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Prompt 8: Eric Coulter
“I think that you’re not as dark as you want people to believe.”
“Are you sure that isn’t just wishful thinking.”


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I have no idea why I’m so intrigued with Eric from Divergent. 

Eric gazed down at the sleeping girl in his arms, he shifted pulling her closer while she sighed curling into him. How she dealt with him, he would never know but for whatever reason he was thankful. He brought his hand up, stroking her cheek frowning at the scar that marred her cheek.

“You frown too much,” He blinked, focusing on her sleepy eyes and the small grin. “You’re going to have frown lines.”

She moved impossibly closer to him, laying her head on his chest. “Why don’t you take them away from me,” His hand trailed down, her spine suggestively.

“Perv,” Her laugh sounding like bells to his ears.

“But you still put up with me,” He moved so that he was hovering above her. “Why?” He smirked grinning down at her, loving the way her hair was sprawled out across the pillows.

She grinned putting her arms around his neck, pulling him down to her. She pulled him into a searing kiss, biting his lip before pulling away leaving him wanting more. “I think that you’re not as dark as you want people to believe.” She gazed up at him, stroking his cheek with her thumbs.

He rolled his eyes, growling out, “Are you sure that isn’t just wishful thinking?” She moved sitting up, holding the sheet to cover her glancing around his room. “Where are you going?”

“Home,” She replied, trying to move away from him, but he blocked her from moving. “It’s just sex right?” She grinned at him, trying to leave again but he refused to move.

He glared at her grin, pushing her back down on the bed. She laughed, while he hovered over her again. “You’re a pain in my ass, who do you think you are?”

“Just one of the many girls you slept with. But I suppose I should learn my place right?” She smirked, rolling out from under him, grabbing her shirt and pants pulling them on while he stared at her. “What I said isn’t wishful thinking, because beneath all of that anger and intimidation is the guy that for some unforeseen reason makes me crazy.” She sighed, pulling on her boots leaving her shirt unbuttoned so he could see the black bra and the tattoo he liked tracing at night. “Wishful thinking Eric, is believing that this is more than sex. But I can’t do it anymore, so whatever this is… it’s over. We will only need to see each other to do our duties as leaders but nothing else.”

Eric watched her stand and hover at the door as if she was waiting for him to stop her. “Lock the door on your way out.” He saw her grin slightly before she closed the door with a quiet click.

Eric’s eyes found her form, sitting next to the guy he hated the most. He watched her wave her arms around excitedly, making Four smile at her. It had been three weeks since she left, and she hadn’t bothered to make any contact with him. The more he watched her interact with Four, the more angry he got. He got up striding over to the two.

“I know this is weird, but I sometimes miss the pea pods and the chicken,” Eric heard the longing in her voice.

“Well if it isn’t two stiffs missing home, can’t cut it here anymore,” He growled out, while she glanced up at him with bored eyes.

“Two stiffs that can still kick your ass,” Eric glared over at Four, while she let out a small laugh.

“What do you need Coulter?” She murmured with the grin still on her face. She stabbed her vegtables, “Never mind that, I don’t have time for whatever you want. Four, remember I’ll be in the training room to help you and Lauren will go with the dauntless born today.”

“Of course, maybe you can kick their asses into shape,” Eric watched Four grin up at her, before she got up leaving the table. He sent one last glare towards the man before following after her.

“Y/N, we aren’t done yet,” He called out, jogging slightly grasping her forearm.

She pushed his hand off of her, yawning slightly. “Shoot then, quickly because I have things I have to get done.”

“I need you,” Eric clenched his fists, looking down at her.

Her eyes flashed dangerously, before she pushed him sending her fist flying towards his face. He blocked it, pushing the struggling girl against the wall. “Find another fuck buddy Eric.” He watched her struggle against him. “You’re an asshole.”

“Oh I’m an asshole.” He chuckled darkly hauling her over his shoulder, while others passed them looking at the feared leader and the other leader pounding on his back screaming obscenities at him. Once he was at the destination he wanted, he set her down avoiding her fists. “Knock it off… I didn’t mean I need you as just for sex.”

