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It’s been about a year since my last Miraculous Ladybug fanfic list. Given the fandom is three years old and season 2 is right around the corner (hopefully), I believe it’s time to relive and explore some of the best fanfics the fandom has to offer. By no means is this list comprehensive. Many fics aren’t on here. (I’m working on a list for newer fics, so stay tuned!)

Rainy Days by @thelastpilot (Not rated)
A storm rolls through Paris and refuses to let up, so when a water fearing cat is rescued by the kind efforts of his designing classmate he starts to pay a little closer attention to someone he should have always known better.

he’s not a siren by @miraculousturtle (Rated T)
Merman AU. Their meeting is orchestrated by fate, conducting them one at a time to step on the stage. With the flick of the baton, in time, they will sing the same song, but only if they aren’t swept away by the ocean’s mighty waves.

An Unexpected Surprise by @sweetprincessluck (Rated M)
Adrien Agreste. Age 26. A successful international supermodel, currently changing careers to a CEO of a fashion empire. Was born and raised in Paris, had moved to the USA 6 years ago, came back for a visit. Kind, handsome, lonely. Had experienced a lot, had seen even more. Had nothing left that could surprise him anymore.Except, maybe, this - a small, blonde girl, with emerald eyes and freckles scattered across the bridge of her nose – a splitting image of his mother Lillian Agreste, excluding, perhaps, the freckles.Her name was Emma. Emma Dupain-Cheng, to be exact.

Obsession by @kryallaorchid (Rated T)
Miraculous has unintended side effects. A chance encounter leaves Chat Noir in Marinette’s magic hands. Scritch and scratch, this kitty has needs. MariChat. 

Smoulder by @midnightstarlightwrites (Rated T)
In which Adrien loses a bet and becomes an underwear model, Marinette loses her mind, and the whole fiasco starts a fire which might lead to the pair discovering their identities.

Retrouvailles by @gigiree (Rated G)
There’s an art to telling stories. There’s an art to ending them. Just know that saying “the end” is just another way of saying it’s a new beginning. When she says goodbye, her luck is gone. His has just begun.Tattoo and Flowershop AU!

Over the Wall by @imthepunchlord (Rated G)
The accident, while unintentional, was costly. For her wrong doings against Chloe, Marinette is sent over the wall to die. But instead of death, she winds up in a strange, unnerving world. Good thing she’ll have a cat to watch her back in this bizarre place.

Chasing the C/h/atwalk by @runningoutofink (Rated T)
Paris. The city of lights, love and fashion. Follow the progress of Marinette Dupain Cheng as she enters the extremely competitive world of Reality television for a chance to be the winner of Project Runway: France.

Lucky Us by @geek-fashionista (Rated T)
-AU- Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s life isn’t going as planned: twenty-six, recently dumped, and running her parents’ bakery. The highlights of her day are the emails sent by her mysterious pen pal, Chat Noir. That is, until handsome model Adrien Agreste starts swinging by the bakery after hours. But how is he to know the Ladybug he loves is standing right in front of him?

Guardians by @wintermoth (Rated T)
In the year 2015, Marinette Dupain-Cheng said yes to Tikki, the kwami of Creation. Two days later, Adrien Agreste said yes to Plagg, the kwami of Destruction.For the first time in over a thousand years, the cat and the bug were starting fresh. (immortal AU)

Découvrir by @xiueryn (Rated M)
A decade apart and he still remembered her. Marinette contacts her childhood friend in hopes of rekindling their forgotten relationship despite him being a celebrity, only to assume him to be someone else entirely. AU.

Bare Necessities by @reyxa (Rated M)
Art School AU where Adrien is the nude model in Marinette’s human figure class. Major sin warning but it’s more awkward than sexy. Definitely not for little ears… or eyes I guess…

Serendipitous Fate by @skaylanphear (Rated M)
Adrien is excited to reveal his true identity, while Marinette is terrified. But Master Fu says they can’t afford to be distant any longer. Chat Noir and Ladybug are meant to work in tandem both in and out of uniform, their strength stemming from the bond created between them. Yet, teenagers are sometimes better at dancing blind than running with wide open eyes, even with the steps laid out before them.Steps in the path of an expanding world. Apart, they’ll flounder. But together, they might just stand a chance.

Tikki’s New Friend by @panda013 (Rated G)
The dog was easily the height of his chest, and the young woman walking it could have only come up to his shoulder. But she was just cheerfully walking along beside the dog, chatting and laughing happily with a redheaded young woman. The dog was a big black beast—he didn’t know the breed then, nor did he particularly care, but it whined pitifully when its equally dark-haired owner paused to read a street sign. She just giggled and reached out a hand to ruffle its fur, and the giant’s tail wagged happily.

heartstrings by @zenwisterias (Rated T)
one of marinette’s rare unlucky days turns into something treacherous. thanks to a certain cat, the real danger passes, but there are other things to be more afraid of. her heart, for example, might be one of them.

The Ladybugs and the Bees by @bullysquadess (Rated M)
This originally started as a fanfic about periods and just devolved into crack.

You Don’t Know Me by @ferisae (Rated T)
When Ladybug suffers a near-fatal accident and is presumed dead, it is up to Adrien - who has discovered Ladybug’s secret - to help her through her painstaking recovery and reacquaint her with herself. All this while trying to save Paris on his own without losing himself in the process.

Satisfaction Brought It Back by @siderealsandman (Rated E)
Most people rekindled friendships with people from high school over Facebook or Twitter. Most people met for coffee, shared pictures of their bratty children, and sent old friends Christmas letters once a year. Marinette was clearly not most people as she had somehow hooked up with her former high school crush on a bondage dating website and didn’t know it until he was standing in front of her with an identical look of bemused embarrassment plastered all over his pretty face.

A Werecat in London by @i-am-thornqueen (Rated M)
After an unfortunate encounter with an akuma while in London on a business trip, Chat Noir is forced to deal with the unexpected consequences. Can Ladybug help him return to his normal self, or will he be stuck for the rest of his life getting in touch with his wild side?

tangled ribbons by @demistories (Rated G)
Marinette is a small studio dancer who wins a scholarship to a summer long ballet intensive. Adrien is a famous ballet dancer who would rather be at home than at said intensive. The end of the summer will bring about a showcase that could make Marinette’s career, if she can ignore Chloé and focus on something other than Adrien.

The Space Between Us by @chassecroise (Rated T)
What’s a ladybug to do when her kitten becomes a cat?

Accident of the Evening by @thatwriterchickrachel (Rated T)
Adrien Agreste, rumoured royalty, just wants a normal life. But one night on the run he meets Marinette, a normal girl, with a normal life. Marinette can’t believe it. Her long-time celebrity crush had crashed into her life and was now hanging out with her and her friends in between his busy schedule.With the Annual Parisian Masquerade Ball approaching, and an announcement sure to change everything looming over them, the two young adults begin a friendship and a double life.

Emergence by @artisticflutter (Rated M)
They were only teenagers, but they are no more. Forced to awaken to new powers, both find themselves codependent on the other in order to survive and escape from their captors. They are Ladybug and Chat Noir - they are Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste. Part One of a possible series.

The Lights that Lead Us Home by @oceanspray5 (Rated G)
Based on @piku-chan’s Cinderella AU on Tumblr. Marinette remains at the Palace to train as a noble and Adrien takes on more responsibilities as King. The wedding is planned for the Prince and his Princess and despite any outside meddling forces, goes off without a hitch.

Le Chat Noir by ParadiseAvenger (Rated E)
Le Chat Noir was the most popular strip club in Paris. Marinette could explain how she wound up there the first time, but she couldn’t explain how she kept coming back.

The Wingman Visits by @niuniente (Rated M)
When Chat Noir finds out Ladybug’s real identity as Marinette, he also discovers her huge crush for Adrien. As a gentleman he is Chat Noir offers to be a wingman between Marinette and Adrien, trying to get them together.

Sealed away by @ashesandhoney (Rated T)
Five years ago, Ladybug left Paris and left Chat Noir to learn how to keep it together on his own.Marinette is back in Paris with an internship at the Agreste Fashion house trying to get the spring show up and running and as much as Adrien appreciates having a friend at work, he’s distracted by Ladybug’s return and more Akuma attacks than either of them have faced before.Something big is coming and nothing can stay sealed away forever.

Cut from the Same Cloth by @baneismydragon (Rated T)
When Gabriel notices that Adrien is collecting various supplies from his office, he assumes that his son has finally decided to show an interest in the family business. However when he tries to show his support by showing up at a school presentation, things quickly spiral out of control and everyone learns more than they bargained for

Désolé by @pozolegirl (Rated G)
‘The Cat’s out of the Bag’ as Adrien would say, and now Marinette and Adrien must work through their emotions during this new reveal of identities, all while Hawkmoth is hot on their trail and not about to let them slip away from him, taking matters into his own hands.

Sing the Song of Sailing Sirens by @princessofharte (Rated T)
Adrien Agreste is the Pirate Lord of the High Seas, chasing a British flagship until Le Chat Noir is blown off course into a green storm.

This is not a complete list of the best fics in the fandom. Many of these authors have written multiple fanfics for this fandom and they are all amazing. Indeed, many of the fics on AO3 with the most hits, the most kudos, and the most comments were other fics not mentioned here but completed by many of these authors. Every work of fanfiction is amazing. If you want to help encourage writers to write more awesome fanfiction, please leave a comment on their works. It can be as short as “This is great!” Seriously. We live off validation.

It’s not narcissism if I add in my own fic here, right?

Was there anything I missed? Leave it in the reblogs and spread the word so that others–including myself–can read it!

Glory and Gore

Prompt: “All I need is your lips against mine. Right now.”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (AU)

Word Count: 3,077 Words

Warnings: swearing, a bit of violence, fluff

Notes: This is for @bionic-buckyb ‘s 5k Writing Challenge! Seems like I’m really into Punk!Bucky nowadays. Don’t mind my title, I was just searching my ultra long playlist for ideas and this fit slightly. 

Originally posted by jlstreck

“Hurry up Y/N!” Wanda calls from the bottom of the stairs. It’s the first day back at school and you’ll be damned if you’re late. Some may give you disgusted side-glances because of your enthusiasm, but honestly? They’re the types of people who are destined to be future gas station attendants, so they don’t really bother you.

“I’m coming Wanda!” You reply, stuffing your matte lipstick into your bag and kicking your bedroom door closed. You hurry down the stairs, and smile at your best friend. “Ready?”

She rolls her eyes, grabbing your arm and tugging you towards the front door. “I’ve been ready since half an hour ago, you just take so damn long getting ready.” She tells you, leaning against the threshold as you lace up boots.

“Well, I’m sorry that I put effort into my looks.” You tease, squeaking as Wanda smacks your head.

“Stop rambling nonsense, let’s go.” She snorts, as you leave your home.

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Rude Interruptions // Kim Yugyeom ft. Jackson Wang

Originally posted by jung-hosoek

Pairing: Yugyeom x Reader x Jackson

Genre: Getting caught // A little suggestive // Almost smut // Comedy

Summary//Request: Please do a Yugyeom push against the wall kind of kiss thing and they fet interrupted by Jackson before they can actually do what they want and then Jackson makes fun of them as he notices the obvious sexual tension.

“Are you sure no ones home?” you breathed against Yugyeom as his hands began travelling over your body, his lips ghosting over yours as he backed you up against the living room wall. You felt excitement and nervousness course through your veins at the thought of someone walking in on your very intimate moment you were sharing with your boyfriend.

“Everyone’s gone for the day” he hushed you as his lips found yours, trapping you between himself and the wall as he pressed his body against yours. You stood on your toes to put your arms over his shoulders as his hands explored underneath your thighs, still kissing you as he did so.

“Jump” he murmured. You wrapped your legs around his waist as his long fingers gripped your thighs. He began rolling his hips, creating friction between both of your cores eliciting a soft mewl from your lips as you felt Yugyeom’s member harden against your clothed womanhood. You moaned into his mouth, edging him on more as he moved his hands to your ass and gave it a tight squeeze.

Suddenly, you both heard the front door of the dorm open.

“Fuck, Yugyeom!” you almost screamed, as he very nearly dropped you to the ground. A look of panic swept across both of your faces as you began straightening out your clothes and ran over to the sofa to sit down and act like nothing was going on as you both stared in front of you at the blank television screen. Yugyeom pulled a cushion over the very obvious tent in his trousers, before seconds later, in walked none other than Jackson.

“Sup guys” Jackson said, not even looking in your direction as he walked passed you both and went straight for the kitchen, leaving the door open between the rooms.

“Hey Jackson…” you called out, looking at Yugyeom in panic. Yugyeom closed his mouth tight, his face burning crimson while trying to calm his heart beat as Jackson continued to talk to you both.

“…and then I said ‘Well why don’t you just give me 5 for the price of 4 and we’ll call it a deal?’ And he gave me them no problem! This is why you have to barter, kids.” he said as he walked back into the living room with a tray of food he just bought from an organic market. Jackson set the tray on the table in front of the sofa before tuning the TV on and squeezing right in between the both of you.

“So, what have you guys been up to?” he asked while setting the tray back on his lap.

Neither of you spoke as you both tried to come up with something natural to say. You glanced over at Yugyeom who was still looking forward with the pillow firmly placed on his lap. “Um, well we were just about to watch TV when you came in…” you trailed off before looking to Jackson who had been looking at you the entire time.

“…Are you okay (Y/N)? You seem a bit dazed. Did you eat today? Do you want some of my food?” he asked, offering you some with his chop sticks, to which you shook your head. “Ahh no thank you, honestly I’m fine I just…I’m just tired that’s all.” You smiled as genuinely as you could. Jackson squinted at you, knowing something was up. He turned to Yugyeom and noticed the pillow that he was clutching very tightly on his lap.

“…hey Yugyeom can I borrow the pillow to put under my tray? It’s uncomfortable on my lap”

“No Jackson” Yugyeom replied quickly, making Jackson flinch. Jackson began squinting at him also, looking back between you both.

“Give me the pillow Yugyeom” he said calmly

“No” Yugyeom said firmly.

“Why won’t you give me the pillow? Why are you holding it so tightly? Are you hiding something from me?” Jackson let question upon question fall out of his mouth, his curiosity burning with desire. Your eyes widened, hoping that Yugyeom had become a little less excited down there now as Jackson was adamant about wanting the pillow.

Jackson suddenly grabbed the pillow, yanking it straight out of Yugyeom’s grip before feasting his eyes on his obvious boner through his pants.

“OH MY GOD NO” he screamed as he began to laugh and giggle incessantly, throwing his head back against the sofa.

“You guys were doing dirty things when I came in!” he exclaimed, looking at you and pinching your cheeks to which you swatted him away and turned your head so he couldn’t see how red your face had gotten.

“Jackson stop it oh my god” Yugyeom whined in response, tugging the pillow back from Jackson as he tried to stop the tears from running down his face due to laughing so much.

“I can’t believe how grown up you’ve gotten Yugyeom. You’re a real man now!” he patted Yugyeom on the back before getting up from the sofa.

“I’ll leave you two spring chickens alone. Continue where you left off! Don’t mind me!” he chuckled as he walked out the living room door towards his room, leaving you to alone finally. You shut your eyes tight, feeling more embarrassed than you had ever felt in your entire life. Yugyeom moved closer to you before putting his hand on top of yours. “I’m so sorry about that (Y/N). I didn’t know he would be back so soon…” he trailed off, feeling terrible for putting you in such an uncomfortable situation. You opened your eyes to see a very concerned looking Yugyeom, his eyes full of regret about the whole ordeal. You smiled gently before kissing his nose.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s not your fault.” You cooed into his face before he kissed you lightly on your lips. You didn’t even notice Jackson at the door until he knocked the door frame, causing you both to snap your heads around.

“WHAT, JACKSON?!” you both shouted in unison, before Jackson threw a small box towards the both of you. It landed beside you on the sofa, before you picked it up and seen it was a box of condoms. You groaned, gritting your teeth as Yugyeom opened his mouth wide in shock before giving Jackson a look of disbelief.

“Don’t forget to use a condom! Kids shouldn’t have kids!” he said cheerfully, before walking back to his room, smiling and giving himself a pat on the back before saying to himself “Good man, Jackson. That’s your good deed done for today!”  

BTS Reacting to you surprising them backstage at an awards show!


Originally posted by ksjknj

You hear Namjoon finish up the last line of his speech, and fans cheering and screaming “BTS! BTS! BTS.” You stand by the entrance of the stage patiently waiting. You heard him and the boys coming in. Namjoon is first to enter, and his eyes find their way to you fairly quickly. His face brightens up more than it already was. “Y/N!” He says with the happiest voice you’ve heard from him ever. He runs up to you, squeezing you tight. “You’re so good to me, thank you for coming baby girl.” you blush, as he showers your face with kisses hugging you even tighter than before.


Originally posted by seokjins-wings

“Another award to add to our bag guys!” Seokjin says in a celebratory tone, “Where are we going to go eat?” You watch him from far away, waiting for him to notice you. You notice Hobi patting on his Hyung’s shoulder and pointing in my direction. It took him a second to look exactly where he was pointing, but when his eyes locked on you, he had a priceless smile on his face. You both speed walked to each other to lock into an embrace. “You managed to get here after work, Jagi?” He stands there patting your head and planting soft kisses on the top of it, still locked in your hug. “I love you so much.”


Originally posted by chimchams

You decided to surprise your boyfriend Yoongi by showing up unannounced at the awards ceremony he’s been talking about for a month now. You told him you couldn’t go, lying to him because you wanted to surprise him. You sat backstage, waiting for him to come to see the reaction on his face. As the boys trickled in, one by one, Yoongi came in last holding the reward proudly over his head. He sang a congratulatory beat along with J-hope and you couldn’t help but laugh. His gummy smile was just too cute. “Yoongi Oppa” You called out sweetly. The change of his expression was so quick. He looked around for you and saw you waving at him from across the room. He turned around and dropped the award into Jimin’s hands, and walked to you cheerfully with open arms. “Princess, you came?” His gummy smile appearing once more like a ray of sun. He hugged you tightly, then lifted you in the air leaving passionate kisses on your lips. “You’re one of a kind.”


Originally posted by gotbangboys

Hoseok LOVED when you surprised him, so you knew his reaction was going to be genuine and heartfelt. As soon as he saw you, he rubbed his eyes jokingly, and ran up to you quickly, pinching your cheeks. “Jagiya, oh my goodness.” He was at a loss for words. You kissed his lips and wrapped your arms around him, burying yourself into his chest. “You are too damn cute.” He replies, resting his head on top of yours. He starts to rock you back and forth, humming a sweet melody into your ear.


