^click to see the entire image because one or two of them were cropped^

Mmm I can’t remember /exactly/ what some of them said but I got the general idea.

But Everett was such an adventure man.

I thought I was about to break two things: My hand, because The Spine’s handshakes are tighter than I thought they were. And my nose, because of hugging Steve. And I sorta borrowed the dragon!Steve headcanon for this whoOPS

I can’t even remember which Walter Girl said what omg, and I had very little interaction with Matt and Hatchworth so I just drew them during the show because I didn’t want to leave them out (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ Michael is so nice it’s almost unreal, no wonder The Spine was wondering why we could see him. Rabbit probably had one of the cutest reactions to me giving them the drawings, beside Paige and Carolina

-flies into the sun, later taters-

You mess with the robots? You mess with us.

Walter Robotics only employs the most badass of ladies.

Soo…I don’t really know how to draw cool retro-futuristic guns, but…I wanted to be more ambitious with my drawings. And I wanted to welcome Walter Girl Carolina! I added a bit more blue to your hair though, just to be in-keeping with the trend.

I hope you all like it! <3

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Steam Powered Giraffe travelling lands far and wide, spreading the word of MK III~!

My contribution to the MK III art prompt from Steam Powered Giraffe - I’ve FINALLY got it finished and I’m happy with the outcome! (Sorry if it’s late.)

I was going to say the train was a butt to get sketched down, but that was until I had to draw their logo on the train. It’s a very deceptive logo… Also this is the first time i’ve drawn the complete team together, woop! :3

Click for dA preview 


Sketch requests 1-5

1. A beach scene- Gosh this was kinda tough to lay out because I wanted to get a close-up of Hatchworth in the sand while you could still see Rabbit and The Spine without it being TOO jam-packed but it turned out just fine ‘v’

2. The Walter Girls- ok sO PAIGE’S HAIR IS MY LEAST FAVORITE THING but her face made up for it >v<

3. Hatchworth playing with spider friends- This made me rlly happy I bet someone requested this because they know I love spiders <33

4. The Spine hurt and complaining that he is suppose to be the strong one while Hatchworth and Rabbit fuss- Oh dear I actually like drawing The Spine all-beaten up…. aLSO yey this is the first time I have ever drawn and posted a pic of all three in the same image 

5. The bots transforming into household appliances- i sWEAR TO GO D…

Steam Powered Giraffe with a touch of art nouveau - featuring Walter girls Paige, Bunny and Carolina.

My second walter girl series - I'ma happy indeed! It’s always great lining up pieces of work once you’ve finished everything. You get to look back and feel pleased for a while, until more work attacks. ovo

Hope you’ve all enjoyed the progress of this as much as I have~ c: