The Haunted Mansion was down so someone asked if they could have a walking tour instead and this is what happened

“So, Maria, you’ve just graduated from Gonzaga University, what are you gonna do next?”

I finished my grad cap this morning!  Can’t believe I’m 5 days away from graduating and 13 days away from fulfilling my lifelong dream of working for Disney!  Now, I should probably start studying for finals so I actually CAN graduate…

This Week in Disney History

This Week in Disney History

Welcome to This Week in Disney History! Can you believe we’re just about 2 weeks away from the Disneyland 60th kick off??? Let’s jump into some history!

May 5th, 2004

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror has its official grand opening at Disney’s California Adventure. In addition, on this day one year later (2005) Disney kicks off the Happiest Celebration on Earth, which marks the 50th anniversary…

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