All I’ve ever wanted is for someone to save me.

Quick story about Kevin Ray:

So after the concert my friend Felipe was talking with him and said how he’s from Brazil and Kevin is like “why are you here then? It’s so cold!” and Felipe goes “just come back to Brazil with me!” and Kevin goes “I will! Carry me!!” and jumps into Felipe’s arms and so Felipe carries him around the sidewalk  in a little circle for a second and Kevin is just like “woo hoo!” and that is the story of how my friend ran around with Kevin Ray in his arms during the Talking Is Hard tour

cutest car

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  • Channing:A fan just stole my shirt...
  • Channing:No joke, they hugged me, took a selfie, and then just grabbed it off my shoulder and ran.
  • Channing:I still have my flannel, but that tank top was comfy.
  • Channing::(