People who compare John’s freckles to the stars are the best kind of people

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me: i love seung-gil sm his FS is gonna be aMaZI N G and B O I he looks so good in his FS costume holy shit can’t wait for ep 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!1

ep 9:

tavpdfw the insecurity just Hits in massive waves and you’re torn between never talking to anyone ever again bc Ofc they must hate you anyways and probably wouldn’t care if you disappeared, and repeatedly asking “hey you don’t hate me right” “hi do you care about me” “am I annoying” over and over again for Validation™

stop giving len’s pinky ring to random characters who aren’t mick or himself

Anyone saying crap about how Sara Ryder looks CAN MEET ME IN THE PIT.

Also she’s too good for them, and they don’t deserve her.

[151210 FANACC]

Jimin was asked by a fan in a piece of paper, “In your next life, what do you wish to have/bring?”

The choices were:

1) Appearance

2) Talent

3) Knowledge

4) Other: ___

Jimin checked number 4 and stated, “The people around me!”

cr. Jimin朴智旻Bar