Wall St


“It’s a battle of the soul of New York.” -  Bernie supporters tell us why he should win their state

One was born there, one bought a house so wall st. could finance senate campaign - u pick who the real NYC is. #Love it!


That’s right, folks.. Geraldo Rivera broke the story.  The U.S. & British armed forces protect and sell Afghan heroin.  They say if we didn’t Al Qaeda or the Taliban would get the money .. $100’s/billions/year.  The money goes to those who own the Federal Reserve and International Monetary Fund.

Where The Democratic Candidates Stand On Key Issues

In Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate, candidates not only avoided boring their audience, but managed to discuss policy and solutions to real-world problems so that voters will be able to make an informed choice between them. That is to say, they had a political debate. It was a far cry from the Republican debates that have been held so far, where focal points included conspiracy theories about vaccines and Donald Trump’s assertion that he doesn’t call all women pigs, just Rosie O’Donnell.