Some Night Vale Headcanons
  • Cecil rollerskates to work on days with nice weather
  • John Peters, you know the farmer, is imaginary himself every Thursday
  • Larry Leroy out on the edge of town is Actually Larry the Lobster from Spongebob. He’s out on the edge of town because Night Vale refuses to accept an Ocean Man, an OUTSIDER, into their dry, desert community.
  • Ex-mayor Pamela Winchell owns 3 shirts that say “i eat ass to empower my sass”
  • Cecil owns 5 of those shirts
  • The real reason Telly the Barber got run out of town was because he was the original inventor of the grapefruit technique
  • The first successful civil protest in Night Vale was when City Council wanted to endorse their new cereal, Cummie-O’s, but no one in town would stand for it

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Sooooo... I have a million questions about Carlosbut some of my biggest are 1.) His family (and like were they at the wedding??? Were they invited???) and pretty much everything about them. 2.) Can we please get canon dyslexic and/or autistic Carlos because that'd be lovely. What are your biggest questions about the handsome scientist or your thoughts on those? ^_^

I NEED TO KNOW SO MUCH MORE ABOUT CARLOS TBH. Also I agree that would be so nice! My biggest questions are mostly like yours tbh. I just wanna know more about him and hear his thoughts about Night Vale as someone who once lived in a normal place, and how he adjusted. I just really love his character and wish he was on more

Pretty sure I drove through Night Vale on my way home tonight.

“We invite the children of same-sex couples to listen,” said the radio announcer. “We invite the children of different-sex couples to listen. We do NOT invite the Children of the Corn to listen.”

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” a different voice cut in. “Some of our best friends are…” *realized what he was saying was ridiculous* “… corn.”

Shout out to all of the artists making fanart

for like


you guys are the fucking best and I appreciate you