Pyke Castle (Iron Islands Map - Work in Progress)

This is the finished look of Pyke Castle. It is an image of its own but will also be included in my upcoming map of the Iron Islands. From left to right you can see:
- the Gatehouse
- the Kitchen Keep
- the Great Keep
- the Bloody Keep
- the Sea Tower

“And if I shout your name?” Harmund demanded. “What then?”
“Peace,” said Asha. “Land. Victory. I’ll give you Sea Dragon Point and the Stony Shore, black earth and tall trees and stones enough for every younger son to build a hall. We’ll have the northmen too … as friends, to stand with us against the Iron Throne. Your choice is simple. Crown me, for peace and victory. Or crown my nuncle, for more war and more defeat.” She sheathed her dirk again. “What will you have, ironmen?”
“VICTORY!” shouted Rodrik the Reader, his hands cupped about his mouth. “Victory, and Asha!”
“ASHA!” Lord Baelor Blacktyde echoed. “ASHA QUEEN!”
Asha’s own crew took up the cry. “ASHA! ASHA! ASHA QUEEN!”

 - George R.R. Martin, A Feast For Crows

Art: The Kingsmoot, by Marc Simonetti


Now, she told herself, I must do it now. Gods give me courage. She took one step, then another. Lords and knights stepped aside silently to let her pass, and she felt the weight of their eyes on her. I must be as strong as my lady mother. ― Sansa V, A Game of Thrones.

Crows will fight over a dead man’s flesh and kill each other for his eyes.“ Lord Rodrik stared across the sea, watching the play of moonlight on the waves. "We had one king, then five. Now all I see are crows, squabbling over the corpse of Westeros.” He fastened the shutters. “Do not go to Old Wyk, Asha. Stay with your mother. We shall not have her long, I fear.”

Asha shifted in her seat. “My mother raised me to be bold. If I do not go, I will spend the rest of my life wondering what might have happened if I had." ― The Kraken’s Daughter, A Feast for Crows.


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The Free Cities (Work in progress)

This will be a new map of the Free Cities mentioned in A Song of Ice and Fire. The final map will be A3-sized and awesome. I mean it. Terrific.


Things you may not notice CP23 is doing,

First she keeps possession by avoiding a tackle and an arriving player 
Second she runs straight at them, which causes the Dash players to compress to try to stop her, while at the same time she sees Vanessa making the run to her left and Sofia to the right.
Third Van Wyk is trying to make her CP to put her head down but its too late shes already seen the play she wants to make SO she sends the ball to the space that Van Wyk left  to allow Sofia to run and send the cross.