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Hi! So. I'm part of jihope bingo and i'm working on getting started and one of the options I'm considering is "social media au" but i guess I'm not 100 percent on what that entails?? Can you give me like a proper definition or example or both maybe? Thanks in advance <3

I’m answering this publicly so I can share it to the Bingo blog, I hope that’s okay! 

So, Social Media AU just means that social media needs to be incorporated into the fic somehow! Any social media that you can imagine :) These could even be used for the other prompts, if you see some you like! I’ll list some here and give some random examples. I’ll try to give some fluff/angst for variety! (remember that you can use the prompt heavily, as the main basis, or as lightly as you’d like!) : 


This could be how the characters meet, or something they do together; it could even be in the background, like the BFF of character A has youtube channel and they meet character B while filming, travelling, etc!

  • travel vlogs
  • couples cooking videos
  • gaming
  • sex advice 
  • music/art
  • dance covers 
  • challenges (boyfriend/bestfriend does my makeup/bean boozled/chubby bunny/baby food/ghost pepper/etc)
  • youtuber + fan 
  • couple that does videos together breaks up and have to explain it to their subscribers 
  • Character A and B broke up X years ago, but one of them stumbles across a video/vlog of the other and their new boyfriend
  • characters meet at yt convention for _____ (gaming/fashion/travel/food/dance/etc)


For social media like this, it could be something like “I liked your profile pic and I may have spent 20 mins creeping your page, omg you’re cute!” or “Sorry I thought you were someone else when I added you but wow would you like to get coffee?”. Like above, it could be how they meet, or maybe they have a shared account for a business/project/etc! Here are some other more prompt-like examples, just off the top of my head:

  • Characters A & B run a dance studio/are looking for more members/offering classes and promote/advertise online
  • Character A caters/bakes/ect and Character B hires them
  • we argued over this fake article but I like your sense of humor so I added you as a friend/follwed you
  • we have 20+ mutual friends/followers, how come I haven’t met you yet?
  • we were assigned to be lab partners but I forgot to get your email so I looked you up - wow you have a lot of shirtless pics 
  • you posted a photo of a dog you found and it’s mine!
  • (for the smut/crack lovers) I got really drunk and accidentally send you a nude oops
  • Characters A & B break up and one of them unfriends/unfollows the other, cue hurt feelings 
  • Character A needs a (nude?) model for art/photography and reaches out online

Tumblr (writing/fanpage/photography/art/etc) OR anything similar

Think “wow I found your page and you’re a great ______!” or “I really like your blog!” Again, the characters could meet through this platform, or run a blog together (for a band/group/idol/etc, or a business). I’ll list some more prompts below (I couldn’t think of any angsty prompts but some of the ones listed above would work)!

  • Character A could be a fan of Character B’s writing/art/etc, (original/fanfic of a mutual interest/poetry/etc) and they start chatting and one thing leads to another. 
  • Character A reaches out to their favorite photographer on Tumblr and OH you’re the guy in my class that I’ve had a crush on for the entire semester!
  • (For the smut lovers) I love your porn blog, may I submit my own nudes?
  • Character A gets tickets to a show and makes a post asking if anyone would like to meet up for the concert, and Character B just happens to be going to the same show
  • Character A goes a giveaway and it turns out that the winner is Character B, their cute neighbor 
  • one of the characters run a studyblog and the other character could really use some help studying for _____ 


  • There’s also the obvious like dating apps and other online dating sites. For smuttier ideas, the characters could meet through a BDSM/Fetish site and do the sex LOL 
  • Snapchat - this could be used heavily, like “I accidentally added you and although we’ve never met, we snap each other all the time” OR established relationship/BFFs that send each other snaps all the time. Could also be used lightly like Character A goes on a family vacation/travels for work/school and sends Character B photos of where they are. For angst, there’s leaked nudes (could even apply to any social media!)
  • Pintrest - one of the characters could be obsessed with making boards for the holidays/a party/birthday (Tae, Jin, and Hoseok all have birthdays in winter!). Could be used to plan a date, a meal, etc!
  • Skype - this is one is also pretty self explanatory but some quick ideas include: long distance relationships (breaking up), one character is out of town/sick, study partners that spend the hour chatting instead of working, etc! 
  • Camboy/Pornstar - this one is a stretch, but it’s still social media! LOL it also needs no explanation, but: “I just saw my favorite pornstar in Starbucks, oh wow”, “this camboy looks so much like the guy that’s in my ____ class or works at _____”. Or you could go in the direction of both characters do porn and meet for the first time to film, or have done movies before but run into each other and whatever happens! 
  • Forums - this could go anyway! Characters could meet on a roleplay/discussion/etc page (could also apply to tumblr/etc) for anime, movies, books, TV shows (use your personal favs if you’d like!) 

For all of the above, remember that either characters (or even side characters) could be musicians, writers, gamers, dancers, singers, rappers, photographers, artists, students, successful college graduates/business owners, anything at all! Think outside the box, think about what you know (or don’t know!), think about what you love. For a twist, incorporate magic or supernatural elements. Your characters can be werewolves (or tigers, lions, bears, oh yes), vampires, they could even be fucking fairies

Check out these lists on Superpowers and Supernatural Creatures if you’d like! And in keeping up with Blogging prompts, here’s a quick list of businesses that a blogger could run :) 

Don’t be afraid to take any of these prompts and pick them apart. Take what you’d like from them and apply them in your own way! I really hope these ideas help, but I’m here if you need anymore ideas or if you’d like to chat/brainstorm!