Roman Reigns confession

The fact that some of the Roman Empire are too afraid to wear Roman shirts and cheer for him at events because of bullies it’s disgusting as fuck. Everyone should be allowed to support their fav wrestler without having to endure assholes bullying them over it. I saw several members of the Roman Empire who went to Survivor Series say the whole time assholes wear yelling rude shit at them and when Roman came out assholes were yelling racist and disgusting sexual things at him. Grow the fuck up! If you don’t like Roman then fine but stop bullying him and his fans. It’s pathetic.

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Confession 206

Now that the first UK taping has been announced for May, which is when Jennifer’s schedule suddenly stops for no reason, will people believe she got signed?

She changed her hair, stopped being as open on social media, has nothing scheduled for after the taping and is actively getting back involved with people from her wrestling past.

I would bet money on at least her and Jonathan being signed, as well as others.

We know why Naomi hasn’t been champion yet. It’s not because she doesn’t know how to wrestle because she can wrestle. It’s not because she has pissed off anyone in the back. No simply put it’s due to her race; it’s because she is black. Let’s have a look at the Divas and Championships. The WWE Divas title arrived on the scene in 2008 and is still going, 18 Divas have held the title and just one has been Black, Alicia Fox and it took 2 years for that to happen (WWE didn’t put Layla in their list of honouring African-American Divas so…) Now how about the Women's Championship. It was started in 1956, 29 recognized Champions, only two black women have held it and took 42 years until a Black woman won, Jacqueline. (1998) Tell me again WWE don’t have a race issue.

Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose confession

The Toronto crowd at Survivor Series was so annoying. Especially during the 5-on-5 men’s match. They booed Roman and even Seth and Dean at times yet cheered when they teamed up like The Shield days to powerbomb AJ through a table. That’s how so many former Shield fans are now. They boo the fuck out of Roman for no reason yet anytime a Shield reunion is teased they get all excited and cheer. If you hate Roman so much and say he can’t wrestle (even though he constantly proves he can) then why the hell would you be happy about The Shield reuniting? It’s fucking hypocritical and stupid.

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I just don’t like Bayley. I’m sorry but to me, there’s nothing appealing about a 27-year old woman who acts like a 10-year old. Plus her finisher is so underwhelming. There a big men who use that as a regular move, so why should I find someone as tiny as her take her opponent out with that move believable? I just find everything about her really annoying

Roman Reigns confession

Roman is being called racist because he told the Spanish announce team he didn’t like them at Survivor Series and it honestly don’t surprise me. His haters are some of the dumbest and most hypocritical people ever in the WWE Universe. Shit like that happens all the time to the Spanish announce team but I don’t see the people calling Roman racist say anything about the others. Plus a lot of his haters are always saying racist shit about Roman but now they’re trying to act like Roman is the racist one when he sure as hell isn’t.

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WWE confession by anonymous

WWE is really going downhill. They drag out everything, turn people heel/face with no explanation, give shitty endings to most of the feuds, treat their best Superstars & Divas like shit, slut shame the Divas, use their personal lives in storylines for no reason, gave Brock the Championship yet he’s never there, repeat storylines, and push their great new talent to the back so the ones who have been there for a long time can stay on top. If it wasn’t for Dean, Bray, Roman, Seth, Naomi and a few others I would of stopped watching a long time ago.”