Hundreds of Sanders supporters stage walkout after Clinton nominated
The demonstration continued even after Sanders himself moved to nominate Clinton by acclamation. By ISAAC ARNSDORF

More than a hundred Bernie Sanders supporters boisterously walked out of the Wells Fargo Center after Hillary Clinton won the roll call vote making her the Democratic nominee for president.

The demonstration defied the party’s efforts to quell the revolt, even after Sanders himself moved to nominate Clinton by acclamation, and there were essentially no audible nays in the arena during the voice vote.

Waving “Bernie or Bust” signs and wearing gags, Robin Hood hats and at least one Princess Leia costume, the demonstrators chanted “Walk out,” “This is what democracy looks like,” and “We are the 99 percent,” recalling the Occupy Wall Street protests of 2011. After filing out of the arena they entered the press tent in search of obliging cameras.

“The whole world is watching,” they chanted. Then, “She lied, she cheated, she stole our votes.”

Cops streamed in after them and shut the doors. Rifle-armed Secret Service agents watched with binoculars as a police helicopter circled overhead.

Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, tweeted, “I’m calling on all who have a conscience, who value people, planet & peace above profit, to leave the neoliberal Democratic Party.”




Police getting involved at Wall Street protest— marchers attempting to push toward barricades. NA-59MO


“Some asshole just threw a stack of $1 bills at cops…cops laughing, money flying all over street"  @AmyKNelson

"Cops are getting ready to arrest everyone, abt 60 are sitting & will be arrested if they dont move” @HuntedHorse          

“Guy tried to lasso bull until the cops took his lasso away” @alexjamesfitz

“Polar bear getting arrested” @AdamTJanos

LIVE STREAM: http://bit.ly/XYEP4s

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i bet you had no idea this was going on in our own country.

“There has been a media blackout on the events taking place on wall street. thousands are camping out in protest of the money that was stolen from all of us and the poverty that so many Americans and peoples around the world find themselves in as the transfer of the money makes many poor and the rich more rich.
the world may be watching - but Americans aren’t seeing it except here- spread this!”


…..Mean while in Lower Manhattan looks like a Police State. Worth a watch

Random thoughts about the Wall Street protest

These pictures of Wall Street protestors being arrested and mistreated by the police for doing nothing more than engaging in peaceful protest brings to mind a few things:

The generally smug discussions (usually by Boomers) of the apathy of young Americans. I guess we’re not all infantile consumerist hipsters?

It’s very early yet, but I’m starting to wonder whether we’ll look back on the 2010s as an era of global progressive activism in the same way we now look back on the 1960s? Things were terrible then and they’re terrible now. Hopefully, this upsurge of democratic energy will not burn out quickly or become (problematically) destructive.

I haven’t read much about this particular protest yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if many of those kids in NYC were close observers of the Arab Spring. There was a strong feeling (at least in the circles I run in) of solidarity with the protestors, but also a kind of helplessness due to the inability to actually help in a meaningful way. I’m wondering if some of that feeling might have been channeled inward to domestic problems like failed economic policies and corporate corruption.

Finally, I’m patiently awaiting the MSM’s inevitable discussion fo the role of social media and technology in this protest…if the MSM ever gets around to covering it in much detail, that is.

ETA: Sorry to sound so dispassionate about it. I have studied political protest movements a little and my mind reverts to nerdery when faced with something I’ve read about.