Christopher Gore served under Adams and Jefferson as US envoy to England and with his wife Rebecca visited often in Paris. They became interested in architecture and were friends with French architects who advised them on building a country house. The house combined current trends in English architecture as well and was built in 1804-05 about 10 miles outside of Boston. The photo is of the house core and does not show the symmetrical wings. The linear facade runs 190 feet, and the house features a couple oval shaped rooms. The 50 acre landscape garden is currently being restored. Open to the public. Waltham Massachusetts.

Jennie May Fleming Escuela Primaria (hoy Fleming Centro de Aprendizaje Temprano Barrio), 18501 Waltham St, Detroit, Michigan, EE. UU. 1962

Arq.  Meathe, Kessler & Associates

Foto. Balthazar Korab

Jennie May Fleming Elementary School (now Fleming Early Learning Neighborhood Center), 18501 Waltham St, Detroit, Michigan, USA 1962

rabid-dragoness  asked:

Having a bit of an existential crisis with regards to pet food. Everywhere we see good versus bad and I don't know what to believe. I was offered a nutrition class taught by MMI (aka Hills/Mars). Basically said anything non commercial is bad, which I don't entirely believe. However I have noticed that those that support alternative diets demonize any differing ideas. Do you know any legitimate resources for vegan/vegetarian/BARF diets I can suggest to clients with a sound conscience?

Vegan: get a veterinary nutritionist. You don’t want to mess around with that if you can help it.

Vegetarian: Royal Canin makes (or made, I’d have to check) one of the hypoallergenic diets that was vegetarian. It was largely egg based. Waltham does have a book of clinical nutrition with tables in the back for formulating homecooked diets. You can swap out the ‘meat’ component for cottage cheese or egg and you’ll be off to a good start. I often use this for dogs with renal disease since their appetite is so variable

BARF: Well, honestly if they’re already keen on the idea, they probably have researched it already. What you don’t want to end up with is people feeding only chicken frames. If they’re set on doing this, I’d send them the way of Ian Billinghurst. I’m not keen on it, but it’s better than stuffing up the dog’s nutrition entirely.

There are a lot of very strong opinions about feeding dogs, a species evolved as scavengers on the edge of human settlements that are capable of eating a huge variety of stuff. Most dogs will be fine on most diets.

By all means go to the nutrition classes by Hills and Mars. Heckle them. Also read the books from opposing views. Pay extra attention in medical lectures about how to nutritionally manage any given condition.

Make up your own mind, but be prepared to challenge that view with evidence.

There are a lot of zealots in dog food discussions. I find it best to stay out of it, because it really doesn’t matter for most dogs. I’m only posting about it today because I’ve had so many questions about it lined up.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of receiving a donation from a 95 year old retired Hamilton Watch Company employee. He had managed to save dozens of 19th century and early 20th century engineering drawings depicting watch movements, tooling, etc. from the Hamilton Watch Company, Illinois Watch Company and Waltham Watch Company.

My entire life I, just like many other Friends fans, have had a tendency to dislike Emily Waltham. But let’s reread the facts and re-evaluate her situation.

1. Emily meets Rachel because she’s Rachel’s boss’s niece. Rachel’s boss asks her to take his niece Emily to the opera one night, to which she says yes. However, on that same night Rachel has her first date with Joshua, so she asks Ross to go with Emily instead. Ross and Emily end up in a bed & breakfast in Vermont after the date. Honestly, Emily had every right to be upset with Rachel, because she blew her off even though she made a promise.

2. Emily begins dating Ross after that first date. When Emily leaves to go back to England, Ross goes after her at the airport to tell her that he loves her. She responds with “thank you.” Later Ross finds out she is seeing another man named Colin. She decides to break up with him to be with Ross, and tells him she loves him too. Emily was wrong for cheating on Colin, but did the right thing by breaking up with him because she loved Ross.

4. A tricky situation arose, when Ross and Emily realized it would be difficult for her to keep traveling back and forth between New York and London. Ross suggests they get married after only dating for 6 weeks, and proposes. Emily doesn’t know if she wants to at first, but then agrees because she loves him. Emily really did nothing wrong here.

5. Emily then starts planning their wedding, and puts Monica Geller in charge of picking up the wedding dress. However, Emily didn’t know that when Monica picked up the dress, she wore it before Emily did. Nothing too bad happened here, but it wasn’t a hundred percent fair of Monica to wear the dress.

6. Ross and Emily decide to marry in London. However, the church Emily wants to get married in is being torn down. Rachel realizes she is still in love with Ross, and decides to fly to London to tell him. Ross and Emily get in a fight. Ross and Emily almost called off the wedding, but Ross made it up to Emily and decorated the half torn down building so he and Emily could still get married. Everything seems to be alright, until, at the wedding, Ross says Rachel’s name instead of Emily’s during the vows. They still get married, but, Emily disappears. Emily was a little upset that Ross wanted to invite his ex-girlfriend, which seems to be understandable. After the wedding, Emily had every right to be angry and sad. Ross didn’t only say the wrong name, he said the name of the one girl he told Emily not to worry about.

