If you want to watch Sense8 go ahead but you DO NOT get to use intersectionality as a white/non black person to shame black people for not watching it because of Lana Wachowski racism, misogynoir & trans-misogynoir, & anti-black transphobia. The fact that you care so much about your representation to not care that this racist piece of shit profits from it, further oppressing black people, is in itself anti-intersectionality. Intersectionality was coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw. A black woman and don’t fucking forget it. Stop using her term to hide your anti-blackness.


Never give up Sensates. After getting 522k signatures on our petition, hounding every Netflix social media account, calling their headquarters, mailing them flip flops in honor of Lito, raising $1100 for The Trevor Project in the name of Sense8, voting on polls like our lives depended on it and marching at Pride parades all over the world with Sense8 signs that spread the shows message of love, unity and equality all whilst singing our song What’s Up by The 4 Non Blondes, we have finally won and gotten our show a two hour special. You guys are amazing. #WeAreTheGlobalCluster

My very favorite thing about this series is that there is absolutely no limit to how far the cluster will go for one another.

Will is compromised? Fine. He takes heroin for a year just to make sure that he can keep the rest of the sensates safe. Think about it.

He’s a cop. He’s a law abiding citizen but he has no qualms about shooting himself up just to keep whispers away from them.

Sun is about to be murdered? Not on their watch she’s not. Nomi dropped everything to hack her out of prison without a second thought.

Sun’s brother is within reach? Let’s go! All 8 of them, even cinnamon rolls Capheus, Kala, and Lito are there for the fight.

Wolfie is captured? Sensates assemble! The whole cluster is on it. So what if the plans not 100% yet. They have Wolfgang and we’ll never allow that. 8 people (11 counting Amanita, Hernando, and Daniela) drop their entire lives and fly out to London just to get a bargaining chip in hopes of getting Wolfie back, safe and sound.

Their relationship with eachother is the legitimate highlight of the entire show. It’s amazing, beautiful, and painful all at the same time.

Man, what a gorgeous show the Wachowski’s and JMS have given us. What a beautiful gift we have received. I hope it never ends.