Eijun: *We won!!* It’s Koshien for us!! It’s frustrating I couldn’t pitch till the end, but once again I… think how glad I am that I came to this school. Which reminds me, you said you wanted to watch my growth next to me… Don’t say scary things. Because you’re not my guardian spirit. It’d be hard to move if something sticks to me, right? Wahahahahaha \( ^o^)/

eijun: Iyahaha

Wakana: This guy… Such an idiot!! Gu-guardian spirit…. I want a talent in writing so even an idiot will understand…

Eijun:  Speed UP. Control. Stamina. Batting sense. Breaking balls. Ace number. Everything, please!

How greedy, Ei-chan!!

Wakana: I wish Eijun will have great success at Koshien


The Interview with Kalafina in Weekly Playboy 2015 Vol.10

Rough translation below.

A vocal unit of 3 beautiful women with the world-level harmony they sing, the level of attention on them, suddenly rising!!


First Budokan live concert ticket sold out!!

“Please come to our concert to witness the live where your imagination will be stirred up as if in an opera or musical”

The 3-member female vocal unit with a world view that spans beyond imagination, Kalafina, challenge their first Nippon Budokan live.
What is their charm that sold out the 2-day concert tickets in one day!? We approach the true selves of the top artists who deliver music with a neo-feel that is currently receiving attention from around the world!!

–What kind of genre is Kalafina?

Keiko (K) We were originally a project formed by our producer Yuki Kajiura to sing the theme songs of the theatrical anime movie adaptation of Kara no Kyoukai. Composed of 3 vocalists with our own different flavors respectively, each of us is able to sing as the main vocalist. With that being the case, there’s the merit of our songs’ scale being expanded three-fold.

Wakana (W) The musical compositions are fantastic, fairytale-like, gothic and so forth, there are many of them that can invoke (imaginary) scenery from things like the songs and melody lines (of the songs) in the listeners’ (mind).Therefore, even when we express them at concerts, as we create the harmonies with 3 vocals, we often sing songs that can stir up the listeners’ power of imagination like when they’re watching an opera or a musical and such.

–It seems that the tickets for the first 2-Day Budokan live concert have been sold out, please let us hear your enthusiasm.

Hikaru (H) As it is 2-day (concert), we felt uneasy whether we could fill the venue with attendees. However, we’re happy everyone got the tickets and they (the tickets) sold out. Though we have been performing for 7 years as well as having held many concerts, it is thanks to everyone who has walked together with us that we have the opportunity to be on this stage. We would like to stand on Budokan while firmly reflecting on those feelings.

–Is there division of roles, character establishments or such?

(H) Wakana is the special attack corps leader who sings the supple and full-bodied (tl note: I can’t quite translate 伸びがある. Sorry.) high notes that overflow with a refreshing feeling, Keiko is the directive corps leader who sings the captivating low notes, I am someone whose duty is like to just follow the both of them *laughs*.

(W) I think Hikaru is the intel corps leader who has a singing voice that possesses both a feeling of transparency and an air of tension. As she has good memory and also likes puzzles, if you’re wondering things like “what color was that color?” she always remembers them vividly.

(K) The three of us make up an exquisite balance. In the same way in how each of our singing voice has its own distinctive individuality, the three sounds overlap and the wonderful harmonies are born/created (from them), their characteristics and also their types are different. That’s why we can do it well (together), and it feels comfortable to us.

–Do you spend your private times together as well?

(W) Recently the three of us went to Disneyland.

(H) Actually we thought of going to (Disney) Sea but (in the end) we went to (Disney)land instead.

(W) Furthermore, we bought headdresses and took memorial photo in front of the Cinderella castle but… *laughs*.

(K) Yep, even so we didn’t realize as we walked, when we finally noticed that “Ah, we took the wrong way” *laughs*.

Keiko is Shupure’s gravure reader!?

–Here is a question! What kind of image do you have on “Shukan Playboy”?

(K) I am a (Shupure) reader. I observe every time cute girls appear on it.

–Ah, so you look at gravure, don’t you.

(K) Yes! I like gravure. I don’t wanna be seen while I am looking at it (gravure spread) though. Female’s beautiful body is great, isn’t it. How to be able to appear on color page!? *laughs*

–There are many women think of the magazine as porn book though…

(W) With the name Playboy, after all, it can’t be helped that it has the image of the foreign Playboy. (tl note: I assume you know which Playboy but just to make sure, the link to wiki page for you)

(K) No, it’s different! Playboy (tl note: She referred to Shupure here, btw) is totally not a porn book. I like the gravure spread of actresses.

–By the way, if Keiko-san is to appear in gravure, how do you want to be photographed?

(K) I think drenched hair may reveal female’s elegance… With the rain pouring naturally, it would be great if there is some kind of story.

–Certainly please appear in gravure too. Going on, please tell us the types of guy that you like and your ideal romance.

(W) I fairly like shoujo manga and the likes, you might think “There’s no such thing, wee,” but I believe there is also no romance like in the comics. Such things like running into each other and meeting in the library like in the movie “Whisper of the Heart”, or a white-horse-riding prince coming to help like in the movie “Kate & Leopold” are lovely, aren’t they.

(K) Wakana is a 2D person.

(W) But it would be great if there is such thing as having a lovely person helping you pick up the book (on the shelf) you can’t reach in a bookstore then went “Ah”, right!

(K) First of all, there’s no such thing! *laughs* We usually ask the shop assistant for the help, you know.

(W) You’re right. *laughs*

(K) I like someone who eats a lot. As I also eat a lot, I would be sad if I’m told I can’t eat.

(H) It’s common but the person I like will become my type. It would be great if we have a relationship where we still get along well when we become granny and grandpa and can walk while holding hands. Someone who still looks attractive no matter how old he gets.

–Well then, for the last, a few words for the readers, please.

(Kalafina) The three of us are different from each other but as our voices become overlapping, we aims to be the singing voices you can’t here anywhere else. We would like to continue singing so it can be heard by everyone in everywhere. Please take care of us.

Interview / Nishiyama Asami
Photograph / Nomi Jun'ichiro(P.116) Honda Takeshi(P.117)
Design / Nakayama Masashi

tl note: The language they used in the serious part is very complicated for my level of comprehension and I will appreciate it so much if there is anyone who is willing to point out and correct any mistake I made on the translation.

tl note part 2: Aw yeah. Keiko likes looking at gravure, too, eh? Not so surprised, lol.

EDIT: Added link to transcript of the interview on mixi news WPB site as source.

EDIT part 2: Thanks to an acquaintance for a little check on the translation. Fixed few parts. :3