Originally posted by ilovemymochimin

When the members come backstage, you sneak up behind Jimin, hugging him from behind. “Congrats sweetheart.” You say nuzzling yourself into his back, inhaling his scent. You felt Jimin’s body freeze up. “Jagi is that you?” He said giggling, “Stop playing around let me see your face.” You let go of him, and he turns around, hugging you. “A beautiful girl to support me through my career, what more can I ask for?” He says as he starts to tickle your sides. You giggle and squirm around. “Thank you for always being my support.” He says smiling so hard, his eyes disappear while his smile takes over his whole face.  He reaches for your hands and brings one up to his mouth. He looks at you, winking and presses his soft plump lips to the top of your delicate hand.


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

“Taehyung Oppa” You call out to him. He turned to see you at the stage entrance. He is in disbelief. He tries to hide his smile but is unsuccessful. He didn’t know how to react. He started to walk to you, with his hands in his pockets almost in a strolling manner. “Y/N, you always know how to make me feel good, don’t you?” He took out his hands from his pockets, grabbing your face. He brushed his thumbs across your cheeks, looking intently at every detail. Looking into his eyes, you smile at him. “Congratulations, I love you.” You pucker your lips up for a kiss. Taehyung leans over, tilting your chin up giving you a deep kiss in return like a stamp on an envelope. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” He goes to stand behind you, putting his arms over you and resting his chin on the very top of your head, feeling content as ever.


Originally posted by petiteyoongi

He makes his way on stage with the 6 other members happily, adjusting his blazer. You see them talking afar with big smiles on their faces. Their body language, from the very tops of their heads, to the tips of their toes, showed accomplishment and immense happiness. “Jungkook!” You sweetly called out. He looked around, trying to find the little voice that called out to him. You snuck up behind him and poked at his back. He quickly twirled around and bear hugged you. “Ya! Why didn’t you tell me you were coming Jagi?” he said, making sure you were fully wrapped under him. “Surprise!” You said giggling, your voice muffled. He let you go, grabbing your hands and interlocking your fingers. “You look beautiful tonight.” He mentioned, looking at you with the biggest heart eyes. You felt as if your own heart was about to melt. You thanked him, as he brushed a small kiss onto your forehead, and two onto each cheek. “I couldn’t be happier than I am right now Jagiya.”

Stare || Jason Blossom

A/N: So this was requested by @phanwth, I hope you enjoy what I wrote and I’m sorry if it isn’t what you wanted, and that it took so long! Feel free to request more you guys! :)

Warnings: Swearing

Words with quotes and italics like ‘this’ are either thoughts, or text messages.


Joining the River Vixens wasn’t something you had ever considered doing. It wasn’t like you wouldn’t want to try it out, maybe you would enjoy it, most of your fear had come from the thought of the people that would be watching you do it.

So naturally you were opposed to Cheryl suggesting you try out. Many people thought that someone like Cheryl being friends with someone like you was bizarre, but you knew better.

You had taken the time to get through to Cheryl privately, and saw how she really was. Although she acted the way she did at school, she had a soft spot for you and you had one for her too, so you put up with any looks, you hardly noticed them now.

The moment you saw Cheryl walking up to you with that sly smile you just knew she was going to suggest some crazy idea she had to you, and you were right. She walked up to you quickly, luckily without her two minions, and smiled even wider if that were possible, “I had a great idea and I won’t even give you the chance to say no” were the words that came out of her mouth.

You quickly shook your head, “what is it now?” you asked in a rushed manner, reaching into your locker as if you actually had something to be doing. Cheryl, being your only friend besides Jughead, saw past you rather quickly.

She closed your locker and grabbed you gently by the shoulders before you could walk away, “I know you too well (Y/N). Now listen up, you are going to join the River Vixens, no excuses.” she said boldly, staring you directly in the eyes.

She was met with an exhausted sigh, “Cheryl you know how much I hate dealing with people in general. Do you know how many people are going to watch and criticize me if I do this?” you said quickly, immediately rejecting the idea.

Cheryl looked at you with pleading eyes, “(Y/N). Please do this, for me? I know how you are, trust me, but please do this one thing? I know you would be great at this, believe me.” she begged, but she still indicated that you wouldn’t have to do it.

She nearly screamed with joy when she saw you nod your head, muttering a quiet “fine, I’ll do it.” under your breath. Cheryl grabbed your arm and quickly dragged you down the hall, talking about your routine and schedule.

After many practices and a very embarrassing ( for you anyways ) tryout, you were finally a part of the River Vixens. Cheryl was ecstatic about you joining, and proceeded to rant to you about the next football game you guys were going to cheer at.

You quickly realized it was very close, and panic overwhelmed you, but you chose to just ignore it for now, ‘i’ll worry about it later’ you thought to yourself. Cheryl continued speaking to you excitedly, “I’m so proud of you! Now we can cheer on JJ and the rest of the team together” she said smiling proudly, her gaze turning to you.

It took you a moment to process something, it was like you completely forgot, Jason Blossom was on the football team. For unknown reasons Jason intimidated you, without a doubt he was similar to Cheryl, maybe he just seemed bad, after all they were twins, but he still was intimidating.

Despite all of this you nodded, smiling back at cheryl cheerfully, walking down the sidewalk as you got closer to your house where you would both split up from each other.

Cheryl sighed contently, “I’ll see you at the game, (Y/N). Don’t stress, you’ll do awesome.”  she said quickly, giving you a quick smile before walking away. You stared at her retreating form in thought, snapping out of it as you ran up to your front door, retreating to your room to stress about the upcoming football game.

It felt like no time had passed at all but here you were, already getting ready for the game. Panicked thoughts swirled through your mind, and the thought of so many people- especially those you didn’t particularly like, watching you, was unnerving to say the least.

You had already messed up in your panic getting dressed, accidentally shoving your arm in the hole meant for your head. The moment you noticed this, a loud and annoyed “fuck!” escaped your lips, as Cheryl and the other River Vixens looked at you curiously.

Cheryl quickly picked up on what was going on, walking over to you and helping you get your arm into the right place, “Calm down, trust me these things are not as bad as you may think they are” she said comfortingly, putting a gentle hand on your shoulder.

You nodded mostly to yourself, looking to make sure everything was in order, just in time as you noticed it was time for you guys to cheer. Attempting and failing to ignore your nerves, you ran out with the other girls, getting in your place as you began to cheer.

The football team had begun running out too, and then you noticed the familiar red hair, and stared for a moment.  Bashfully you looked away before anyone could notice you staring, everyone except for Cheryl Blossom.

Little did you know, just as you had looked away from the teen, he caught sight of you. He felt paralyzed, staring at you as you stood there, cheering with the other Vixens.

Many thoughts ran through his mind, ‘when did she join the Vixens?’ being the first one he thought of. He knew that you had to have just joined, and he swore that he had seen you with his sister, then it all clicked.

You were (Y/N) (Y/L/N). You were in a few of his classes and Cheryl had talked about you a lot, ‘how did I not realize?’ he thought to himself lamely, his stare still on you although luckily you hadn’t noticed.

Just as he began thinking about why Cheryl hadn’t bothered introducing you, he figured the whole situation out. Cheryl wouldn’t introduce you because of his reputation, why would the introverted (Y/N), who always made it clear about how much she hated meeting new people ( according to Cheryl ), want to meet a new person? Especially if that new person was the most well known person in the entire school?

His thoughts were quickly interrupted as he heard the whistle blow and quickly got into position to play, although you were all that remained on his mind. When the game started Cheryl noticed an off look in her twins eye, and wondered what it could have been as they began to cheer.

Jason noticed he was distracted, his coach did, Cheryl did, and a few teammates did, but no one said anything yet, ‘why do I keep thinking about her? I don’t know her’ he thought to himself as he shoved someone down roughly.

He looked over to you briefly and noticed you staring back, although you looked away quickly he continued staring, getting lost for a moment. That was when Cheryl noticed, she saw immediately that Jason had stared at you just like you had done to him a few moments ago, but decided to confront the both of you about it after.

Jason heard his name and even though his feet moved, his mind stayed on you, and even though he jumped to catch the ball, his mind was zoned out. So it came as a surprise to him when he felt the wind get knocked out of his lungs and found himself on the grass, a pounding headache beginning to form.

He heard multiple calls of his name as he was pulled up onto his feet, disoriented he blew off the coach and insisted he could play, and he continued. Despite him continuing, even though he didn’t have a major fall again, a few people noticed he was a bit off.

He wouldn’t immediately respond to his name being called, and sometimes he wouldn’t knock someone down properly. everyone on his team was growing concerned and slightly annoyed at Jason’s suddenly distracted behaviour, and made it known when the game ended and they lost.

Chuck was irritated because of Jason’s performance on the field, and infuriated when he noticed that Jason wasn’t paying attention to him walking over at all. Jason did notice however, when Chuck decided to give him a rough shove, “what the hell Jason. What was wrong with you today?” he asked  angrily, staring Jason in the eyes.

Jason shook his head, “I don’t know, wasn’t feeling good is all. Back off Chuck, I think you’re forgetting who the hell I am” he responded, quickly switching back into his usual state, the tough rich boy.

Chuck glared at him, “You’re lucky this was just one game. Don’t fuck this up for the rest of us.” he muttered, storming off, seething with rage. Reggie walked up to Jason and pat him on the shoulder, however Jason shoved his hand off and walked outside to get some air.

The moment Jason stepped out Cheryl got in his face, “Hey JJ, I saw you today. You were looking at (Y/N), and normally I wouldn’t let you because of how you act around girls in particular, but you’ve never looked at anyone like that.” were the rushed words that came out of her mouth as she gave him a suspicious look.

