Are you that girl
Looking for something
That your afraid you’ll never find?

Are you that girl
In the world
Talking in her sleep
Asking,“Will it ever end?”

I want to weep
The tears are all wiling up inside of me
There’s a sorrowful sea
Waves crashing over me
And everywhere I look the panic builds up
Until he’s right there reaching out
to me

- M

Me ©

I once gave God a deadline to be hired full time at a company I was working for temporarily. That date came & went. I was so mad! God, I sowed! I fasted! I lived right! I worked hard! Why can’t I get this open door? I didn’t realize it then, but God didn’t want me to stay at that company for as long as I wanted to stay. I had plans to set up camp & God was moving me. He was also showing me that my value and identity is in Him & not my salary, title or even what I think or what others think of me. In that season I learned to be content, work hard as onto the Lord, trust Him when I felt like I wasn’t getting paid enough and whatever else. I will take what I LEARNED in that test over a full time salaried position any day. So, pray for the will of the Father to be done in your life. His ways are the absolute best
—  Heather Lindsey
I am here
waiting to be taken away.
I am here
waiting for you to welcome me with loving arms.
I am here
waiting for you to stretch out your hand to me.
I am here
waiting with a heart for you to call yours.
I am here
waiting to be saved.
I am here
I am here.
—  Lukas W. // I am here