She rolled her eyes at him, before moving away looking around. “Right, let’s say I believe you then. What did you mean?”

He ran his hands across his face, finding it extremely hard to just spit out what he wanted to say. “I miss you. Not just the sex, I mean all of it.” She raised an eyebrow at him, before leaning against the wall. He sighed deeply, she was going to make him work for it. “I miss holding you in my arms. I miss tracing the scar on your cheek or the tattoo on your side. I miss you curling into me and feeling your warm skin under my hands. I miss waking up because your stupid hair was in my face.”

He watched her grin slightly before she turned so that her back was to him. He could see her expression in the mirror and he smirked while coming up behind her pulling her into him. “Still think what I said was wishful thinking?” She turned putting her arms over his shoulders, a smirk on her face.

His eyes narrowed at her, everything clicking into place. “You little shit. You did all of this to prove a point?” She laughed, jumping so she could wrap her legs around him.

“It got you to prove yourself wrong didn’t it? You’re not as dark as you want people to believe, but the thing is I’ll be the only one that knows it,” She kissed his cheek, trying to get out of his hold.

“So you missed out on sex, just to prove a point,” He pushed her against the wall effectively trapping her. “You deprived me of sex, to do so?”

She grinned cheekily, before tapping his cheek. “Guess so, and it looks like you’ll be deprived a little big longer, because I have to get back to work.”

Eric watched her before he set her down, leaning down to nip at her ear. “You’re going to regret that.”

“I can’t wait for the punishment then,” She winked before, she walked off purposefully swishing her hips.

momo and todoroki are on the same floor so please imagine:

  • going to breakfast together because they’re both early risers
  • todoroki waiting for momo leaning against a wall looking intimidatingly hot
  • being buddies because they go to breakfast together so they might as well study together too right?
  • studying together in the common areas until really late and everyone’s asleep
  • wishing each other goodnight before going their separate ways and they stand really close and whisper because they don’t want to wake up people
  • one day todoroki oversleeps so momo goes to his room to check if he’s ok and that’s when she finds out he looks adorable half-asleep
  • momo was blushing but that had nothing to do with seeing him shirtless ofc
  • one time when the girls are talking momo says that todoroki has very nice abs but OOPS now she has to explain how she knows that
  • people think they’re a thing and when momo finds out it’s DENY DENY DENY
  • but she’s secretly really pleased because she has a huge crush on todoroki
  • jirou knows all about her adorkable crush so she has the privilege of hearing momo gush about how nice and cute and hot and heroic todoroki is
  • momo won’t say she’s in love it’s just a crush~

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when the shadowhunters cast is hot but you also really love their personality and its a whole mess;

matthew daddario is the kind of hot that has you shaking your head because hes such a dork and inside youre like dear god i cant fucking believe ive fallen for such a dad like hes literally chasing birds calling himself the bird king mATTHEW and yet he’s the perfect aesthetic of a hot man

Harry shum Jr. is the kind of hot that has you ripping out your hair because quite frankly no one should be allowed to dance like that and have that kind of body???! and on top of it he is a precious bean. he is so generous and his laugh is better than all of us

dom is the kind of hot that is like unbearable and youre like lord have mercy of fucking course he has two different coloured eyes and then two seconds later hes playing with a dog and singing songs and youre crying because what kind of goals

alberto is the kind of hot that you kind of stare at from afar because youre like how can someone so pure exist in a body like that what did i do to deserve this kind of pain and maybe youre sobbing a little when you watch him on tv because he is probably the embodiment of an angel i swear to god hes so nice look at him

david castro is the kind of hot where youre like kicking a wall because buddy??? did we ask?? the answer is no we did not so put on a shirt for the love of god but also please dont and keep uploading videos and never stop lauGHING because its fantastic and hes so humble why

isaiah is literally the kind of hot that makes me want to throw myself into a river like he smiles and youre like oh look lmao its the fucking sun parting the clouds what the fCUK and his eyes are so kind just like his soul and youre like dying because all you want is a peaceful life

emeraude toubia is the kind of hot that makes me want to tear out my eyeballs because listen first off she is An Actual Goddess and she laughs like puppies (is that a thing) and she is so grateful for her life!! i cry because i want her hair to like strangle me idek who i am anymore she changed my life

katherine is the kind of hot that youre literally sobbing over because she looks like a doll????? my mom my princess my angelic little sunflower she is so pure i have never seen anything as pure as her she is a cat, she is a pup, she is a bunny rabbit also her gIGGLE I WANT TO die anyway she raised me

