This is pretty much the greatest single session project i ever drew.

I made it as a tribute for @ligersartplace​ who’s my senpai for like 3 years now and teached me most of my art skills.

The other part of this drawing goes to @colorlesscupcake, who teached me with so much inspiration and wonderful drawings. (Easteregg warning)


Magic the Gathering: The Shard of Esper

Split from the rest of Alara during the great Sundering, Esper is a shard of a world with access to only white, blue, and black mana as a means of magic. This creates a mathematical world of cold rules, where all beings are infused with ehterium, a form of solid aether that drastically enhances magical ability (and makes you an artifact). Gargoyles patrol the skies where even the clouds are parsed into quadrants, and Vedalken keep watch with the massive metallic sphinxes above. 

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You stepped on my dub. (Work in progress) #wip #dubstep #jumpstep #edm #club #dance #massive #protools #nativeinstruments #ni #producer #producing #wub #music

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