Walter Chibi

Still by Walter Wlodarcyzk from:

created by India Salvor Menuez

Performed 1/10/16 in the VW Dome @ MoMA PS1.
This Sunday Session was a part of The Greater New York show
and was curated by Raul De Nieves and Gage of the Boone
as a continuation of their queer performance community space The Spectrum.

Table and Chairs were original designs by Jack Shannon.
The score was performed live by Various Ways of No Way (Ross Menuez)

The Cast of performers was as follows:
Fetal People: Micheal Bailey-Gates and Young Gun
Her Lord: Olimpia Dior
Twins: Claire Christerson and Alexandra Marzella
Golemina: Jo Rosenthal
Chibi Cherry: India Salvor Menuez

wanted to do this for seapeny (Chelsea)
she’s has been brought on as the new Walter Girl and when I saw her face I nearly had a heart attack because OMG lady you are super pretty.
Your hair made me die, and I really wanted to draw you with your curly hair (because I have a feeling for the shows you won’t have it) and I just absolutely love curly hair and alkdsjf;lakjds

hope you like
I will add the stripes and shading to the image later, right now though I have to get to bed because of work tomorrow, but for now LOVE!