Wall Buddies (Steve Rogers x Reader)

AN: I wrote this ages ago and thought I’d post it between updates

Prompt: The walls in this apartment building are really thin and I can hear you having mental breakdowns all the time are you okay? AU

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Klance being found out!

‘FUCK you!’ Keith spat.

Lance raised his eyebrows, looking up at him in the mirror and continuing to brush his teeth.

Because he’s a dick.

‘I asked you to do one thing. One. Thing. And you managed to fuck it up.’

Lance nodded slowly…continuing to brush his teeth.

‘It could not have been an easier task.’

More nodding.

‘Don’t you have anything to say for yourself?!’

‘Um frushing muh teef.’


The man in question rolled his eyes, spit into the sink, and turned around.


‘Oh my god. Are you even listening?!’


‘Well?!’ Keith demanded.

Lance wiped his mouth on the back of his hand.

‘Well what?’

Keith clenched his fists, fighting the intense urge to punch him.


‘I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about.’ Lance admitted.

‘I just had the world’s most uncomfortable conversation with Shiro about respect and honesty and repercussions of dating a fellow paladin.’

‘All good things.’ Lance affirmed seriously.

‘Who the fuck did you tell?!’

Lance sighed, exhausted.

‘It’s been four hours, Keith, do you think I just ran around the castle knocking on doors and telling everyone?’

‘I honestly wouldn’t put it past you.’

‘And that’s understandable, because I would totally do that, but-’

They both jumped at the sound of someone clearing their throat a few feet away.

Hunk was leaning against the doorframe, toothbrush in hand.

Keith groaned, seething, and turned back to Lance.

‘I can’t believe you-’

Hunk huffed out a laugh.

‘It’s not his fault, Keith.’

‘Oh, really?’ His tone dripped with sarcasm as he continued to glare flaming daggers at Lance.

‘Well…’ Hunk continued.

‘Not unless he spent last night screaming his own name.’

Keith flushed furiously.

Lance smiled. Like an asshole.

‘The walls aren’t that thick, buddy.’

Carved Hearts Part 2

Pairing: Reader / Jungkook ft. other members

Genre: summer love au; Fluff / Slight Angst

Length: 3.3k words

Warnings: language

Summary: You spend your summers at Camp Oakwood with Jungkook and his friends. After years without seeing him, he returns to cause even more chaos in your life. Only, this year is different; how would your deeply buried feelings for him come into play this summer?

| 1 |  | 2 |

After the bonfire ended, you and the boys walked back to the cabins, occasionally throwing jokes here and there. “What’s the worst thing about throwing a party in space?” Jin asked, trying to keep a straight face but failing miserably.

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sing-for-your-lover  asked:

MEGHAN! pls do ronsey for the ship thing 💕😘

ADRIANA!! I can always count on you to add trc to my inbox thank you babe <3


who is more likely to hurt the other?

look….. ronan hurts so bad that it kind of gets on everything and I feel like gansey’s in the splash zone?? Gansey hurts ronan by caring about other people more than him but ronan hurts gansey when he hurts himself ie: all of book 1&2

who is emotionally stronger?

Like probably gansey sorry to say I think he has a lot of practice with being absolutely pristine and tucking his emotions into his waistcoat pocket, etc

ronan is resilient and rebellious but he is an open nerve man he takes everything deeply personally

who is physically stronger?

