I actually like what they did with the new doctor in TNG (whose name i still can’t remember, oops), it’s an effective nod to a society that contains a wealth of people whom would go out of their way to help people, dedicate their lives to doing so, but then just… Not consider a certain group people. 

I mean, it’s a very ~obvious and blown up version of something that in society isn’t bound by organics vs circuitry but usually by things much simpler, but the point is made, she’s by all intents and purposes portrayed as a perfectly normal, well adjusted and kind woman… Until you see the bias. 

idk if i’m saying this in a way that’s even understandable. But I recognise that behaviour, and i’m sure anybody who isn’t a straight white abled guy does? It’s relatable content. 

I mean, i’m not sure I like her because I’m just too used to this crap in rl, but i appreciate what they chose to do with her, and also more b/c holy plot twist batman, this /questionable/ character is… female???? They normally only allow ambiguity within the (white) dudes. 

Two new things for Joel ...

#1. His middle name is Oliver. Why I didn’t give him one in the first place, shit don’t ask me, I’m dumb lol. Joel Oliver Evans … I like it (Oliver was his Grandpa’s first name) and pfpfpft his initials -> JOE xD

#2. He’s from Michigan. Moved to Boston when he was 10 for a job op for his father …


i was just taking my bong downstairs,
at the bottom of the stairs, there’s a door, that opens to the laundry room to the left and my door immediately on the right,
I open the door to the basement and out of the shadows, standing in the dark to the left, comes my roommate Casey, who’s Jimmy’s 20 year old ginger step-son that I really don’t like. He smells like BO and doesn’t clean up after himself.. 

he comes out of the dark shadows!!!!
So I fucking scream bloody murder b/c what the fuck are you doing?!?!

and he says something like, why would you scream at someone?


my heart is pounding so hard, what kind of person does that? i was just downstairs changing and since no one comes downstairs except to do laundry or use the freezer, I keep my door open most of the time and am walking around talking to myself about whatever, a lot of stupid shit, in my panties and no bra… how long has creepo been down there? wtf…