Wall St

The person at the store with food stamps isn’t the problem. A corrupt tax code that allowed 8 dudes to accumulate as much wealth as 4 billion people is the problem.


Hey! So I commissioned @princeofmints​ ages ago to draw some stuff from T&E, and despite the fact that I had to push everything back at least a month due to lack of funds (and was somehow both really vague and way too specific about what I wanted), he was a delight to work with the whole time and got everything back to me way faster than I’d expected. These pieces were affordable and are just dang cute to boot, and I cannot recommend him enough!

I had to had to had to show them off, because they deserve to be seen by all. (And by all, I mean … like, the people who follow me. So, really like … by 6. Still. All 6 of you, check this shit out!) So gaze upon them!

This is the criminal justice system under #capitalism: Defraud investors and the punishment is 20 years in prison. But, where’s the justice when life saving drugs is being exploited for profit?

Capitalism only leads to greed and reckless behavior where no one is held accountable. Just like Martin Shkreli who’s now the poster boy with what’s wrong with capitalism.