Jason shook his head, processing what she had just said before he responded, “I don’t know what you-””Don’t give me that JJ. I want you to be happy and I know how you looked at her, so you’re meeting her in two days for a date, this Sunday around 5, be. ready.” she said, smiling as she gave him a loving peck on the cheek before walking off to find you.

She didn’t have to look very far, quickly seeing you standing outside out of your outfit looking lost. Cheryl ran over to you smiling from ear to ear, “You’re meeting Jason this weekend!” she shouted, giving you a knowing look as you chocked on your own spit for a moment.

After coughing, you gave her a look that screamed ‘what the fuck’ before responding, “Cheryl- why? I don’t want to meet-””you don’t want to meet anyone. I saw both of you looking at each other and I can’t let that go. You were gaping at Jason, he was gaping at you, and the look you guys had… that was a look that meant a lot.” she said knowingly, giving you a pleading look.

You rubbed a hand over your face in an annoyed manner, “Fine, but he better not pull anything Cheryl.” you muttered, throwing Cheryl a look that she was already used to.

The time leading up to the date was stressful for both you and Jason. Cheryl had been preparing you both and found it very difficult. Jason was doubting that you would enjoy yourself and constantly worrying about what he would act like, meanwhile you were worried about Jason trying to pull a- well a Jason

It was now an hour before the date and Cheryl had helped you get ready and emotionally prepare yourself, “I already talked to him, he isn’t a bad guy (Y/N). He’s just like me, I promise” she said convincingly, making you smile to yourself as you nodded.

You and Cheryl began talking about the date and before you knew it the doorbell rand. You got up and frowned, “I can’t-””Yes you can, come on” she insisted, dragging you to your front door.

When you opened it and saw Jason it seemed fake, he stood tall, red hair messier than usual, a casual outfit on him as he gave a quick smile, looking over to Cheryl.

Cheryl quickly stepped over, “Jason, (Y/N). (Y/N), Jason. I’m sure you two already met while gawking at each other during a football game though” she added slyly, making both you and Jason throw a glare her way.

Quickly grabbing Jason’s arm in a boost of confidence, you dragged him out, “Bye, Cheryl!” you shouted sarcastically as you walked towards the familiar neon sign at Pop’s diner.

Jason laughed to himself, and the sound was soothing, “Hey uh, I just want you to know that you’d better be like Cheryl said, and not the Jason I always see swooning girls at school” you said lamely. Jason just smiled, “Well I hope she didn’t paint me out to be some hero or some dick because i’m neither of those. I just want you to think of me as some guy, not ‘Jason Blossom, the captain of the football team’” he said quickly, looking over to you nervously.

You bit your lip in thought, “This is a step in the right direction. I can’t think of you as ‘some guy’ but I can think of you like I thought of Cheryl” you said finally, looking over to Jason.

Jason nodded quickly, “And how did you think of her?” he asked curiously, glancing at you from the corner of his eye as you neared Pop’s, “Someone who was ruined and forced to act a certain way because of family reputation” you put simply, glancing to see his reaction.

Jason looked at you solemnly, “How often does Cheryl talk about us?” he asked, opening the door for you to enter the diner before him. You stepped inside, walking to your favourite seat in the back, “Not too often, but i’ve seen the way your parents are, no offence” you muttered out quickly, sitting down.

Jason shook his head, “Let’s talk lighter, I don’t want you to think of me as some victim. I’ve done bad shit that I shouldn’t have, you know that” he said sincerely, looking around the diner to avoid your gaze.

You nodded, “Lets not talk about that, I want our first official ‘date’ to be happier, the sad shit can happen later” you replied in a light tone, smiling at Jason when he looked back to you. 

He nodded, “Right of course. By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask you, is it true that you befriended Cheryl after you threw a water balloon filled with paint at her face from the roof?” he laughed, giving you a questioning look.

You nodded bashfully, hiding your face behind your hands, “Yes I thought it would be funny, I’m surprised she didn’t kill me. I was surprised at my aim though, it was pretty good, if I do say so myself” you said jokingly, peeking our from behind your hands to see Jason laughing silently.

The rest of the night continued with lighthearted jokes and smiles. Jason walked you back to your house, and was greeted by a very excited Cheryl who quickly brought both of you in.

Jason walked into your kitchen, you and Cheryl following as you mouthed a ‘thank you’ to Cheryl, who smiled and mouthed an ‘I told you so’ back.

Little did you know, Jason talked about you nonstop to Cheryl all the time after that. The three of you spent the rest of that night together making jokes, watching movies, and trying to forget about any reputations you would deal with when you got back to school the next day.

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It’s Always Been You

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Pairing: Jimin + Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 2k
Prompt: Person A likes Person B but doesn’t have the guts to tell them, so instead Person A asks Person B how to get a girl to like them and Person B tells him everything he needs to know.
A/N: This is my entry to @nightbts’ writing contest! I thought this would be fun plus, I admire her writing so much! I also want to improve my writing so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity!


Monday mornings meant time for school, sadly. You dragged  yourself out of bed and tiredly walked to the bathroom to wash up. Once you were done, you got dressed in casual attire — some jean shorts and a striped button up, along with your side bag of course. You headed outside and started walking towards your local bus stop.

“Hello, (Y/N)!” You heared from someone oddly familiar.

Turning your head, you saw one of Jimin’s friend, Taehyung. You’ve always liked him — he was very fun to be around. “Hey, Tae! You take the bus too? I thought you drive to school.”

“Yeah, but my parents are making me take the bus instead of my own car because I came home drunk the other night…” he said with a sad smile.

“Oh, Tae,” you said, chuckling.

“Whatever. So where’s Jimin?” He took out a bag a poky sticks and started chewing on them.

“He had to go school early to take the physics test he missed out on the other day. He offered me a ride but I was to lazy to get up, plus, I’d be bored just waiting for him alone,” you said, sticking out your hand to Taehyung, obviously showing that you’d like a pocky stick.

“You know…Jimin told me something that he hasn’t told you…” Taehyung smirked.

“What? That’s ridiculous, Jimin and I are best friends, he’d tell me anything.”

You and Jimin became best friends at the beginning of freshman year of college. You had gotten lost and he had been an excellent guider — showing you where all your classes were, introducing you to all his friends, which is how how you met Taehyung, and even offered to sit with you at lunch. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t have feelings for him. However you’d never tell him because you doubt he feels the same way and you wouldn’t want to jeopardize the beautiful friendship you both created.

“Ah I don’t think so…he told me something that I can’t tell you,” Taehyung teases.

“What? Idiot, you’re the one that brought it up so now I want to know!” You said quite loudly.

“Nope! I’ll never surrender!”

You suddenly thought  of something that’ll make the boy speak. You jumped up, grabbed the pocky stick box and shoved it in your bag. “Ha! Now tell me!”

“(Y/N)! Give that back! Those are my favourite! He whined.

“Not until you tell me what Jimin has told you and not me, his best friend!”

“You’re a pain in the ass, (Y/N). I’ll tell you but you have to promise not tell Jimin that I told you or else he’ll beat me up,” he takes a deep breath before continuing. “He likes this girl from our school and he’s planning on telling her but doesn’t know how,” he said, and you swear your heart stopped for a second.

“W-who is it?” You asked.

“I can’t tell! You’ll have to ask him that yourself! Can I please have my pocky sticks back?” 

Sighing, you took the box back out of your bag, but not before stealing a stick for yourself. Taehyung grabbed the box back and within seconds, you saw the bus coming and you both got on. The only thing on your mind was figuring out who the mystery girl was that Jimin liked.


Upon reaching school, Taehyung and you both turned your separate ways. You planned on finding Jimin to ask him who the mystery girl was. You just couldn’t believe he wouldn’t tell you. Reaching your locker, you opened it and got out your psychology textbook. “Hey, (Y/N).”

Closing your locker and looking to your  right, you saw a giddily Jimin which was weird because he’s usually quite grumpy in the morning.

“Hey, Jiminie!” You both walked side by side but not before the question in your head keeps begging you to ask him. “Jimin?”


“Uh, Taehyung told me you like someone from our school…”

Jimin’s face was something you never saw before. He looked angry. “Did he say who?”

“No…but why didn’t you tell me?!” You slapped his shoulder.

“Ow! This isn’t the time, okay? We have class right now,” He started to walk faster as you tried to catch up.

“Jimin, class doesn’t start until nine thirty!” You exclaimed. “Can’t you just give me a hint?! Is it Yejin?”

Little did you know that the mystery girl was you. Jimin’s started falling for you a couple months after you two became friends. On one night while you two were cuddled up on the couch watching a movie, you started laughing and smiling at a funny scene that popped up and Jimin knew from that very moment, that he wanted to see that smile for him and only him.

“No, it’s not. It’s someone more special and I don’t know what to do. I need to know how to tell her in a romantic way because she a sucker for romantic things…can you help me?” He asked.

It honestly kind of hurt you. A part of you didn’t want to help him because you were jealous but as his best friend, it was your duty to help him.

“When are you planning on telling her?”


Damn…already? “Oh.”

“Yeah, I just hope she likes me back,” he smiled while looking down. “I just don’t know how to tell her.”

“Okay fine, I’ll teach you everything you need to know. Just meet me near my locker at the end of the day.”

“Thanks, (Y/N), you’re the best” with that, he ruffled your hair and you both head to class.


“Why are we at a flower shop?” Jimin asked.

“I’m going to teach you everything you need to know. Since she likes romantic things, roses are perfect!” you said as you asked the old lady if she had any fresh red ones.

“Oh yes! They’re in the back, I’ll go get them, wait here,” she walks off to the back of her flower shop.

You turned back to see Jimin pacing around the shop. “Relax, she’ll love these!” You tell him.

“Do you like roses?…”

“I do! They’re beautiful! If I guy were to give me a bouquet of roses, I’d never stop smiling.”

“Here they are!” The old lady returned, holding the most beautiful roses you’ve ever saw in your entire life.

“Ahh, they’re beautiful! Thank you very much!” You said, cheerfully. 


Walking down the street, you peeked to your right and saw Jimin smelling the flowers and he honestly looked so beautiful. You kind of wished that he was doing that for you. 

Little did you know that he was.

“Now where are we going?” Jimin’s voice snapped you out of your thoughts.

“We’re going to the chocolate store! I think you should go to her house at night, with the bouquet of flowers and chocolate and tell her that you like her and be all romantic…but not too cheesy because you aren’t proposing to her.” You said.

You’ve never been a serious relationship but surprisingly, you knew a lot about love and that’s why many came to you for relationship advice.

“So, I should do all that?” Jimin asked. You slowly nodded.

“Oh! And also, dress casual because it’d be a little extra if you were to wear a suit and  tie,” You both reached the chocolate shop and walked in.

Jimin followed behind you like a puppy, causing you to giggle at the boy. You began looking for a nice chocolate box. “You like milk chocolate, right (Y/N)?”

“Yeah, why do you ask?”

“Um, let’s just get that then. I mean, if you like it, I’m pretty sure she’ll like it too! Plus, it’d be easier and quicker since it’s late and I still have to get ready to you know…”

You smiled at Jimin. You thought it was adorable that he was doing all that for a girl who obviously meant a lot to him. The fact that he wanted to use your special chocolate made you smile. “Okay, sure!”

You two pay the old man and start to head home. Before you both go your separate ways, Jimin speaks up. “(Y/N)?”


“Thank you for today. Without you, I’d be a complete mess. I just hope that when I go to her her apartment tonight, she’ll feel the same way…”

“Aw! Don’t worry, Jimin. She’s honestly one lucky girl. I’m glad you’re doing this for her. Trust me, if you do everything I told you, you’ll be good. Make sure to let me know what she says,” you say, sadly. It hurt you knowing that Jimin was confessing to some random girl you probably never heard of.

“I will! Take care, (Y/N)!” Jimin waved and turned the other way.


By the time you came back, it was nearly nine o’clock and you still had to shower and get ready for school the next day. Thank god your class was at twelve tomorrow. Hanging up your bag and coat, you walked to the bathroom and stripped all your clothes off from head to toe and headed in the shower. You thought about today how successful it was. Jimin had always helped you in the past — with tests, boyfriend problems, and even with helping you cook sometimes. The fact you you were able to help him today put smile on your face.

You didn’t know if you were happy or sad that Jimin liked someone else. You thought he had feelings for you because he called you beautiful all the time, you guys held hands, and even cuddled on some days when you were upset. 

Maybe faith had other plans.


About 15 minuets later, you got out of the shower and padded to your room to put on more comfier clothes. You pulled out a pair of pj shorts and a tank top and slipped those on. Once that was done, you start drying your wet hair with your towel. After that, you made your way to the kitchen and started making yourself some noodles.

You were so distracted with cooking and dancing to the music that was playing form your phone, you didn’t hear the loud knocking that was coming from your door. You wondered who it could be — you weren’t expecting anyone and it couldn’t be Jimin because he was out with the girl. Lowering the volume on your phone, you walked to the door and open it.

You were in complete shock and your eyes almost popped out of your eyes when you saw Jimin standing outside your door. He was dressed in casual attire but looks so handsome in your eyes. He was also holding the red roses and chocolate you guys bought today. What is going on?

“J-Jimin? What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at-“

“(Y/N). You’re the one I like,” he said with a wide grin while you were just standing there with your mouth wide open.

“W-what? I-I’m so confused, you like me?”

“Ever since I met you and the more we hung out, I just knew that I wanted to be more than friends,” he said.

You on the other hand were still in shock. “So, I was the girl all along? There’s no one else?

“No, it’s always been you.”

“Why didn’t you tell me a long time ago?” You asked.

“Because I didn’t know if you felt the same way. I didn’t have the guts so I asked you to help me on how to confess to a girl and so, here I am, just like the way you told me,” he said, as a blush crept upon his cheek. “So will you be my boyfriend?”

“You idiot, I’ve liked you this whole time. I think it’s cute that you went through all this just to tell me you like me. I should’ve known when you asked me if I like roses and the thing about the chocolate,” You smirked.

“You’re pretty clueless, (Y/N).”

“Hey!” You hit him on the shoulder ask you made a small pout.

“So is that a yes?” He teased as he leaned in closer to you.

“Yes of course, you can be my boyfriend,” you said happily, with a wide smile on your face.

Jimin handed you the roses and chocolate and within seconds, he crashed his lips onto yours. His lips were just like you imagined — plump and soft. Your lips both fitted perfectly together. He then pulled away, causing you to whine. “I’ve always wanted to do that,” he said.

“Me too.”

You both stared into each other’s eyes and you couldn’t believe that you had Jimin to be yours and only yours. He quickly pecked your lips, cheek, and finally your lip, and you get help but blush and smile like a fool. You suddenly forgot that your noodles were still cooking and that were probably burning.

“Shit! The noodles!” You said as you ran back to the kitchen.

Jimin chuckled to himself. He closed the door behind him and walked towards you. He stared at you while you were running around the kitchen and laughed out loud. He was finally happy knowing that the clumsy girl infront of him was all his, for forever and always.

This was cheesey and horrible because my writing sucks but I hope you all enjoyed! 

New Girl

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1493

Author’s Note: I saw a gif of Stiles and made this cute little thing. There will most likely be a part two if people want it. Thanks to the greatest @dumbass-stilinski for editing it, telling me that one part was confusing and making me realize somethings that I wrote didn’t transform from my phone to my computer. Enjoy all!

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The Walk

“His hair has gone grey. He passes every day.
They say he walks the length of the city…

He is working through the unimaginable.”

- Hamilton, Quiet Uptown

It’s fall and the leaves are dying. They brush against the polished shine of his shoes, fragile beneath his feet – brittle. He feels brittle, too. Dry and used and wasting away.

Graves’ knee plaques him. They tell him it won’t ever fully heal. He grips the walking cane a little tighter. His wand is in its center, unrecognizable. An anchor meant to help him feel less crippled. Regal and ornate like every other part of his well designed mask. A symbol of power and wealth. Like his opulent coat and his freshly pressed suits and the shoes he still shines even though he has no job to wear them to. 

Armor that has no use.

Every morning, he goes about dressing himself as if nothing happened; too afraid to stop. And every evening, he winds up here – in Central Park.

He feels thin, like water spread across a wide floor, ever spreading further and further apart from itself.

His knee gives. He grits his teeth, his breath a great and angry plume in front of his face. He breathes and the feeling passes.

He watches a group of children chase each other, hears their laughter and feels a pang for the life he’s missed.

The wind bites deeper than his coat can stand and he remembers a time he didn’t used to feel so cold so easily. He stumbles, teeth already bared to curse. He seethes. His knee pops cruelly. He dips. No one notices, no one notices

– And then there is a hand at his elbow, not holding him up but rather entwining with his until he is elbow to elbow with a familiar blue coat. Scarred hands and pleasant eyes, happy to see him. Smiling. Wrinkles from his laugh lines – so unlike his own. 

Graves’ wrinkles don’t seem to go away, lately.

“I can’t believe you started without me! I almost missed out on the best park of the walk!” Newt says cheerfully, cheeks rosy from running and from the chill.

Graves scoffs and tries to remember how his lonely evening walks had somehow become a tradition he shared with the wispy Magizoologist. A ritual that had somehow bloomed seemingly from nothing. One day, Newt was just there – and had been ever since.

“You hardly missed anything, Scamander. You accomplished in mere seconds what took me minutes to do. You could go walk it again and catch up with me without missing a beat.”

Newt falls into step with him, unhurried. Content to meander not because Graves cannot move faster, but because he genuinely seems to enjoy slowing down this aspect of his day. To breathe.

Newt tucks his chin and smiles as though he knows something Graves does not.

“It’s not the park I was afraid I’d miss,” Newt says, friendly, and begins to chatter as he always does. And calmly, Graves listens. Queenie and Tina had warned him once to be patient with the man. Something about him being a bit of an odd duck – just as quick to withdraw as he was to speak his mind. But Graves found that Newt had no trouble holding up a conversation. He spoke of his creatures quite liberally now that Graves had no power to reprimand him. He spoke of his book and his plans and his many adventures.

And despite himself, Graves finds it calming just to listen. Occasionally he engages. He asks about what creatures he has or how Newt came to acquire them; but generally he just listens, swept up in the robust passion of Newt’s words that made his own life feel thin and grey by comparison. Sometimes he just closes his eyes and lets Newt lead him - lost in the soft wonder of his voice.

He can’t help but be in awe of the sheer force of nature that is one Newton Artemis Fido Scamander.

The hand at his elbow grips him a little tighter, as though anticipating something exciting as they crest the same hill they always climb to catch the sunset they always watch. The trek leaves Graves aching and unable to catch his breath. His hand trembles fiercely on the grip of his cane, but he does not ever mention it and neither does Newt. Instead, Graves takes a deep, steadying breath and looks out at the view before them – caught as he is always caught by the sheer magnificence of oranges and purples and pinks against the dimming New York sky. He feels a little bit of the weight on his bones leave him, his body oddly light, and sighs.

