tv meme: [2/5] otps

↳ waltxbennett [the carrie diaries]

Well, I don’t want you to be scared, ever. And you don’t have to come back here. We’ll figure something out. No, I’m not afraid anymore. You’re not? I mean, out there is a horror show. But in here, I’ve never felt safer. And to feel this, I wanna come back. Again and again… Because I love you. Walt, I love you, too.

can we talk about how during the first kiss with bennet, walt is all wide-eyed and frightened, staring into bennet’s eyes in denial. just think about how he’s afraid to expose his feelings (even if it’s the little echoes in the dark; the mutual movements of his lips). it’s like standing naked in the spotlight. and he’s oh so disgusted. there is something that makes him sick. and the worst part is, it’s not bennet.

walt does not want to feel so right.

and then there is the last episode. when he’s safe. the little ghosts of his sticky hatred (he used to think it’s hatred, he understands now - it’s fear) are no longer haunting him on his heels. yeah, walt reynolds, let’s be honest. let’s be confident. let’s fight. go get that boy.