Interviewer: So, Taehyung, who do you think is the prettiest in the group?

Taehyung: *looking at Jimin* It’s obviously Ji-

Seokjin: *glares*

Taehyung: -n. It’s Jin-hyung. No doubt about it. Who’s Jimin? Idk him lol

Jimin: *glares*

Taehyung: I mean, Jimin obviously-

Seokjin: *continues to glare*

Taehyung: *sweats nervously*

Taehyung: I

Taehyung: I’d really like to hold Yoongi-hyung’s hand now.

headband tae??? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

(ref cr. mbc)


I present to you the top visuals of BTS 

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While one slaps the other on the booty 

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The other irons him miticulously

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Beside not letting Jin live for a second

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Nor letting him defend himself

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V loves how Jin forgets about it quickly

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He just accepts Taehyung’s mischievousness and consider it cute

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However whoever tries to come at Jin, Tae always defends him even if it’s his soulmate Jimin

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Jimin even got jealous at how close they are at times

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But can take off super glue TaeTae off Jin: One of Taehyung’s habit BTW is to rest his head on Seokjin’s shoulder

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The other is to put his arm around Jin’s shoulder

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Whenever Seokjin sits

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He needs to pull him closer

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Taetae also Jump on and hug him like a small puppy

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he can (find someone who looks at you the way V looks at Jin)

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V really do not care about cameras 

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He is suuuuper impredictable (Half of the fandom had a heart attack here)

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But V knows how to make our hearts stop skip a beat *wink wonk*

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There a bigger admirer of Jin’s looks than Jin. And it is V:

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He even strokes his hair while throwing a compliment

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But wait! It’s not a one sided thing. Jin strokes V’s hair too

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And if V likes the front hugs Jin goes for the back hugs

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*sigh* Since when back hugs looked that beautiful? 

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Jin always find a way to make Taehyung laugh

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and tae think most of the eldest’s dad jokes are …

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They usually end up both laughing together because V’s laugh is SOOOOOOO contagious 

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Taetae really takes care of Jin’s pride AKA his wide shoulders

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He likes them so much he want to have a bite … literally … wtf Tae !!!

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You might think at first that Tae is the obsessed one. No no no. Jin even acts cute like THIS in front of Tae

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AND lay on him like THIS when he takes a nap

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They are VERY proud and happy of the achievements of one another

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Even if they celebrate them the EXTRA way

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The VERY extra way

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Please expect a lot more from these two talented handsome dorks

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Sadly we are done now with this spam now

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But before that, receive the kisses of these two handsome men and be the luckiest this week . See ya ~

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Everytime I look at them my eyes, soul and heart thank me. So i hope I hope you also loved those cuties like me.

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By @mimibtsghost

the second chapter:

namjoon: absinthe (?), mirror, runch randa, 0515, 148, fake, agust d
yoongi: addict, never mind, monstudio, 930309 (b-day)
jin: smeraldo, first love, agust d, 921204 (b-day)
hoseok: real love, 1verse, aquarius, hope world
jimin: serendipity, 3min 33sec, chimchim, 951013 (b-day)
jk: whistle, painting, virgo, bird, golden boy, kookie, begin, 970901 (b-day)
tae: photographer, 4 o’clock, sword-cut, 051513, V, 3:13, 951230 (b-day)

  • Tae: (practicing his English with Namjoon in the group chat)
  • Tae: Oh man I want some dognuts
  • Namjoon: ....
  • Namjoon: Wtf Tae?!
  • Tae: What? I bet you want some too, it's been a while since I had them ahh it's watering in my mouth-
  • Namjoon: TAE SHUT UP wtf is wrong with you!!
  • Jungkook: Hyung, I think he's talking about doughnuts...
  • Tae: Yeah that's what I typed, dognuts!
  • Namjoon: (leaves the group-chat and blocks Tae's number)