Walter Simonson


Marvel Comics - then and now.

Avengers #24.NOW (2013) covers by:

Mike Deodato after Jack Kirby (1963)
Tom Scioli after Jack Kirby (1964)
Art Adams after Neal Adams (1971)
Carlo Barberi after Gil Kane and Dave Cockrum (1975)
Daniel Acuña after John Byrne and Terry Austin (1980)
Mike Allred after George Perez (1980)
Lee Garbett after Terry Austin (1981)
Walter “Walt” Simonson after himself (1983)
Kris Anka after David Finch (2004)
John Tyler Christopher after John Cassaday (2007)


After the two month-line wide-hiatus due to Convergence, THEMED VARIANTS RETURN IN JUNE! And the theme is…THE JOKER! I think it’s his 75th anniversary this year, so it makes sense!

1) Action Comics #41 by Darwyn Cooke

2) Aquaman #41 by Walter Simonson & Laura Martin

3)  Batgirl #41 by Rafael Albuquerque

4) Batman #41 by Sean Murphy & Matt Holingsworth

5) Batman/Superman #21 by Jock

6) Catwoman #41 by Javier Pulido

7) Deathstroke #7 by Lee Weeks, & R & T Horie  

8) Detective Comics #41 by Patrick Gleason & John Kalisz

9) The Flash #41 by Eddy Barrows & Marcelo Maiolo

10) Gotham Academy #7 by Craig Rousseau

Some pretty interesting covers here, and also of note? The first instances of Gotham Academy & Deathstroke receiving themed-variants! Of these my favourites are Darwyn Cooke’s (I ADORE his art), Jock’s (although it’s hard to tell that Superman is on the one side), and Catwoman #41 by Javier Pulido (with him doing the variant, and Kevin Wanda doing the standard cover, me thinks someone at DC enjoyed Marvel’s most recent volume of She-Hulk)! 


Life Without Archie. What a line up of cover artists!

Bravo, Archie Comics.

  • Fiona Staples
  • Fracesco Francavilla
  • Adam Hughes
  • Ramón Pérez
  • Mike Allred
  • Cliff Chiang
  • Jill Thompson
  • Tommy Lee Edwards
  • Walter Simonson
  • Alex Ross