7. Ross eventually convinces Emily to come to New York to be with him. She says yes, but on the condition that he won’t see Rachel anymore. Since he is incapable of handling this, their marriage ends. I’ve always thought the measure was a little drastic, but, when thinking rationally, Emily really did have a point. Yes, Rachel was one of Ross’s closest friends, but he still said her name at his and Emily’s wedding.

The Signs as Characters from F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  • Aries: Susan Bunch // While she's not that much of a primary character, Susan is definitely the most Aries-like character on the show. Her sarcasm and attitude show her as being tactless and sometimes aggressive, and her determination shines in the fact that she was determined to get Carol, so she did.
  • Taurus: Rachel Green // Rachel symbolizes the materialistic nature of Taurus perfectly, also often appearing stubborn and self-indulgent. When it comes to her good traits, she is sensual towards her lovers and loyal to her friends.
  • Gemini: Emily Waltham // Whenever I meet a Gemini, I divide them into two categories - the fun-loving Geminis, or the dramatic Gemini. Emily is definitely a dramatic Gemini, appearing two-faced and quite manipulative when it comes to Ross.
  • Cancer: Janice Litman Goralnik // I originally saw Janice as a Gemini due to her being so talkative, but then I remembered the softer side of Janice and the fact that she was very nurturing when with Chandler, and how much she seemed to care about everyone. She is also overemotional, moody, and unable to let go.
  • Leo: Joey Tribbiani // First off, Leos love the limelight, and Joey is an actor. Joey tends to be protective of his friends and generous, and can also step up to be a leader. He can also be very vain.
  • Virgo: Monica Geller // The perfectionist of the group? Monica. While she is reliable and can be understanding, she can also be very critical and a little too much of a perfectionist. And you can always count on Monica to be organized.
  • Libra: Phoebe Buffay // Always the peacemaker, Phoebe seems to be a Libra in every sense. She is caring, polite, and fairly easy-going. She is also a melodramatic type (especially when it comes to PBS) and quite oblivious.
  • Scorpio: Gunther // A little bit of a reach? No, I don't think so. While we may not get to see Gunther as powerful or magnetic, we see him as passionate...about Rachel. Scorpios are also known to be jealous and resentful. Gunther shows these characteristic when it comes to any man that Rachel dates, especially Ross.
  • Sagittarius: Chandler Bing // We all know that Chandler is known for his over the top jokes, showcasing a Sagittarius' ability to be funny and outspoken. His sarcasm proves him to be a bit tactless as well.
  • Capricorn: Ross Geller // Ross is definitely the "too serious" friend out of the group, making him the perfect candidate for Capricorn! He tends to be a bit unimaginative, but is also reliable and responsible. And of course independent, as he lives on his own for the main part of the series.
  • Aquarius: Frank Buffay, Jr. // Phoebe's younger brother Frank is definitely a unique one, which is what Aquarius is all about. A little all over the place and rebellious, he always strives for goodness.
  • Pisces: Mike Hannigan // Mike can very easily be seen as imaginative, tolerant, and selfless. He may be passive-aggressive at times and a little oversensitive with his overreactions, but his weirdness makes him a good match for Phoebe.
Most haunted asylums in the world

  1. Metropolitan State Hospital

This hospital opened in Waltham, Massachusetts, in 1930

There is a lot of scary stories about this hospital

One of them happened in 1978 where a patient named Anna Marie Davee

Went on her daily routine around the grounds. She was never found until 2 years later

Her killer Melvin Wilson another patient told police where her body were

Apparently he had chopped her up and buried her in 3 separate locations

 Melvin Wilson kept 7 or her teeth which is why the hospital has the nick name

 "The Hospital of Seven Teeth,“

  2. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum – Weston, West Virginia

Many people were hold there against their will

In the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum people were locked up due to jealousy excitement disappointed love, and gathering in the head,

Shock treatment were considered normal and they’ll lock them in a cage when considered ‘’out of control’’

Normally the asylum were built to house 600 patients but by the 1950’s more than 2,600 people were interred there.


3. The Ridges- Athens, Ohio

The ridges opened in January 9, 1874

Which means it was 135 years ago

 The building housed over 200 patients until over crowding ensued in the early 1900s

There were nearly 2,000 patients with only 544 rooms

By 1993 the Athens Asylum let the last criminally insane person out and closed for good

Everything seemed normal with that until December 1, 1978, a female patient Margaret Schilling

disappeared from the grounds however, On January 12,1979, 42 days later, they found her dead body in

the abandoned top floor of ward N. 20. The police stated that she died of a heart attack however her death  still remains a mystery.