A Little Bit of Reality About ‘True’ BVB Fans

Seeing as how today is the 5 year anniversary of WSTW I feel like it’s a good time to make this post. I feel like the guys, especially Andy, are getting kind of bad about this with all the drama lately. I hate this notion of having to behave a certain way to be a ‘true’ fan. Oh so no one is allowed to criticize anything any of the members do or say or anyone they associate with without being a ‘fake’ fan? 

I’m sorry but if anyone, and I do mean anyone thinks I’m not a ‘true’ fan because I’m not afraid to call people out here’s a reality check. I remember when WSTW came out I’ve been a fan since 2009 and I counted down the days until their first full length came out, I had my mom drive me to Hot Topic to buy it and I’ve been to every concert in NC they’ve ever had since 2010. I’ve easily spent over $500 on tickets/merch/etc and I’ve bought ever album/EP they’ve put out as well as all the music videos. I’ve spent countless hours blogging about, talking about and promoting the band. I’ve stuck with them through all the drama and member changes you name it I’ve been there. 

I’ve seen them struggle to make it from touring the country in a beat up van to doing world wide tours in decked out buses. I’ve grown up with the band for the past six years of my life. 

In doing so I’ve learned things about the guys that I have no business knowing but I can’t ‘unlearn’ them. Yet I still am here supporting them, I even cosplay Andy and put a lot of work into that. 

To be accused of not being a ‘real’ fan because I don’t support 100% of the guys personal decisions or like 100% of the people or artist they associate with is offensive to say the least. 

 I’m sorry but the following things are NOT required of fans to be ‘true’ fans. 

  1. You do not have to like/love/support/be a fan of ANYONE for the sole reason that they associate with a member of BVB. No one has to like Juliet in order to be a fan of BVB she is NOT a member and has nothing to do with the actual band. 
  2. You do not have to support every relationship of any type that the guys have with anyone 
  3. You can criticize the guys if they do something fucked up or out of line 
  4. You can be offended by something they do/wear 
  5. You don’t have to buy their merch or anything from them or the people they promote 
  6. You don’t have to have the same morals/beliefs
  7. You can have a favorite/least favorite era/look/album/member and that is OKAY 
  8. You don’t have to love their current ‘look’
  9.  You can dislike/not agree with certain members 
  10. You can dislike certain songs/albums 
  11. You can disagree with them 
  12. You can like other bands or genre of music!!!! 
  13. You don’t have to kiss their ass or blindly follow anything they say or do 
  14. You don’t have to like everyone in the fan base
  15. You don’t have to call yourself a ‘BVB Army’ member
  16. You can call out the ‘BVB Army’ for being shitty because guess what? They are sometimes. 
  17. They’re not your parents you don’t have to ‘behave’ for them (don’t be a cunt though) 

So I don’t get bitched at the following things are NOT okay to do not just as a fan but as a human being. 

  1. Lie/Bully someone because they associate with the band and ONLY because they know/associate with the band. This is different then just calling them out or disagreeing with them I’m talking about personally attacking and bullying them and posting spiteful shit on their Twitter/IG/Facebook 
  2. Stick your nose in the guy’s business and pester people who know things about them 
  3. Feel entitled to meet them or be ‘friends’ with them
  4. Dig into their past/families/etc who are NOT put out there or that the guys have asked you not to talk about (Andy’s dad puts himself out there and interacts with fans but his mom doesn’t as an example) 
  5. Sexually harass them or commit explicit things on their photos/videos/posts 
  6. Send them nudes/inappropriate photos of yourself (ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE UNDER 18)