EXCELLENT question let me break it down: Ronan is the obvious choice - boxer, brawler, carries the weight of his huge crushes on his friends 24/7. buT Gansey has those rowing club arms and if it came down to it you best believe gansey would throw any member of the gangsey over both shoulders and carry them to safety

who is more likely to break a bone? 

I’m gonna go with ronan because he’s reckless as tits and I’m pretty sure he’s gonna skid too far at some point. gansey is a quester & he’s hell on history books but he’s so so cautious

who knows best what to say to upset the other? 

uhhhlmao its ronan NEXT

wait actually im pretty sure gansey could be like “im going on a study date w adam” and ronan’s head would explode but that’s more his deal than dick’s, u feel

who is most likely to apologize first after an argument? 

ronan would apologize to god himself that’s it. Gansey is like…….. never the source of an argument but he desperately wants everything to be mended and back to normal so he spends his time glossing over their fights. It’s a process. It’s paint over cracks in a wall, they’re still there buddy!!! fix the wall!!!!!!

who treats who’s wounds more often? 

>_>>_>>_> gansey literally probably held ronan together after he was shredded by his subconscious and I have no doubt that it never really stops like self loathing coupled w night horrors is a killer

(gansey never stops helping him, delicately at 3 am w blood on his hands, composure crumpling when he turns towards the sink to rinse them, holding ronan’s face still and then keeping his hands there).

who is in constant need of comfort? 

boooooth really really both. ronan is so outwardly ruined, he’s a building in the process of falling down, and like gansey’s gotta be support beams BUT that means he’s getting crushed?? like he helps so hard and he gives so much he hacks his own limbs off and hands them to the people he loves. he has trauma up to his eyes. He needs someone to unconditionally love him w their eyes & arms open

who gets more jealous? 

LMAO ronan jealous lynch from the jealous boys the jealous thieves jealous lily lily jealous and the jealous king

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 

“i’d take you all everywhere w me if I could” did u read that me too neither of those fuckers are moving an inch

who will propose? 

u know i think ronan would?? my instinct was gansey but the truth is that ronan is all action and gansey still has the smallest shrapnel bit of uncertainty about where he stands with ppl so I think ronan would leap for him. he’s a leaper

who has the most difficult parents?

one pair is dead so take a wild fucking guess buddy

(if alive it would be a toss up: wild and dangerously intangible liars or high-brow, tongues so gilded w gold that they’ll cut you liars take ur pick)

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 

surprise it’s both ! ronan reaches for gansey bc he’s defiant and tactile and generally has never given a shit nor will he ever!! not one!!!!

gansey reaches for him because he knows physical contact brings ronan back from whatever shitty corridor his brain is tumbling down, and he loves to have people close like it’s thrilling to him. ronan’s pinky brushing his gives him fucking chills

who comes up for the other all the time? 

again if u mean in conversation idek maybe just by sheer probability of actually engaging in conversation for long enough to bring their bf up it would be gansey 

who hogs the blankets? 

ronan’s a messy fucking sleeper for obvious reasons and he can and will find the most inane ways to piss someone off so it’s him 

who gets more sad? 

everyone’s sad bish!! they’re both sad they’ve lost a lot times is hard

who is better at cheering the other up? 

ok maybe this is controversial but it’s ronan.. tbh…

he does THE dumbest things like idk proposes some sort of race between his dream creatures or shows gansey a fuckin meme or starts compiling a comprehensive list of compound swear words, like just dicks around so hard that gansey is busy pretending to scold him and his worries pack their gd bags

gansey is like. ronan’s life support like don’t get me wrong, but ronan’s just purposefully juvenile enough that it helps. it rlly helps

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly (dad) jokes?

gansey says THE most ridiculous garbage and ronan can and will punch him in the arm 

who is more streetwise?


