im going to get some actual sleep and then im going to wake up and draw steven universe fanart to try and make it through today


AU where things are more or less the same EXCEPT THEY ARE IN SPACE and titans are a kinda unknown thing treated like aliens and they have laser blades and hover around in space on their cool boots. THey’d still have gas things to propel them around but I guess they won’t need their metal ropes so replace that with an oxygen tank maybe?? I tried to keep their uniforms similar-ish but brown really didn’t work SOOOOO

Maria/rose/sina could be like spaceships with the remaining humans IDK I obviouslly haven’t thought this out I just wanted to draw glowy things yes omg imagine titans floating around in space that’d be so funny 


I am uplodaing all of them because I am so proud of myself! ;//w//;
I based my Porrim from askthestargazers’s Porrim (and the colors)
I put green on the tip of the heels, the tank top is transparent green, the pictures are transparent~! I am so proud -pat my self in the back for not letting this project down~ After aproximatly 6 hours I got it done ;w;
Hope you all like it!!
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Brother spending too much time at the lab? Do you miss him dearly but you can’t bring yourself to say it? Cling to his leg and prevent him from moving out of the house for the day. That’ll solve the problem, because he certainly can’t drive his moped with you latched onto him like a koala. 

Mini-Baymax also likes to help, for the ‘please stay home today’ double-whammy