headband tae??? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

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↪ 1/10 Male Biases - Taehyung of BTS (ult)

Vhope these past three weeks(October)

Taehyung says Blood, Sweat & Tears is Hoseok’s song

Tae says Hobi is the member doing the most these days

Tae specifically goes up to Hoseok and gives him the bouquet of flowers during encore 

Tae specifically goes up to Hoseok and gives him the trophy in the backstage video

Tae lies down on Hoseok’s leg during encore performance

Tae plays with Hoseok’s ears in the music show

Tae mimics Hobi when he is dancing to I.O.I

Tae and Hoseok sit together at almost every fansign

Literally click hundreds of selfies together

Jam to Cypher 4 together many times

Tae kisses Hoseok’s head during 21CG

Tae fluffs Hoseok’s hair and dances with his hips extremely close to Hobi’s ass having no concept of personal space whatsoever

Dance together to Very Very Very during rehearsal

Tae continuously compliments Hoseok’s producing skills during Love Game radio

Tae tells Hoseok to introduce himself when the MC asks the members to speak in the order of sexiness

Hoseok writes “Hyung likes you” on a post-it note regarding Taehyung’s name

Tae puts a heart sticker on Hoseok’s nose

Hoseok puts a heart sticker on Tae’s hair

(I’ll stop here because it’s getting too long but there’s so much more)

ALMOST THIS WHOLE FANDOM: why :( is :( vhope :( so :( dead :( i :( miss :( vhope :(

My brother’s boyfriend.

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Pairing: Taehyung / Reader.

Genre: Fluff, crack-ish?

Summary: “and I guess what I’m trying to ask is are you seriously completely gay, or have I just been reading this wrong?” 

Word count: 1200

Note: What the ever-living fuck did I write? This is so goddamn stupid, and I’m writing it at 4 in the morning, so expect a heck of mistakes :D

You weren’t stupid. You pretty sure that Taehyung liked you, he didn’t try to hide it. The little signs of his feelings would pop up now and then, bringing a smile to your lips. Ranging from blushing whenever your hand brushed his,to jokingly confessing with eyes that screamed I’m being serious, Taehyung was pretty obvious with how he felt.So obvious in fact, that some would come up to ask if you were dating or if you liked him. While you were completely flattered by Taeyung’s crush on you and had to muffle you screams of yes I like him, there was one small issue. That issue being that he was your brother’s boyfriend.

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