We know why Naomi hasn’t been champion yet. It’s not because she doesn’t know how to wrestle because she can wrestle. It’s not because she has pissed off anyone in the back. No simply put it’s due to her race; it’s because she is black. Let’s have a look at the Divas and Championships. The WWE Divas title arrived on the scene in 2008 and is still going, 18 Divas have held the title and just one has been Black, Alicia Fox and it took 2 years for that to happen (WWE didn’t put Layla in their list of honouring African-American Divas so…) Now how about the Women's Championship. It was started in 1956, 29 recognized Champions, only two black women have held it and took 42 years until a Black woman won, Jacqueline. (1998) Tell me again WWE don’t have a race issue.

Roman Reigns confession

Roman works 4-5 matches a week, missed his one year wedding anniversary with Galina, missed JoJo’s birthday and numerous holidays, continued working even though he knew he was injured until he was forced to have emergency surgery to save his life, and while he was out got help for his acting skills but yet, according to haters, he has no passion for the business and gets things handed to him because he’s part of the Anoa’i family

WWE/Dean Ambrose confession

I know WWE don’t like acknowledging wrestler’s pasts in other companies, especially ones like CZW, but seriously they need to stop saying Dean’s match against Brock at Mania was the ‘most brutal match in his career’. This is the guy who’s been in Death Matches, cut open with a saw drill, hit with fluorescent lights, stabbed with forks, had his nipple ripped off, got completely torn up with barbed wire, and way more brutal shit. That match at Mania was weak and should not even be considered a No Holds Barred Street Fight.

WWE confession by anonymous

WWE is really going downhill. They drag out everything, turn people heel/face with no explanation, give shitty endings to most of the feuds, treat their best Superstars & Divas like shit, slut shame the Divas, use their personal lives in storylines for no reason, gave Brock the Championship yet he’s never there, repeat storylines, and push their great new talent to the back so the ones who have been there for a long time can stay on top. If it wasn’t for Dean, Bray, Roman, Seth, Naomi and a few others I would of stopped watching a long time ago.”