Val Venis Vs. Ric Flair
WWE Sunday Night Heat [January 2nd, 2005]

Some matches, you just see the two names involved, scratch your head, and say “…what?” Ric Flair facing off against Val Venis on Sunday Night Heat sounds like some random shit that happened on a WWE video game, but no, it was actually the main event on the first episode of Heat in 2005! Flair, the then-Evolution member, faced off against the re-crowned porn hound, Val Venis.

While both men are oozing with character, they actually use the ring to do what was intended, and wrestle. They go hold-for-hold from rope to rope, tying up and using their abilities to keep each other on their toes or on their back! The bizarre thing is, although Flair is the heel and Venis was over as the top face (on Heat), the fans were so stoked to see Flair wrestle that the roles were seemingly reversed for the match!


Spike Dudley Vs. Jamie Noble
WWE Heat - June 27th, 2004

On the Heat broadcast prior to the Great American Bash, Jamie Noble and Spike Dudley put on a wrestling clinic to the delight of the WWE Universe. The empathy from Spike was a good contrast to the almost joyous way that Noble liked to dismantle his opponents. Both men show that they can get their spots in while still having a good scientific match, keeping the crowd cheering for Spike against the impressive onslaught of West Virginia’s finest.


Lance Storm (w/ Ivory) Vs. Perry Saturn
WWE Heat - October 14th, 2001

Two men who certainly knew each other very well, going toe to toe on one of the WWE’s B-shows. Did that stop them from having a solid match? Of course not. When you think of the words “technician” and “consummate professional”, both Perry Saturn and Lance Storm come to mind. Here’s why.


Rob Conway Vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine
WWE Sunday Night Heat [October 21st, 2005]

Following the WWE Raw Homecoming, Rob Conway had established that he had a problem with WWE legends. In this match, he faces off against WWE Hall Of Famer and former Intercontinental Champion Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. It’s not the best match from either man, but what it does is further the storyline with Conway (that unfortunately never went anywhere) and re-legitimized the legend, Greg Valentine. At one point, the fans even chant “Hammer”, something that must have felt good to a guy who hadn’t wrestled in the company for nearly Conway’s entire life!


The Hurricane Vs. Joey Matthews
WWE Heat - March 28th, 2004

I remember being really excited about this match, even though my friends who were over weren’t so much. Joey Matthews is a guy I got into during his ECW days, and read about in PWI as he had been in OMEGA with The Hardy Boyz. Another OMEGA brethren was his opponent in this match, The Hurricane, who was also a member of the stable The Backseat Boys. Despite Al Snow’s long-running “Babaganoosh” joke staling out during this match, it’s an entertaining one, and it helped get Joey his job in the WWE. Enjoy!