Wall St


That’s right, folks.. Geraldo Rivera broke the story.  The U.S. & British armed forces protect and sell Afghan heroin.  They say if we didn’t Al Qaeda or the Taliban would get the money .. $100’s/billions/year.  The money goes to those who own the Federal Reserve and International Monetary Fund.

On Sept. 17, 2011, activists decrying corporate greed and the financial world’s influence on U.S. politics began camping out in New York City’s financial district as part of the “Occupy Wall Street” campaign. The protests – which have spread to other cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston – resulted in some clashes with police and hundreds of arrests in the Big Apple. Go in for a closer look at the ongoing demonstrations.

Taking it to the streetOccupy Wall Street: The Photos


Came home for reading week and was so stoked to see an Occupy London (Ontario) taking off in my favourite downtown park.

None of these pics are from Occupy London but they are fantastic signs made by incredibly dedicated protesters.

Rock on, guys.

They come for your wages, shipping jobs and factories overseas.

They come for the equity in your homes. 

They come for pension funds. 

They come for your savings and IRAs. 

They manipulate the stock market. 

They have trading schemes that sell your stocks when it benefits them most. 

The banks commit fraud, launder billions for drug cartels, never EVER indicted. 

The financial industry, the banks, the CEOs, the hedge funds, they are playing a different game than the rest of us.