(gansey’s probably wearing a salmon polo shirt rn why don’t u tell me)

who is more wise?

gansey’s an ancient forest & he keeps an aspiration journal ://

who’s the shyest? 

they ain’t shy my guy they just flat out refuse to show their true colours. like buried under ronan’s ritual of blistering eye contact and aggressive engagement there’s a real shock of anxiety and discomfort 

but under gansey’s plastic face there’s a whole lot of squirmy uncertainty and hatred of superficiality as well so……. like who knows

who boasts about the other more? 

they’re always bragging about each other dude if you say gansey’s name and ronan’s in the CITY he’ll be smug and impossible, and u don’t even need to mention ronan for gansey to be talking about him like at any given time he’ll be like have u met my boyfriend ronan lynch or my boyfriend henry cheng or my boyfriend adam parrish or my girlfriend blue sargent or my boyfri-

who sits on who’s lap?

don’t even joke about this ronan would sit in gansey’s lap like it’s a custom throne made for his ass, he needs to be held to live


What if, instead of Civil War ending the way it did, Tony won by reversing the Captain America serum? What if Steve Rogers was just a 5′4″ 90 lbs man again? 

A/N: Excessive use of pet names from the 1940s. Bucky and Steve also have Brooklyn accents and no one can take that away from me.

Takes place after the big Stark vs. Rogers battle at the end.

“I’m about one second away from rippin out Stark’s jugular with my fuckin teeth, Pepper, just let me in the god damn room!”

Pepper had been yelled at constantly for the majority of her life, she knew how to handle that. And she’d been screamed at by supersoldiers and supervillians and gods for a good portion of the past decade, she wasn’t even phased by that anymore. 

But maybe it was the way Bucky pulled out chunks of his own hair while shouting. Or maybe it was the desperate, broken, tortured look in his eyes. Or maybe it was the metal arm that could crush her skull in mere seconds attached to the unstable man in front of her. 

Whichever it was, his hand or his eyes, Pepper was, admittedly, mildly concerned for her wellbeing. 

But most importantly, she was petrified for the man laying on the slab right now, and even she knew the only thing that would make him feel better was his Bucky.

“James,” she used her Tony-you-god-damn-fucked-up-again voice to ensure the ex-soldier was listening. He was. “You need to calm down, right now, before you go in there. He’s under duress, you understand that, and he can’t handle anymore stress right now.”

Bucky’s left eye twitched as he gritted out thrown clenched teeth, “Ms. Potts, I am one hundred percent aware of what his heart can and cannot handle; I lived with his murmurin heart and his boa constrictor lungs for nearly all my life. Now let. Me. In.”

Sighing heavily, Pepper stepped aside and opened the lab door for Bucky. Let it be noted Pepper Potts never forgets her manners. Even when faced with a lovesick, mother hen of a deadly assassin.

Bucky’s mind had been every place and no place all at once when he’d been fighting to see Steve, going from “I will decapitate anyone who touches him in seconds” to “Dear God, it’s me, Bucky; let him live and take me instead” in the blink of an eye. But once he actually got into the lab, everything stopped. Nothing else mattered anymore because there, on the cold slab of metal vaguely reminiscent of what happened in Germany, was a little chest weakly but steadily moving up and down. He was alive.

“God Stevie,” Bucky whispered weepily as he grabbed the thin fingered hand, “you can’t just do that to me anymore. I’m gettin old, babydoll, my heart can’t take that kinda shock.” He pressed his lips to the pale bony knuckles as the tears started to fall freely. He’s alive.

He was so wrapped up in his thoughts he didn’t notice a pair of blue eyes blinking open slowly next to him.

“You’re gettin sappy in your old age, Buck. Who’da guessed it, huh? Lady killer Barnes cryin over skinny little Steve Rogers’ body? The girls at the bar would have a fit if they could see ya now.”

Steve smiled weakly but meaningfully as Bucky glared halfheartedly. “Are you fuckin kiddin me, Rogers? Everyone in New York City, could’ve guessed this. I can’t count how many times I must’ve cried over your unconscious body, and not just ‘cause my memory’s shit. Hell, Stevie, I had Father Murphy come give you last rites at least three times. He started callin you Lazarus when we saw him on the street. This is something you should be very used to wakin up to at this point, you mook.” Bucky’d kept Steve’s hand on his mouth the whole time, comforted by the feeling of it against his lips, even if it was colder than it probably should’ve been. Steve’d always ran cold.

