WWE and Bullet Club confession

It makes me laugh at how threatened and pissed Vince is about Bullet Club being so successful without WWE. Not allowing Cody to use the Rhodes last name, banning them from saying “suck it”, “Fuck The Revival” (which, Scott and Dash weren’t even upset about. They played along with it and were in BTE episodes), and now banning them from saying and doing too sweet. Scott Hall gave BC his blessing to use too sweet and I think it’s hilarious how Vince think’s that hand sign belongs to WWE when they were denied requests to copyright it in 2015 and the Turkish Mafia has been using that hand signal since the 1960s. I’d like to see Vince’s pathetic ass try to ban them from using it.

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Bullet Club and WWE confession

It’s stupid how WWE is taking so many things away from Bullet Club yet they have stolen so many ideas from them. They put ex BC members Styles, Gallows, and Anderson in a stable named The Club which was an obvious cheap attempt at recreating BC in WWE, made “Balor Club” merch for ex BC member and founder Finn, gave Jack Gallagher a black umbrella which was obviously stolen from Marty, and changed Seth’s finisher to a shitty version of Kenny’s much better V-Trigger.

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WWE confession

WWE owners openly support Trump, has openly racist Randy Orton as their WWE Champion and now has him in a feud with an Indian-American who is getting tons of racist hate, has JBL on commentary even after be bullied Mauro (who has depression and bipolar disorder) out of the company, plenty of former WWE employees have came forward saying he bullied and harassed them, he slut shamed women in the company who’ve had their private photos leaked, and made a joke that he’d rather be kidnapped by ISIS than have dinner with Sami Zayn who is a Syrian Muslim man. But you can bet they’ll be jumping on the next anti-bullying, anti-racist, equal rights, feminist, etc bandwagons like always for free promo.

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WWE Universe confession

WWE fans complained for years about how WWE always hired skinny model looking women. Now WWE hires real professional wrestling women of all sorts of looks, body types, and ethnicities and now WWE fans just bully the women over everything. Nia is constantly fat shamed, WWE just hired Andréa and she’s already being fat shamed, Natalya is fat shamed and she isn’t even plus sized, Charlotte and Dana are always called ugly and men because they are very muscular, people make fun of Sasha’s mixed race and call her a horse, Carmella is called ugly and flat chested, Naomi has racist things said about her, they say racist things about Asuka because they can’t understand her Japanese accent sometimes, a new hiree named Ruby Riot has lots of tattoos and I’ve seen people calling her ugly, all the women are slut shamed, have really sexual vile things said about them, and if they’re dating someone in the company or come from a wrestling family people overlook their abilities and say they get a push because of their relationship/family. It absolutely disgusts me.

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Modern Day Maharaja - 2

Chapter 2 of the MDM is here. What happens later that night after Mir’s encounter with Jinder? Will she ever admit that she doesn’t hate or dislike him?

A/N: I know that I talked about R*ndy in this but that was before the shit he did became a giant cluster fuck and plus Jinder won the title from him so it makes since.

Warnings: Talks of sexual acts and masturbation. This story is NSFW and 18+. You’ve been warned. 

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When I made it to the hotel I didn’t stop or hesitate to get inside my hotel room. Once there I locked the doors and windows making sure no one could get in and I couldn’t get out.

I stripped out of my clothes on the way to the shower. I felt hot. Too hot. My body was aching and not because I was sore.

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