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Name: Hollie

Nickname: Hols

Birthday: 13th April

Star sign: Aries

Height: Short. 5′3″ (idk) 

Time right now: 7:47pm

Average hours of sleep: Roughly 8-10 hours.

Last thing i googled: an audio site

Favorite fictional character(s): too bloody many to even list.

Favorite famous person(s): Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Haley Atwell, Patrick Stump, Michael McIntyre and the list goes on.

Last movie i saw: Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Dream trip: Going back to Italy.

Dream job: Don’t have a clue but maybe something to do with animals.

I tag: queencercei, witesong, aph-carriedo, youaremybestfriendbud, raging-asexual, rainbow-constellations, mysmilingsunshine, shieldposts, vikingish and facemyfury


Here is the new addition! 

This cutie is based off of a whale sharks and waffles. I am super happy with how it came out. I kinda wanted it to be a bit wider so I will work on that next time I make it. It is 19 inches long and the main body is 5 inches wide. 

I will Be submitting it to my DA  http://plush-lore.deviantart.com/ tomorrow after taking better photos of it.