They didn’t say much after that, just sat there staring at each other, basking in the miracle that was the other’s life.

“Alright, Cap, you should be awake at this point so it’s time to chat now–oh. Am I interrupting something? Maybe the next plan of attack on my existence?” Playboy, billionaire, genius, philanthropist though he may have been, Tony Stark was not a people person. Clearly.

In a matter of moments, Tony’s head thumped against the wall behind him, the metal hand around his windpipe making breathing just a tad difficult, with the man who killed his dad looking like he wouldn’t mind ending the family tree right then and there.

“Stark. Help him. Or die. But don’t fuckin interrogate him while he’s relearnin’ how to work his god damn lungs. Kapisch?”

Tony nodded his head as much as he could and suddenly he was on the ground with blessed oxygen flooding his (perfectly functional) lungs again. “Fuck, Barnes,” he wheezed, “if I’d known you’d pull that stunt, I would’ve removed the arm when I had a chance. Shit.”

Bucky wasn’t even paying attention to Tony though, he was back at Steve’s side, lightly brushing the hair out of Steve’s face as the pint sized captain look impassively at Tony.

At least someone noticed him.

Steve sighed as heavily as his lungs would let him, and started to heave himself into sitting position, against Bucky’s insistence that he “stay the fuck down Rogers, what the hell?”

He turned his head towards Tony and made direct unbreaking eye contact. “You did this. It’s over. You won. Fix me.”

Bucky looked at him like he was crazy. He felt a little crazy too but that was probably cause he wasn’t getting as much oxygen as his brain was used to.

“Stevie, no, what are you-”

“No Buck. It’s done. I can’t fight anyone like this, in the battle field or the courtroom or, hell, even the playground. He fuckin de-serumed me. I’m not even a “superhero” at this point. I just–Bucky, I just wanna go home.” His voice cracked on “home,” and tears pricked his eyes.

As Bucky pulled Steve’s head to his chest and ran his fingers softly through his hair, Tony noticed for the first time the toll all this had taken on the captain. His eyes had huge, almost blackened, circles under them like he hadn’t slept in years. He moved like he was actually physically 90 years old, rather than the 30 Tony knew him to be. And oddly enough, he was letting someone touch him. 

No one touched the captain. Not unless they were punching him or pulling him from the jaws of death (literally). Tony’d always thought he just had a big personal bubble, or maybe people just hadn’t touched back in the 40s. But as he watched the men out of time on that metal table, he knew he’d been wrong.

“Hey, lovebirds. I–I was wrong about you. The world was wrong about you. It’s…not always men like you the world needs protection from; it’s men like me and Dr. Banner and Alex Pierce. I know that. But I firmly believe we have to give up some of our freedom, and I know you hate that Cap trust me I do, but we need to do so in order to gain protection from the government. That’s the way it’s always been and that’s the way it’s going to stay.

I can’t fix you, Cap, I don’t have enough of the notes to recreate the serum perfectly; I only had the basics and that was enough to break it down. I can’t build it back up again. But I can offer you some killer health insurance and a great letter of recommendation to an art school if you want?”

Steve didn’t even lift his head or open his eyes, he just nodded slightly against Bucky’s chest. The same Bucky who was still glaring at Tony murderously.

“Stark. Ya need to stab him a few more times and run some more tests, or can we go now?”

“Somehow Barnes, I don’t think that was a question.”

Bucky gently moved Steve so he could carry him bridal style out the door. “You’re damn right it wasn’t a question. And Stark?”

Tony raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t fucking come near us again.”

The door rattled on its hinges as Bucky kicked the door shut behind him. Shit.


“Yes, sir?”

Tony took a shaky breath before sliding to the floor. “G-get Pepper, please?”

“She’s already on her way, sir.”

He closed his eyes as his head thumped against the wall. “Thanks, buddy.”


“Buck, you can put me down, I’m tiny but not an invalid yet.”