“This was what I was afraid I’d miss,” Newt says softly.

“That’s the great thing about sunsets, Newt. They come back,” Graves says dryly, eyes sliding from his favorite view in the city to his companion to wryly tease him – and falls still. Newt is looking at him, smiling a little smile, and suddenly everything feels important. 

It’s then that Graves realizes that Newt had never been watching the sunset. Not this evening or the evening prior or the evening before that. He blinks, at a loss. He blames the cold on his rising flush and coughs to hide his stammer.

“An old man staring at the sky. Hardly a novel view.”

He refuses to look at the man even when Newt’s grip gets a little tighter.

“A brave man choosing to see it once again,” Newt says, certain. “I think there’s more beauty in that than in a sunset that will come regardless.”

When Graves returns to the park the next day, it’s not for the sunset.


53. Veronica Lodge x Fem!Reader

(gif credit: velmadinklev & phebobuffay)

Summary: You meet Veronica at school. She’s rather intrigued by you because she can’t quite pin you down.

Note: If you want, listen to Paul Anka’s put your head on my shoulder, and you are my destiny. It’ll make the imagine ten times better ;)

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the fake ah crew makes a bet to see who can get the farthest into the police station before getting arrested because they’re idiots with nothing better to do, apparently, and:

gavin gets tackled the second he starts walking across the parking lot

geoff gets pulled away as soon as he walks into the station (he shaves off his mustache at michael’s urging and tries again and it takes over five minutes for anybody to recognize him, like what the fuck)

and then ryan pulls off his mask and goes in. everyone expects him to be taken down immediately, but he gets in with no trouble. walks around. waves cheerfully at all the officers. gets snacks from the vending machine. acts like he owns the place.

everybody stares. ryan casually mentions that he has lengthy, polite conversations with the chief of police every few months, and everyone stares harder.

he shrugs. “i keep telling you guys to use masks. nobody knows who i am as soon as i take it off. what, you think i wear this thing to get hot dates?”

(but really, though, who would expect the dorky, bespectacled, polite man in dad jeans to be the same guy who wiped out half the shopping district last month while laughing maniacally? “you look like you build model train sets in your spare time,” ray says, horrified. “i don’t know how this is worse than the mask, but it totally is. somebody make him put the mask back on.”)

Making Up

Luke: [cheerfully walking over to the Force Ghosts at the end of Return of the Jedi] OK guys: New Jedi Order, woo! Let’s do it! I’m so ready. 
Yoda: [walking off towards the Ewok party with a beer in his hand] Too old, I am. Yes, too old. At least 50 years of rest, I require. And another beer. [gestures at Obi-Wan and Anakin as he leaves] Let these two deal with this mess, I will. 
Luke: …Oh. Uh, well, OK, so maybe Master Yoda’s out, but you guys are still in, right? 
Obi-Wan: You do sort of owe the Light Side a favor, Anakin. 
Anakin: Um, excuse me, Master, but I’m pretty sure I just did the Light Side the biggest favor? You’re welcome, universe! And also, you didn’t have to tell Luke I was dead! 
Obi-Wan: Ah, yes, my mistake. I guess I just thought maybe Luke wouldn’t want to live with the burden of knowing his father was a murderous cyborg. That maybe it would be easier for me, in my solitude, to remember you as the good person you were. Before you karked it all up in the most spectacular fashion imaginable. What with the mass murdering and all. 
Anakin: [opens his mouth to say something] [closes it] Right
Obi-Wan: Also the last two times I’ve seen you, you did try to kill me. Little hard not to take that personally. 
Anakin: [sadly] Well, when you put it that way… 
Obi-Wan: But…you did fulfill your destiny. And you did save Luke. And the universe, I guess. [looks up at the writers reproachfully] At least for now
Anakin: Also I have my hair back! See? 
Obi-Wan: [admiringly] Yes, I see. 
Anakin: So we can start to put this all behind us? And be The Team again? And help Luke? And watch that marathon of Dragons and Droids this weekend?
Obi-Wan: [fondly] Well, as far as I can tell it’s not like I have a choice anyways. 
Anakin: Oh, thank the Force. I suppose…that just leaves one thing left to take care of. [clears his throat] 
Obi-Wan: [advancing towards him] Yes, I suppose you’re right. 
Luke: [obliviously] So we’re gonna start our work on the new Jedi Order, then? Great, because I was thinking that maybe we should – 
[Obi-Wan dip-kisses Anakin dramatically] 
Luke: Whoa! Oh. Oh. I, uh, I didn’t – I mean – should – should I go, then? For a while? Or…?
[Anakin waves Luke away with one arm without looking at him] 
Luke: A-all right then. We’ll get to work, uh, later, I guess. 

Luke: [sitting down next to Leia] I think our family’s…situation was more complicated than I realized. 
Leia: You mean more complicated than our father being a ruthless villain who killed my parents and cut off your hand? Or us being secret twins separated at birth?
Luke: Well I’m not even sure how we can measure all of these things against each other, but dad’s ghost is currently making out with Ben Kenobi’s ghost. [Leia stares at him] Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that dad’s a ghost now. And so is Ben.
Leia: [takes a large sip of wine] 

There For You

The sunlight is beaming through the curtains of their hotel room and Jo rolls over onto her stomach, squinting at the rays of sunshine. She rubs her eyes, stretching out in the comfortable king size bed. She still feels sore and she could swear that he bruised her hip the way he had pressed her down into the mattress last night.

After a night like that Shawn would usually reach out for her to cuddle and kiss her all over but this morning the place next to her in bed was empty, comforter tossed to the side.

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Famous girlfriend.

Anonymous: Can u do a fanfic where Spence is dating a famous girl but keeping it secret from the team until they are reading the paper and see a guy that looks super similar to Spencer, and also the girl is Derek’s celebrity crush?? Weird I know ahha

Originally posted by toyboxboy

JJ cheerfully walked through the bull pen, placing a magazine on Derek’s desk, grinning smugly at him.

“I’m afraid little miss famous is taken.” JJ chuckled, sitting at her desk opposite his. Derek shook his head in amusement, scoffing dramatically.

“Aw, man. Who is the lucky guy?” Derek questioned, glancing down at the magazine curiously but there was only a picture of Y/N at the front.

“I have no idea, just saw the article title,” JJ grinned, “Y/N’s drunken antics with mysterious man.” She recalled, laughing softly. Derek grinned, leaning back and flickering through the magazine to be met with a familiar looking man. Immediately, Derek frowned, inspecting the image more carefully.

“Everything okay, is he cute?” JJ questioned, humour playing at her gentle voice but quickly drifted off at Derek’s intense stare.

“Take a look at this.” Derek uttered, making JJ meet his side instantaneously, gasping at the image of Y/N kissing a man that looked eerily like Spencer.

“No, it can’t be. I mean alcohol and physical contact are not Spencer’s thing, what-so-ever.” JJ speculated, giggling at Derek’s defeated expression. Suddenly, Spencer staggered through the elevator, hair tangled and dark circles shadowing his deep eyes. JJ’s eyes widened at the sight of him, gaze flickering between his clothes and the image.

“Rough night, Spence?” JJ asked, attempting to muffle her laughter when Spencer winced at her loud voice before slouching at his desk.

“No, just didn’t sleep well. I would appreciate it if you didn’t shout though.” Spencer lied, avoiding JJ and Derek’s stares. JJ smirked at Derek, taking the magazine and pushing it in front of Spencer.

“Oh, I know.” JJ replied smugly. In effect, Spencer’s eyes widened at the image, closing the magazine immediately. Derek’s eyes were fixated on Spencer’s hung over form, still not processing the information.

“How long?” Derek questioned, amusement dominating his voice as Emily wandered over to them, curious about Spencer’s hunched form. Spencer flinched, closing his eyes while his fingers massaged his temples.

“8 months.” Spencer muttered, making Emily frown.

“Wait, what? Spencer has a girlfriend?” Emily urged, lips parted when JJ nodded at her.

“Y/N. Derek’s little crush.” JJ informed, smiling widely. Emily laughed loudly at Derek’s defeated form, noticing the magazine closed in front of Spencer. She snatched the magazine from his desk, quickly flicking through the pages.

“No way! Hold on, did you say you were a germaphobe? You’re tongue is very deep in her-” Before Emily could finish, Spencer groaned, pulling the magazine away from her.

“Shut up.” He uttered, bowing his head to hide the mischievous smile playing at his lips.


So Much For The Genius (Pete x Reader)

Character: Peter Parker (Holland)

Fandoms: Spiderman and a bit of Iron Man

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Fluff

Title: So Much For The Genius

Requested by anon:

If ur still taking requests could u do Spider-Man with Holland n he’s very smitten w u n every time he is around u he’s a loss with words. Tony notices n realizes he has a crush on u so he tries to help him out. When u see him Peter can never talk properly or without embarrassing himself or making things awkward. Ur helping Peter learn how to fight n he finally takes initiative and kisses u.

Requested by anon:

Heeey! Couuld iii req a peter parker (tom/andrew u choose) where she is mad at him and ignores him, his texts, everything. And he tries his best to reach her, and just desperately wants her to talk to him again. Thank you!

Peter felt himself blushing when he noticed Y/N was walking the hallway. And his heart sped up when her beautiful eyes fell on him and the most gorgeous smile coming from her mouth lighted up the place.

“Hi, Pete!” Cheerfully, she walked over to him.

He stood next to his locker, keeping his glance locked on the depths of it. Staring at the books and notebooks inside it made it easier not to glance at her. Because just the sight of her warm eyes and her bright smile made his insides stir nervously and excitedly. And that caused him to be speechless and make a fool out of himself. He was just smitten with Y/N.

