What is the world coming to?!?! I know this family so if you guys have any information please let me know!!! Thanks..

 Ceramic urn with infant’s remains stolen from Waialua home

Tino Soberano says his sister Leimomi Kahele came back to her Waialua home Wednesday afternoon to find her porch gate and front door wide open…

“This was the point of entrance where the burglars entered the house,” pointed Soberano.

Theives had ripped out the lower window jalousies to get in.

“This screen was ripped off and was just like this,” said Soberano.

Inside, closets and cabinets were ransacked, dresser drawers pulled wide open.

“They did a really fast grab, everything was ripped out, everything was thrown on the ground,” he said.

The thieves grabbed what they could stuff into a pillow case, taking with them clothes, cash, presents under the tree, and a DVD player.

“Majority of time you think it will never happen to you,” said Soberano.

But the one thing taken that meant more than anything was his sister’s baby boy’s ceramic urn and ashes were also taken.

“Baby’s urn, Horace Kahele, his urn was right here,” said Soberano. “Something to loose like this is just very heartbreaking.”

“It’s like reliving it all over again, having to deal with it and lose him all over again,” said Leimomi Kahele.

Her son, Horace, died in 2004, 5 days after he was born.

“I have a 4 year old daughter I just had to explain to her about her brother passing away and going to heaven and why he was in an urn on my dresser it broke me when she asked why the bad guys came into her house and took her big brother,” said Kahele.

Her entire family is traumatized.

“That’s all I want back, my heart is empty, my house is so cold” she said.

“Please, any help we can get, please bring him home everything else you guys can have,” said Soberano.

The ceramic urn from Precious Moments is white with blue detail and is engraved: “In loving memory of my son Horace Keliiholokai Kahele III, August 15 - August 20, 2004.

The family is hoping the thieves do the right thing.

"I just want it back, no questions asked, no questions asked, I just want my urn,” said Kahele.