“Keyword there, baby, is ‘yet.’ I’m not takin any chances right now. You’re goin to a doctor first thing tomorrow, we’re gonna get you an inhaler, we’re gonna pinpoint all your allergies, we’re gonna see what we can do about the scoliosis, and do you need braces? We can get you braces now, if you want.”

“Hey,” Steve said sharply, “Bucky. It’s okay. I’m gonna be okay this time; stop worrying about my possible health issues and start worrying about how much a new closet of clothes is gonna cost ‘cause I fit in jack-shit right now.”

“I dunno, babydoll, you’d probably look really great in one of my shirts around now, don’t ya think?”

Those baby blues glowed. “Nah Buck, that shirt would look its best on the floor next to our bed, huh?”

Steve was nearly dumped out of Bucky’s arms from how hard they started cackling. Tears were streaming down Bucky’s face and his shoulders were shaking so hard he finally had to put Steve down, just so he could lean on him. Not that that helped much, as Steve was nearly doubled over from laughter anyway, and down the street like that they went, laughing and stumbling over themselves like it was St. Patty’s day 1941 all over again.

Bucky nearly tripped over Steve as he opened the door to their apartment, causing them to laugh even louder, their hyena like screams echoing off the grossly bare walls.

“Home, sweet, home! Glad we made it back in one piece, eh Stevie?” Bucky choked out as he made his way to the kitchen.

“Aw, I dunno baby, I’m pretty sure home’s just wherever you are.” The shattering of glass made Steve jump and sprint as fast as his shitty lungs would let him.

“Bucky? Are you alright? What-”

“God, doll, you can’t just say those things willy nilly, you’ll kill me.”

When Steve looked up from the mess of shards on the floor, he audibly gasped. He hadn’t been looked at with so much emotion since…since the night before Bucky shipped out.

Steve didn’t know what to do anymore. ‘Cause they weren’t actually together right? That…that’d all been a joke…right?


“Yeah, doll?”

Steve licked his lips and tried to ignore the way his heart soared when Bucky called him “doll” and “baby”; that’s just what they did. They’d always been like that. Right?

“You uhhh, you okay? You just kinda had a stroke there. Wanted to be sure you hadn’t died on me yet. No one else laughs at my jokes, ya know?” His attempts at alleviating the tension were failing miserably, it was honestly pitiful at this point. Thank god Natasha wasn’t there to witness this butcher.

Bucky bit his lip and pulled his shoulders in as his metal fingers ran nervously through his hair. “Uh, so ya know how I don’t remember a lot of stuff, most stuff, from the war?”

Steve nodded, a little confused with the topic change, but not complaining. War was less awkward than….whatever that had been.

“Well what I do remember–we’d just been taken as prisoners and were being transported in these covered trucks ya know? And the boys and I, we were just chattin, tryin to keep the morale up and shit. And we started talkin about home, where it was, what it looked like, what it smelled like, just something positive to look forward to if we made it out. So this guy talks about, I dunno, somewhere in Montana, and this other guy talks about some French food or whatever, that parts a little hazy still.”

Bucky straightened his shoulders and looked Steve dead in the eyes, as if he was afraid Steve would run away if he couldn’t see him. He took a deep breath.

“But I remember…God, Stevie, they got to me and I didn’t talk about our shitty apartment, I didn’t mention Ma or Becca or Coney Island or anything from the old neighborhood; I talked about you. 

I talked about how I knew someone with the brightest blue eyes, with too much fight in ‘em, with a heart four sizes too big for their own good, with shit ass lungs and even shittier ideas. 

I rambled on about how bad a dance you were, how I missed when you’d step on my toes even though I was leadin. I missed watchin you sketch on the fire escape, I missed the crappy coffee you’d make me on my odd days off, I ached for the feeling of your body in my arms. 

I talked until we’d made it to the Hydra base, Stevie. I talked for hours, just about you, before I even noticed that I hadn’t been talking about places or foods, I’d been talkin about you. 

And right before they dragged us out of those trucks, I remember someone sayin that if I ever made it back stateside again, I had to ask you to marry me. I hadn’t even mentioned how we, we weren’t together.”