“Hello, Y/N” The boy replied absently, trying his best not to be clumsy or somehow embarrass himself.

“How are you?” She casually leaned her shoulder on the wall and Peter could feel her stare on him.

Feeling his voice shaky and himself jittery, he just shrugged. Y/N sighed and crossed her arms in annoyance.

“What is with you lately?” She tilted her head to the side in confusion yet a mild annoyance lingered on her attitude.

“Wh-what?” He gulped as he reluctantly took his head out of the locker and closed it with a shaky hand. “What?”

“We’ve been friends for a while now, but…” Their eyes finally met, so she bit her lip in deep thought as she observed him in an attempt to figure him out. “Lately you’ve been acting strangely. And don’t tell me ‘it’s complicated’ again”

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Harry Hook x fem!reader || Fixing

request nr.1 with prompts #36. “ You still love her ?” , #40. “ This isn’t the guy/girl I fell in love with. “ , #41. “ You’re hurting me. ” + Harry Hook x Reader

request nr.2 with prompts #36. ” You still love her ?“ #41. ” You’re hurting me" & #28 “ I have nowhere to go.” + Harry Hook x reader ( daughter of princess Tiana) @jugheadismyking

I hope you guys still like this, I decided to combine two similar requests , so I get to finish them sooner ! ❤ Also just so you know from 13 august ( aka my birthday ) I’ll be going in a one week trip around my country and I won’t be online. I try to post some one shots every day ( if I have WiFi! ) but I won’t respond to messages or things like that, also my master list won’t be upgraded until I came back home, thanks for the understanding ! Woah this turned out longer that I planned.

THIS IS NOT EDITED ! So I’m sorry for the grammatical errors !


Also this one kind of gave me an idea for a mini series which I might write after I’ll finish the requests ( which are a lot tbh )

master list

writing prompt list


“ You’re sure you don’t want to come with us, (Y/N)? You’ve been going there since your were six,” Tiana looked at her daughter compassionately, knowing that something wasn’t right.

Princess (Y/N) was always the happiest when their family went to the Isle of the lost to help people there; now , the 18 years old princess, refused to go, confusing her mother.

“ I’m fine , mother. I will just skip this time,” (Y/N) smiled

Tiana shook her head, “ You refused to come last year as well, there are no more excuses young lady, ”

“ But mother-”

“ No buts. Now put that pout away, ” Tiana said kissing her daughter’s forehead, “ You will come and stay there for the summer, just like how you always used to,”

(Y/N) groaned , “ I don’t want to stay three whole months there !”

“ (Y/N), the people there need us, until they’ll be accepted into Auradon , they still need us. ”

“ Fine,” she gritted

“ Great! See you on the ship in half an hour, sweetie. ” Tiana smiled, going to pack her own suitcase, leaving (Y/N) alone in her bedroom.

The (h/c) haired girl laid on her bed, staring at the ceiling. She knew very well why she didn’t want to go there anymore.

It all started on her 16th birthday; she saw her boyfriend kissing another girl, not any girl but also her best friend. That’s why (Y/N) tried to stay away as much as she could from the isle, from them.

(Y/N) walked cheerfully along the docks of the isle, it was her birthday and as a gift, her father let her pick two of her friends from the isle and take them outside the barrier for the day.

Of course, (Y/N) knew the perfect people, her longtime boyfriend, Harry Hook and her best friend, Uma.

“ Harry, I have great news!” she said in a singing voice as she opened the door to Ursula’s chip shop, but she wanted to ate her words as soon as she saw the scene in front of her.

Harry was holding Uma on his lap, her lips against his. (Y/N)’s mouth dropped open, “ What’s going on?” she asked, trying to mask her shaking voice as much as she could.

Harry and Uma both pulled away at the sound of (Y/N)’s voice, “ Love, this isn’t what it looks like,” Harry cried panicked

“ Oh really?” (Y/N) asked sarcastically, “ Then what it is ? Is it normal for my boyfriend and best friend to kiss when I’m not here ? ”

(Y/N) didn’t wait for any of them to respond, she just stormed out of the shop and let her legs carry her away, until a strong hand grabbed her wrist, “ Just let me explain, (Y/N),” Harry’s voice echoed in her ears.

“ Explain what , Harry? That you’ve been kissing Uma while I was working my ass off to get you both of the isle today, since it is my birthday, thing you’ve forgo I assume. ”

She was planning to give them a gift for her birthday? Harry couldn’t believe, he was an idiot to ruin that and also their relationship, “ Look, I only kissed Uma because we were in a middle of an argument and I wanted to make her shut up-” Harry sighed, “ and then it evolved into something else, I’m sorry,”

“ Do you love her as you love me?” (Y/N) asked, her voice trembling, tears falling from her eyes. The pirate didn’t reply, thats when she tried to pull away, “ Let me go, Harry,” she cried, “ You’re hurting me,”

And he let her go.


(Y/N) whipped her tears away as she closed her eyes, trying to forget the memory. The princess got up from her bed , grabbed some clothes and threw them in a small suitcase, “ Honey, you’re ready?” her mother yelled from the other room, “ Y-yeah,” (Y/N) said closing her bedroom’s door and going to her parents.

“ Did you cry?” Tiana asked worriedly

“ No, I’m fine mom, let’s go,” (Y/N) smiled weakly, going ahead and hopping on their family’s ship.

The trip wasn’t long, (Y/N) was already used to it and in less than two hours they’ve made it to the isle, Tiana called Belle to lift the barrier and they passed through, “ Here we are, didn’t you miss it ?”

(Y/N) glared at her mother, “ Not really, but thanks for forcing me to come, ” she said bitterly

“ (Y/N)- ”

“ I’ll be fine,” she said running to the old garage that it will be her home for the summer, just like how it used to be .


“ They’re here !” Gil announced happily entering The chip shop

“ What are you talking about ?” Uma asked bored, sometimes she couldn’t understand Gil’s enthusiasm.

“ Queen Tiana and King Naveen with their daughter, isn’t it great?”

Uma dropped the plate she was holding, the daughter of Ursula couldn’t believe that (Y/N) , her former best friend, came back.

A smile appeared on her face but it faded quickly when she remembered the look on (Y/N)’s face when she saw her kiss Harry, “ You’re sure (Y/N)’s here? ” Uma asked

“ Yes, Captain, positive. I saw her. ”

“ Who did you saw?” Harry joined the conversation as he entered the shop, wearing his signature smirk.

“ (Y/N) !” Gil answered enthusiastic

Harry’s smirk dropped ,“ Tell me he’s joking,” he said looking at Uma.

“ Afraid not, ” she sighed, “ You still love her ?”

“ I’m not sure, Uma, ”

The teal haired girl nodded, as her eyes opened wide when she saw who was entering the shop, “ (Y/N),” she said softly, making Both Harry and Gil to turn around and see the princess holding a bag full of groceries.

“ Hi, so…these are for you guys,” she said awkwardly; Tiana made her go there herself and fix things between them and her old friend, “ Good to see you again,” she said showing a slightly fake smile.

“ It’s good to see you again, (Y/N)” Gil smiled, taking the groceries from her hands and handing them to Harry, “ I’ve missed ya,” he said wrapping his muscular arms around her.

Her eyes moved from Uma to Harry then she hugged Gil back, “ I’ve missed you too,” she said , her eyes landing again on Harry.

Slowly she pulled away, turning on her heels, “ I guess I’ll see you around,” she said running away from there, back to the garage where Harry’s eyes couldn’t follow.

“ I still love her,” Harry sighed, “ I knew it, but remember that our priority is to get revenge on Mal and her friends now, for giving us the fake wand, okay?”

Harry nodded slightly as he started to run after the princess he still loved.

“ Be back in a hour, Harry !” Uma yelled after him.


“ Mom, go away I’m not in the mood,” (Y/N) sobbed as she heard someone entering her room.

“ I ain’t your ma’, love.”

(Y/N) recognized the deep voice and the thick accent, she cursed herself for not locking the door, “ Go away, Harry. ”

“ We need to talk, (Y/N), please, I have to get back to Uma-”

“ Then just to back to her already!” (Y/N) snapped, getting up from her bed, “ This isn’t the guy I fell in love with, ” she screamed, “ You’re just her lap dog now, aren’t you?”

Harry was at a loss of words, he never heard (Y/N) yell at him, or anyone in fact, she was always known for her friendly and calm personality. He ruined that, “ I’m sorry…” he whispered, turning on his heels and ready to go.

And she let him go.


“ What took you so long , Harry ?”

“ Can’t you just give me a rest, Uma ? I’m your first mate-”

“ And as my first mate you don’t get to complain, do you Harry?”

The pirate glared at her, “ No, but as your friend I do get to complain,” he said

“ What did you just say?”

Harry sighed, “ Uma ye know I’ll always love ye and defend ye, but I can’t just give up on everything for ye. ”

“ So what you chose the princess over me?”

“ I didn’t want to choose, Uma. But I love her and I can’t just let her go, not again. I hope you understand. ”


“ You sure about this, (Y/N)?”

“ Yes, mom. See you two in three months ! ” the princess waved at her parents as the ship started to sail.

She told them about Harry, about everything that happened and Tiana decided that if (Y/N) couldn’t make things work with her friends, then she has the right to go back home.

So that’s what she was doing - leaving ,hoping to never go back again.


(Y/N) assured her parent’s friends that she didnt need help with the luggage, so she went alone to grab it from the ship, but what she found there wasn’t her luggage.

