Dean: It’s fine. Seth: It ain’t fine. - Ahh…we love them (in case you didn’t know 😆).

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anonymous asked:

Aunty Mith, can you explain how/why Sami is so fluffy and adorable? Cuz I sure can't!

TUMBLR HAS A WORD LIMIT, NIECE/NEPHEW ANON. But…but I can try.  I mean, look at this sweetheart.  He’s so earnest:

He scrinches up his nose when he giggles:

He speaks French and Arabic:

(”You wanna fight?”)

He loves ska:

He smiles like an angel:

He wears his heart on his sleeve, letting us see his excitement or his fury or his sadness:

He’s also a bit of an uptight dude and an awkward dork who loves Archie comics and Back to the Future and tapes up his wrists like a total goober:

And now and then he can just be a straight–up cocky jerk:

But that’s what makes him real, you know?  He’s not “a babyface,” he’s Sami Zayn, and he’s beautiful and awkward and brilliant and pushy and will kick your face in if you treat him bad, but will probably apologize for it later.

P.S. Did I mention he smiles like an angel?