He sniffed a bit and shook his head quickly before continuing.

“I fucked up back then, doll, I know that now. And I wasn’t gonna do anything now ‘cause I thought you didn’t need me like you did before. But after what just happened out there, I don’t fuckin care whether you need me or not ‘cause, baby, I need you. 

Big or small, Captain America or struggling art student, I need you. All of you.

 You’re the one thing that brought me back, you’re my home. And you can say no, and–and I’ll leave ya alone, I promise, baby, but…I just wanted to tell you.

 So now you know. I’ve kinda loved you forever, Steve Rogers. Umm…yeah. I’ll uh. I’ll just go. Now.”

Bucky wasn’t even looking at Steve anymore, he was just trying to make it to the door without falling the fuck over in pain. So of course he didn’t notice the tears falling down Steve’s face, or the way his eyes shone with hope, but he definitely knew when Steve reached out and yanked Bucky back with all the force he could muster.

He jumped up on his tip toes and placed his hands on either side of Bucky’s face, pulling him down to his level.

“Listen up, you stupid fuckin piece of shit. I have loved you since the moment I met you. You are my entire god damn world; when I thought you’d died back in the war, I tried to kill myself by crashing a plane into the Arctic. 

There is no point living in a world where you don’t exist. So you are gonna stay right here until the day we die because this? Sure as fuck ain’t the end of the line.”

And with that, Steve pushed up hard on his toes, crashing his lips into Bucky’s.  

Captain America was dead, the Winter Soldier was dead, and yet so were the Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes from the 1940s. It was their turn to figure out who they were, but there was one thing they were both sure of: they were going to take on their new lives together. 

They were free. 


They were home.

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I think the only real change is that there are sketches on all the upstairs walls of Buddy passing the time.

He’d probably draw more in the closed off rooms and closets than the actual hallways. Little guy’s not a fan of open spaces, makes him feel too vulnerable.

Besides, Joey always found his drawings if he did them on the hallway walls. Got Wally into a lot of trouble that way too.

bear keeps re-discovering light switches and every time he realizes they exist he is UNDONE! he wanders around the house going “owOW, OWOW, WOWOW,” looking up in agitation at every light switch, sometimes sitting beneath them and pawing at the walls,

i just. buddy…… those have always been there. the ENTIRE TIME. 


(A/N): It’s been centuries, I think and here is the second (and final) part of I Will Find You. I’m sorry it took so long, but it’s here and you can read it and enjoy it. :)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x f!reader x daughter Violet

Summary: Family life turned upside down when the animals warn Violet and her parents that something dark was coming to them.

Warning: drama, violence, disturbing content, angst

Words: 5000+


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Natasha came to the common room once Violet fell asleep in a bed that once belonged to Bucky. It took less than half an hour to put her to sleep. When she came back to the main room where all her friends were, she was covered in a black silky robe, hiding her ridiculously funny pajamas under it. “Bruce’s sleeping lollipops are a real miracle,” she said quietly while approaching all the men, who were sitting on the couch, drinking a bottle of whiskey that was standing in the middle of a table. Several glasses were surrounding it. “She’s asleep and hopefully will be until tomorrow morning. She was crying the whole time until Ace joined her in bed. It almost broke my heart. F.R.I.D.A.Y. will inform us if she wakes.” 

Natasha sat down next to Bucky and friendly patted his shoulder. He was paler than usual, eyes fixed on the glass in his hands. “How are you holding?” the redhead asked carefully.  

The brunet sighed and drank the liquor in one gulp. All he wanted was to break the glass in the hand. He was angry, furious and in a mood to kill every man who took his wife from him and his daughter. “What do you think, Tasha?” he gave her an evil glare, voice dark and unpleasant. Bucky didn’t care he was talking to his friend who only tried to help him. His mind was focused on (Y/N), his wife and the mother of their child. “They took my wife. They took the most important person in my life and here I am, sitting on this expensive couch, drinking alcohol and doing absolutely nothing!” Without thinking, he threw the glass he had into a wall. 

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