Fun Facts About Us

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Nicknames: “What the hell is that?!” But we mainly go by Erika

Zodiac Sign: We don’t really know… we don’t think your calenders date back that far

Height: very tall

Last thing we googled: Why do people think we don’t exist

Song currently stuck in our heads: Collectively, we can say WAITING FOR THE BUS WAITING FOR THE BUS WAITING FOR THE BUS IN THE RAIN

Last movie we watched: Hush with Old Woman Josie last month (we want to see Beauty and the Beast next)

What we’re wearing: sweaters knitted by Josie

We post: all about the lovely town we live in

Why we chose our URL: we’re angels and we’re all named Erika

Religious/Spiritual: potato

Favorite Color: The Void

Favorite Number: How can you choose a favorite?? There are literally an infinite amount??

Favorite Character: Well, many people believe we are “characters” because of Cecil Palmer’s radio show, although we are actual beings who actually exist in an actual town. But we’ll say Old Woman Josie.

Blankets we sleep under: Eternal beings don’t need blankets (but we still use them for pillow forts)

Dream job: Professional light bulb changer (is that a thing? No? Well we’ll make it a thing.)

We tag: @official-station-management , @kirincult , @official-city-council , and anyone else who would like to do this