^click to see the entire image because one or two of them were cropped^

Mmm I can’t remember /exactly/ what some of them said but I got the general idea.

But Everett was such an adventure man.

I thought I was about to break two things: My hand, because The Spine’s handshakes are tighter than I thought they were. And my nose, because of hugging Steve. And I sorta borrowed the dragon!Steve headcanon for this whoOPS

I can’t even remember which Walter Girl said what omg, and I had very little interaction with Matt and Hatchworth so I just drew them during the show because I didn’t want to leave them out (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ Michael is so nice it’s almost unreal, no wonder The Spine was wondering why we could see him. Rabbit probably had one of the cutest reactions to me giving them the drawings, beside Paige and Carolina

-flies into the sun, later taters-


I put filters on these so you could see em better but look!
I finished the drawings I wanna get spg to sign. I hate to say I got lazy in the midst of drawing the walter girls. But this means I love them no less!
Ready for nerdfest!


Sorry about the crummy line work for the boxes. Didn’t have a ruler on hand.

But this is all of the main characters and people in my first SPG crossword puzzle. Another potential one in the process.

EDIT: You get my undying love and an SPG doodle of your choice if completed correctly. Completed puzzle must be shown through my submit box or the tag OriginalSkinsALSO, I was just informed that 6 down has a missing box and 13 down has an extra box. 13 down can have an added letter to work but if you figure out what box is not needed you can ignore it

Rex Marksley and the Demon Train faux-comic doodle: re-posted and scanned this time for better quality.

Doodled in my sketchbook using pencils, bic pen, sharpie pen, and gel pens.  This is based off of “Rex Marksley” by Steam Powered Giraffe, and I hope you all like it!

Hope this time it looks better :P

xoxo Syd

After a tune-up from the Walter Girls
  • The Spine: Thank you Walter Girls, Carolina and Chelsea. We are uh. We are tighter now.
  • Rabbit: I feel much better.
  • Hatchworth: I'm screwed… *pause* You set me up for that one, right?
  • The Spine: I… I don't think you're talking to the right robot.
  • Rabbit: *waves* Over here. Hi. *pause* Zip.

I got a lot of autographs at Ani-Jam 2014… A lot of Kazoolanders, Cavalcadium Members and more dressed up as original characters inspired by the “Steam Powered Giraffe” universe, that is! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, because it gives fans a chance to really feel like their character! It was so much fun! :D

Let’s see who I got to meet! :D (Slightly out of order, probably). If I got your name wrong, etc, message me and I will fix it ASAP!

Page 1
“DJ” noxcoil
“Stamp” automatonfriend
“WH Carrie” carrieanneve
“Wind-Up” rosedye
“Melody” steam-powered-meena
“Butter” monet-paints-moineau
“Tripod” litteewok (URL not working)
“BETA” dataentryheheheh
“Kissa” emelia-lakewood
“Kayden” lilmissbxbluv
(Looks like “The Twitter Enthusiast” but having trouble determining character name or URL, even on Twitter, I’m sorry!

Page 2:
“Marionette” squ1dp0ny
“Pamela” (I forgot/can’t read last name, I’m sorry!) quorgi
“Pun” was-that-a-pun
“Deh-Lah” creaturegirl
Pandacreach (can’t get URL to work to confirm character name Y.Y;;)
“Critical” on Instagram: “Rewrx”? (I thought I could read this, but I can’t confirm the URL)
cotton-candy-quinn (I am now realizing I should have had everyone print their character’s name clearly, in addition to the autograph… I’m just gonna put whatever I can figure out for these)

Page 3:
“Chess Cat” darkwater-smidge
“River” jellyfish-child
“Ruby L-P” lesmiserablesislife
“Karen the Mom Cosplay” (tagging the offspring with the tumblr ;3) thepageofawkward
“Icky the Elf” aka “Ickaous” Instagram: ickaous4

Whew! Okay, I tried my best to get everyone! I also got the band members, but unfortunately missed Walter Girl Carolina, since she wasn’t able to come to Ani-Jam. (Yay school, tho! :D) I also want to give a special shout out to a couple people who dressed as band members. There was a Spine, Jon, and (human) Sam. (Unfortunately, I was being pretty darn rude without realizing it at the time and didn’t think to include them. Please forgive me! I regret the mistake A LOT! “OTL)

Special thanks to my friend monstersanosa, who provided me the paper and markers so that I could do this fun thing! Without him, non of this would have been possible. Also, thank you to melissasoodlesofdoodles and her BF Nathan who graciously shared their hotel room with us and gave us food and water! Both of these friends of mine are awesome artists, so please go check out their blogs!

Finally, I wanna thank everyong who dressed up as well as Steam Powered Giraffe and everyone that is a part of making SPG the amazingness it is today, past and present! Ani-Jam 2014 was a blast! Until next time! :D

(In case any if you were curious, I was the Pikachu collecting autographs in the early afternoon and the Pink Ranger collecting autographs in the later afternoon).