Harry was standing in front of her, smiling innocently, he noticed she was ready to scream so he ran towards her and covered her mouth with his hand.

“ I couldn’t let you go this time, love,” he whispered, “ Wanna know why?” he asked even though Harry knew the girl wasn’t able to answer, “ Because I love you and you’re my home, don’t kick me out,” he said with his voice a breaking at the end.

Harry took his hand off her mouth, praying she wouldn’t scream.

“ Why don’t you go back to Uma?” she hissed

“ Because I chose you,” he sighed, “ And if you don’t want me here, I have nowhere to go, so can I stay and try to fix things with ye?”

She didn’t reply, (Y/N) just turned on her heels and left.

“ (Y/N)?” he called out for her

“ You can start the fixing by taking my luggage and come to the castle. ” was all that she said

Things I Learned From Sir Terry Pratchett And His Marvelous Worlds (A Necessary List)
  1. The dogged determination and patience of one person to do what is Right and Necessary may not always win the day or even be noticed, but it will tip the balance just a little in the direction of good.
  2. “[T]he innocent had everything to fear, mostly from the guilty but in the longer term even more from those who say things like ‘The innocent have nothing to fear’.”
  3. Help when you can, lift when you can, work as you can, but never be afraid to ask ‘will I get paid for this?’
  4. Everyone’s got hidden depths.  Some people have beautiful hidden mountain glades filled with adorable doe-eyed bunnies.  Some people have black oubliettes filled with nightmares and worse. Endeavor to be the sort of person that has both sorts of depths as neighbors.  Plumb them with caution.
  5. Find a place to call home, and know it so well you can tell what street you’re on by the feel of cobblestones through your boots.
  6. You can always come home again, but that doesn’t mean you’re moving backwards.
  7. There is never a bad time for a pun.
  8. There’s also never really a good time for a pun.
  9. You might as well just stay braced for a pun at all times, and ride them when they come with as much grace as you can manage.
  10. The fact that you can replace ‘pun’ with ‘disaster’ in the last three rules says a lot about the human race.
  11. Many people can survive absolutely anything as long as they know where their next meal is coming from. Others can not survive much, no matter how many meals they know about, and there’s no shame in that, nor admitting that, nor leaning on others to get there.
  12. You can protect children and you can teach children, but never perfectly in either case.
  13. You may not be able to change the world, but that doesn’t mean you have to stand for any sort of nonsense in your personal life.
  14. Everybody has somebody.  It could be a friend, a lover, a spouse, a writing partner, or even That One Person You See At The Coffee Shop each day.  Sometimes they exist to comfort you.  Sometimes they exist to drive you absolutely mad.  Be open to either as a form of self-improvement.
  15. Death comes to us all, but memory is long and time is tricky.  The end for you is, most likely, not really the end for everyone else.  
  16. If you know the end, if you can see the end, there’s no need to be resigned.  Keep walking on cheerfully, whistling right up to the precipice, and let people remember you by the beautiful song you leave in the air.

Thank you, sir.  You will be missed.

a cure / jungkook (smut)

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

summary: you were at a party thrown by your boss but you didn’t say anything to your husband jungkook (also this story is all over the place like it has angst and fluff and smut and all that jazz…)

genre: angst ( a bit ) , fluff , smut

warnings: smut

it was a pre-halloween party at your work. your boss told everyone including you, since you were all working so hard that she decided to give you a little ‘let lose’ party, right before halloween. you were working for the best magazine that’s currently out there on the market and you had so many articles to write. you were so happy once she announced that, plus the party was right after work so you didn’t have to go home and then come back again. she invited a couple of other people from different companies as well and the building was soon fully packed. 

however your beloved husband jeon jungkook had no idea you were still at work because you forgot to text him. the idea of drinking and dancing just erased that out of your mind, leaving him probably worried sick about you. you even left your phone in your office and locked the door behind it. you sure had a bunch of missed phone calls and texts, all asking where are you. but you were to busy chugging down drinks and shots, one by one.

‘‘here have some more!’‘ your co-worker yelled at you from the other side of the little bar your boss put up. you cheerfully walked up to her and basically snatched that shot out of her hand. the small glass was empty a second later. 

‘‘let’s go danceeeeeeee!’‘ you shouted at everyone and they all screamed back, agreeing with you. soon you were twirling and doing all kinds of crazy dances. people were joining you, singing songs together and drinking some more. 

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Trans Lance Fic Part 2

Lance kisses his mama goodbye as he gets out of the car and waves goodbye to everyone who had managed to pile into the car. He holds a small suitcase full of some clothes, his binders, and a doctor’s note to give to the health staff here that will allow him to continue receiving his testosterone shots.

He takes a deep breath, well as deep as a breath can get when your ribs are being compressed, then walks into the Garrison. He makes it to the lobby where a receptionist smiles at him and asks if he is a new student. He nods and gives her a confident smirk. She asks for his name and his smirk wavers a bit. “Lance McClain.” He says and prays that it’s listed.

The woman frowns. “I’m sorry sweetheart but the only McClain listed is a Lacey McClain. ” she says and Lance feels like he might cry at the use of his dead name. “That’s me… I’d prefer to be called Lance though. ” he says shakily. The woman looks surprised at first then looks a little flustered. “I’m sorry Ms. McClain I wasn’t aware that you had a preferred name. ”

Lance feels nauseous at the use of ‘Ms’. “It’s Mr. McClain.” He tells her and tries not to sound as upset as he is. The receptionist now looks very confused then it seems that she remembers something. “Oh, you are the special case we were informed about. I’m so sorry Mr. McClain. Here is your dorm key and schedule, you’ll find that your uniform is on your bed. The head of the health staff is right over there so you can give her your paper work. ” she says and points out a woman.

Lance nods stiffly and takes the key and the schedule then walks over to the woman. She smiles when she sees him. “You must be Mr. McClain. I’m Hilda, the head of our health and medical staff. I understand you have some special circumstances. Let’s go to my office and discuss what we can do for you to make sure your as healthy and happy as possible. ” She says kindly. Lance nods and follows her to her office.

After a long conversation with the Hilda about Lance’s testosterone and other plans to transition, he finally heads to his dorm. He fits the key into the lock and turns it. He opens the door to reveal a large Samoan boy sitting on a bed and reading a cook book. The boy looks up and smiles at Lance. “Hey you must be my roommate! No one can ever pronounce my real name so everyone just calls me Hunk.” He says cheerfully. Lance walks into the room and sets his stuff on his bed. “I’m Lance, it’s nice to meet you.” He smiles back at the larger boy.

It’s about a week after classes start that Lance sees a familiar face. He freezes in the middle of the hallway when he sees Keith and he smiles widely. Lance is about to yell to get Keith’s attention when Keith’s eyes lock with his. The mullet headed boy’s gaze hardens into a harsh glare and Lance frowns. Keith must not remember him and it’s obvious that he does not want anything to do with him.

Lance spends his time at the Garrison trying to be as good as Keith in hopes of earning Keith’s respect and his friendship again. But it seems that he will never be as good as Keith. Keith makes it into the fighter class of pilots while Lance is a measly cargo pilot. Lance is a great cargo pilot, the best in his class but it’s not good enough. He needs to be a fighter pilot. He needs to be at the top with Keith. He needs Keith’s attention. He needs Keith’s respect. He needs Keith.

His quest to please Keith is interrupted when his period makes a sudden return. Lance nearly panics when he pulls down his underwear to find that blood has nearly soaked through. He quickly changed into a clean pair, throws the other pair away, making sure to hide them at the bottom of the trash can. He slips into a pair of black sweats and sprints to the medical Wing of the Garrison. Hilda explains to Lance that his testosterone level needs to be adjusted so she prescribes a higher dose of the hormone. She explains it will probably take at least another month to fully get rid of his period but could take up to two months.

It’s a two and a half weeks later, a week after Keith dropped out, when Hunk and Lance find Pidge on the roof scanning the sky for aliens. A space ship had fallen out of the sky and the knew that had to go see what it was. Of course Keith makes it there first and Lance makes it his mission to impress Keith this time. They find Shiro, the pilot of the Kerberos mission, and help get him back to Keith’s cabin. They discover that a rock formation looks just like the wave of activity that Pidge received so they go check it out. That’s how they end up flying in a blue lion into space and become the paladins of Voltron.

Lance had thought that being stranded in space aboard a castle with Keith would make it easier to get the other attention and gain his respect but boy was he wrong. It seems that the only thing he is able to gain is more and more hatred from Keith.

Lance is confused to say the least, Keith used to love his corny jokes and terrible pick up lines… Lance spends his nights awake, thinking over every little thing that could be making Keith hate him. His insecurities grow quickly which leads to his dysphoria becoming almost suffocating. He hides his insecurity and dysphoria behind more jokes and flirting which only seems to annoy Keith more.

Keith is a little angry, who gave this lanky boy the right to come in and act the way that Lacey did? He isn’t allowed to act like that! It infuriates Keith, no one should be allowed to act like her. Not like the girl who deserved so much happiness and love but didn’t receive it from the world. Keith grows to hate Lance for it. Why does Lance, who acts and looks so much like Lacey, get to live when Lacey no longer does? Keith feels that his memories of Lacey are threatened by Lance and that is why he doesn’t like the boy. He is too similar to the friend he lost and he was not going to make the mistake of getting close to someone again.

(I know the summary of episode one sucked but you all know what happened so… also I know almost nothing happened in this part but I’ll have Part 3 up soon and it’ll be better. Trans Lance Master List  )