, etc

-Wanda subtly braiding Bucky’s hair with telekinesis while he does menial tasks or even while he sleeps and he can’t figure out how she makes perfect casual dreads all over his head

-Pietro is running around and Bucky does a quick mental calculation before stepping into Pietro’s path and sticking his metal arm out, grinning as Pietro rounds a corner and then gets his feet yanked out from under him because something just grabbed him by the collar

-Wanda being the only person to call him “James” but he doesn’t mind it because her accent makes it sound pretty nice

-Also Bucky gets her to levitate the Nutella off the top of the kitchen cabinets because Steve put it up there for its own protection (mainly because with these people, a jar of Nutella usually lasts no longer than five seconds anyway; when Bucky is around, that time is considerably lowered)

-okay actually he and Pietro don’t get along at all their relationship is like Bucky’s with Sam (both “friendships” are absolute trainwrecks in every sense of the word). Usually either Wanda or Steve has to stage an intervention every few days, otherwise these two would kill each other

-Pietro using/wearing Bucky’s shampoo/Old Spice/cologne/shirts/socks/boots

-Bucky therefore retaliating by taking one of Pietro’s new jogging shirts and wearing it, but only after ripping the left sleeve off, of course.

-…….so many possibilities…….

More Than Anything (Part One)

(Post-Civil War) Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: “She was everything to him, she was the entire world and you were just like Pluto: millions of light years away.”
Characters (+Mentioned): Reader, Bucky Barnes, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark.
Warnings: I feel like I might’ve given off a depressed feeling so I’ll say that it could be triggering to some.

He just couldn’t do this anymore, it was so painfully that he almost had to sit down and take a break from the world. It was difficult having to see your dark sad eyes and messy hair, having to see you mope around the tower and not even bother to take care of yourself.

You hardly ate or spoke, you only took showers and he knew that was only because you loved how the hot water burned against your sensitive skin or how the cold water made your whole body feel numb but even then you never seem to get over the excruciating pain in your heart.

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Avengers assembled in 1998

As they assemble for the cameras, Justice who used to dream of joining the Avengers from his young days is whooping in enthusiasm while poor Firestar is too embarrassed to feel anything. 

Left to Right = Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Thor (Thor Odinson), Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Ms Marvel (Carol Danvers), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Justice (Vance Astrovik), Firestar (Angelica Jones) and Vision

- Avengers v3 #4, 1998