Saturday will casually share it’s thoughts with you throughout the day. This will be in form of a soft, needy voice in your mind. It may share anything, such as, “Wow, that shirt was not a good idea.” Could be, “I really wish people automatically knew how to appropriately reciprocate in relationships.” Or, “Cover your mouth when you cough, they can track your scent.”

short cecilos fic idea that i will never write: janice has a school dance that needs chaperones, and cecil and carlos volunteer (because she balked at the idea of steve being one because that’s her dad but she was fine with her uncles). carlos, however, has only ever been to one school dance before and it was horrible. cecil, upon finding this out, decides that he’s going to give his boyfriend the best school dance ever, complete with all the school dance stereotypes/traditions, despite them being chaperones. shenanigans and night vale-type high jinks occur.

(and let’s pretend that this isn’t an episode subplot taken from bob’s burgers)


Inktober day 22: A WTNVxYGO crossover thing. It started with me wanting to draw Yami with headphones and ended with me imagining Yami as Cecil. Ehhh, probably the messiest Inktober work I’ve made.

In which Rebecca really loves her books, Kuriboh is a mysterious fluff ball stuck hovering above a bathroom sink, Bandit Keith is still an asshole, and Yami is probably an eldritch abomination who’s also a radio show host who has a crush on the new scientist with gorgeous long hair. 

Guess the scientist, and his assistant.