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lol the bitch is dead for a year now and we still talk about how messy of a gay she was

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this mess of a gay is who people think is a top…can you believe? 

the same gay who rolled around in glitter and cut a slit up to her armpits to go say goodnight to clarke???

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pause for a second and look at this shit…look at the way her lip quivered when a pretty girl kissed her.

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that’s your top??? 

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KANYE WEST - A History of a Modern Legend

created by: minimal-pulse.tumblr.com

Stuff that need to happen at WTT

-Boyangman in an actual spiderman costume X  I forgive you for the spin you did at EX you meme lord

- Nathan in a polar bear onesie X come on! now I’m waiting for the twt update! You can’t get away from this Nathan!

- PoohLoco interactions (yes thats the name of the ship now fight me) ✓✔✓✔✓✔X10000 what the hell happened you guys went from friendly to HONEYMOON PHASE like WHAT

- Embarassed!Shoma but Cheering!Shoma ✓✔✓✔ Yeah mah boi even screamed for his teamates!

- Team France shenanigans ✓The Eiffel tower was the cherry on the top well done guys!

- No one giving a fuck about the scores NOPE come on guys it’s the end of the season you can chill (still haunted by Yuzuru’s face after SP)

-Tech controlers costume fest ✓ HELL TO THE FUCK YEAH

- Evgenia cosplaying✔ The return of sailormoon !

- Team Chants with the public ✓ not as much as I’d like but okay

-Team Japan stepping up their Team Spirit Game (come on Yuzu I’m counting on you to lead the shenanigans) ✓ Shoma in a pink bow tie, Shoma in a flower crown #BLESSED + PPAP REMIX VERS YOU GUYS WERE FAB!

-add more as you’d like