Wall lamp


23/09/16: it took me a while but here are the pictures of my new desk!! i still need to buy some stuff to finish it but i’m really happy how it turned out!! ✨☄️


W171 Alma lamp by Wästberg with Tham & Videgård 

The W171 Alma lamp is based on a circulated sine wave. The result is this ripple effect like shape that diffuses the light from the light bulb in the center. This sculptural piece of lighting is able to be hung from the ceiling or be directly attached to the ceiling or wall. Tham & Videgård Architects created this lamp for  a planned co-working space in Stockholm called Alma. Wästberg joined them as the producing partner. 



  • mush lamp
  • ice lamp
  • egg lamp
  • lava lamp
  • princess lamp
  • pisces lamp
  • football fish lamp
  • sloppy lamp
  • regal lamp + wall lamp (customizable)
  • stained glass lamp (refurbished/subtle)
  • lotus lamp (refurbished/very subtle)


  • holiday candle
  • balloon dog lamp (by default, customizable)
  • red tasseled lantern
  • regal lamp + wall lamp (customizable)
  • stained glass lamp (refurbished/subtle)
  • lotus lamp (pink/very subtle)


  • scorpio lamp
  • harvest lamps (very subtle)
  • regal lamp + wall lamp (customizable)
  • stained glass lamp (refurbished/subtle)


  • firefly lamp (very subtle)
  • Alpine Lamp (refurbished LEAF)
  • stone lantern
  • regal lamp + wall lamp (customizable)
  • minimalist lamp (refurbished MOSS GREEN/subtle)
  • lotus lamp (refurbished/very subtle)

Work in Progress wall & suspension lamp by Karman and Matteo Ugolini

The Italian design lighting producer Karman and the Designer Matteo Ugolini have teamed up again for a very interesting new interpretation of the shapes of a classic construction site lamp. The housing, of the Work in Progress called lamp, is made of white cast ceramics and is available as a wall lamp, or to be suspended a pendant from the ceiling.